Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PM Lee : Singaporeans enjoy lots of Democratic Freedom!

According to PM Lee who is in NZ : link

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday strongly argued that his tightly controlled island state enjoys political freedom, saying his government has no reason to restrict democratic rights.

See the PAP has no reason to restrict democratic rights. Why would they want to control you? You are free! Your PM says so. Why aren't you enjoying that freedom? As long as you're NOT a film-maker who likes to make party political films OR an Opposition figure who likes to ask direct questions OR someone who likes to protest for better government or someone who wants to strongly express a different opinion from the govt OR someone who likes to speak without applying for license, I GUESS YOU WILL BE BUSY ENJOYING ALL THE FREEDOM THAT PM LEE IS TALKING ABOUT.

Forty-seven opposition politicians contested May elections, but "the electorate rejected them," Lee said.

Actually for me, I didn't actually reject them. I didn't get to hear much good stuff about them from the state controlled media and I keep getting this wonderful offer to upgrade my environment, like most Singaporeans I simply couldn't resist. ....also I felt damn good after buying that new digital camera with my Progress Package money....

A lone protester, George Darroch, yelled "shame," "freedom of speech" and "freedom of assembly" as Lee arrived at Parliament on Monday for an official greeting.

Hey, how dare he openly criticise our esteemed PM. What is this? How can the New Zealand police allow this, it is so shameful and embarassing. In Singapore, we would have simply arrested such a person under one of the many "public disturbance" laws. NZ police have alot to learn from us.....the NZ PM should have asked her police to 'take care' of this guy as a good host....you mean in NZ even the PM is powerless to deal with protestors?! What kind of a country is that?!


shocked by our youths said...

singapore schools are going down the drains... teaching lians to beat up 13 years old girl and stripping her while filming her with a handphone video... PM lee too busy with his travel in new zealand to talk to education minister.. about our growing problem at our schools... a weak government in the makings !!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, and our Mr Wong Can't Sing is too busy imagining terror attacks at the coming IMF World Bank Meet and learning how to smile to notice our young is going wild! Looks like we need more Ministers and pay them more peanuts ....

Actually hor, I am very sad to see that our talented PM being so misunderstood by countries like these!! So damn ignorant and backward.

Our wonderful PM has RE-defined democracy and they are still mulling over the basic text.

What restrictions?!! We simply do away with freedom of any kind, throw equality and justice to the wind and remove all the thrills and spills about this romantic (western and decadent, no doubt) notion of democracy.

Our version is the latest and world first. These people from the backwaters really can be a pain sometimes.

My heart aches to see our highly esteemed PM having to bear it all in the hope of getting some lousy FTAs and what stupid co-operaton on filming blah blah ... like as if NZ is the new Hollywood. Bah!

Singaporeans must really be damn lucky to have a PM like ours. You simply can't find any one else like that ... unless you like an older model.

Anonymous said...

To shocked by our youths:

Don't be stupid can?

If you have a rebellious kid, don't blame on the school or teachers. Blame on the parents upbringing. The school or teachers are not responsible for your kids upbringing.

Besides, you born yesterday or what? Back in the 80s, there are oledi teenagers street gangs beating and extorting money from other kids.

These incidents had happened long time ago and not something new.

Anonymous said...

That clown above me got problems. I think he/she must be one of those brought up in the 80s, the parents were busy making money, teacher dun care etc era.

I think that's the problem lor. Since the 80s, our ministers had also been busy making money and forgot to make Singapore a safe place to live and study?

Singapore parents always say other countries are not safe for their children because of drugs, sex and bullying lah ...

We here, not so different what? We lagi more advanced, the lians and bengs dare to put up on web for others to admire.

I know gangsters exist long ago. Now they even go to school to recruit. They say like that more efficient and want to make Singapore a Gangster hub. They also have party slogan - recruit, rehoot and reboot(your life ie).

They also promise their members a VEGAS standard of living. One day, they hope to "cover" the IRs in Singapore and go big time (global) too.

They also follow PAP style of equality and justice, mind you. Those gina that don't pay protection money or kowtow them will not be "covered". They will be left to the many ugly elements of life (mainly brought about by the gangsters themselves).

See, we all know what's happening. Don't get so upset. Just remember to pay your protection money every 5 years hor.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of our Singaporean referee's performance in the World Cup. Who else would have the courage to award 10 yellow cards in a single game?

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! we are FREE!!!

Dun forget that we are few notches above North Korea in democratic process. Our govt is not as bad as the north korea.

But I heard that they are improving and catching up with us.

Anonymous said...

I still think the old phrase is the best

" Let The Voters Decide "

I mean I am sure if Singaporeans can differentiate genuity of Hollywood movies, they can differentiate the genuity of flicks like "Singapore Rebel"

I propose more liberalisation and no control at all for making political films unless it is politcial porn movies...lol.......

How violent can political films get? As violent as Da Vinci Code?

Any laws that benefit the minority and not majority is no law but abuse.

I mean if FHM and Sex Shops are allowed, why not films on political content?

We even have political books now, what difference does it make?

Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

Is he beginning to show the REAL Lee Hsien Loong ?

I mean all along he was not really in leadership role under his dad and Goh Chok Tong plus the nice picture the media paint of him, we presume his character to be perfect for PM.

But now he has to show his "commander-in-chief" image and is force to say more than the past, he said so many silly words and make so many foolish statements.

Is he beginning to show the result of life growing up without any competition?

I mean from young until now, he never had to taste any suffering ,experience any hardship and fight for anything. Everything was on the plate for him.

From school, relationship, work, career and family. Everything done nicely for him. With such pleasant background, can he do the job of leader and commander-in-chief ?

He is lucky our local media cannot think or else journalists would have taken his words and scrutinise for all Singaporeans to read.

PAP is trying hard to convince Singaporeans and the world that dominant party politics is better than multi-party politics so he took New Zealand and Australia as chopping block.

Everyone knows natural logic that dominance is never better than equal competition and choices. Dominance will become domineering in long run.

PAP realise from GE 2006 that Singaporeans are beginning to understand dominance is no good for anything. This ranges from politics, soccer, business, cellphones to food.

So PAP is trying very hard to spread the gospel for next 5 years starting with making an example of Oceanian countries.

I beginning to have my doubts about Lee Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

I am confused.

First he condemned Australian and New Zealand multi-party politics for short-sightedness that benefits individual parties and not national interest.

Then he said Spore dominant party politics looks after national interest and not party interest.

Then he said upgrading base on party interest is correct. But correct for PAP only.

Is LHL self contradicting himself on the difference between multi-party and dominant party in one interview?

Will he dare to say the same thing if it was to foreign newspapers instead of Spore reporters which renown Pro-PAP?

Very confusing statements from LHL indeed....

Anonymous said...

he'll be overthrown when his father dies