Thursday, June 01, 2006

Podcast & Blogs to get more LEE-way in next GE!

Yes, so say our minister LEE Boon Yang. See how kind and gentle the PAP govt is as they will 'manage' this new space with a lighter touch at the next elections. All bloggers in Singapore should be thankful and write 100 letters to the Straits Times forum to praise the PAP govt for its generosity. I'm sure all this generosity and more LEE-way has to come from PM LEE and MM LEE also, so remember to thank them in your letters.

Unlike other govts that have totally given up on regulating the Internet, the PAP has not given up because they care about Singaporeans. They are concerned about the harmful effects of the Internet on Singaporeans. Singaporeans are lucky to have a govt that cares about their mind and wants to ensure that the Internet space is managed so that they will only conceive correct thoughts and ideas.


Anonymous said...

I predict a high level ministerial committee to be set up soon to handle and fix this problem of pesky youths with their idealistic notions of freedom of the press and democracy. They will invite Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi and Gayle to be on board. So far, this has been the most effective method to eliminate their ring leaders. Can't fix them, buy them out!

Anyone wants to bet on the name of the committee or its members? Everything nust have a name or acronym in Singapore, what.

LuckySingaporean said...

I just thought of a name for the committee:

Committee Of Ministers Monitoring Undesirable Netizens Influencing Singaporean Minds . (COMMUNISM)

I personally think that something has to be done about Gayle Goh. It is so unfortunate that a 17 yr old has been so badly poison by the internet....just read the blog and you will understand why the PAP needs to control the internet.

Anonymous said...

Ordinary Singaporeans boleh!

Mr Brown and Mr Myagi better in job creation than NTUC!

Sources reveal that departments of Ministries and GLCs are scrambling to put up job advertisements to hire Negative Internet Management and Compliance Officers in response to the duo's suggestion at a recent PR conference. The primary job of these officers is to attack, er, explain their organisation's policies to, anyone showing displeasure of such policies on the new media. The real job is to go round informing and educating these same jokers that PAP is the best. Best Denki is not.

Bloomberg analysts predict that a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 jobs could be created. "This is a growing industry as we know, the ill-informed could easily sum up to 66.6% of the Singapore population. Hey, that's a awesome market out there" said Anonymous, who refused to be named for fear of being the first ikan bilis.

Anonymous said...

A very wild and delicious scenario, almost lustful, to go to bed with :)

In view of the huge demand for Negative Internet Managers, all institutions of learning worth their salt will be offering degrees and MBAs to equip the industry with these new breed of professionals. (Afterall, one must really understand the definition of light touch to perform well).

However, since this is a totally new frontier and there is currently none of such talents, we would have to engage those from the 85% anti-PAP group to teach us how to manage and fix them for good. Imagine, being paid peanuts for teaching others to manage yourself!

By the way, many of my friends, who habour less honourable intentions, wished that they could be managed by Gayle instead of that dinosaur aunty Phua. This one, see also dun one, some more touch?!