Sunday, June 11, 2006

What is worse than being GAY in Singapore?

...Being gay and depressed.

What is worse than being gay and depressed in Singapore?
Being gay, depressed and addicted to drugs.

What is worse that being gay, depressed and addicted to drugs in Singapore?
Being gay, depressed, addicted to drugs and entrapped by the police.

What is worse than all that?
Going to jail for possessing the drugs you're addicted to.

What is even worse than going to jail?
Forfeiting on the scholarship bond, which your taxi driver father has to sell his flat to pay up.

I guess you heard of the story of Adrian Yeo the son of a taxi driver who made it to medical school to become a doctor. Nurses describe him as a hardworking trainee doctor whom they prefer turn to treat patients. A breakup with a partner cause his life to spiral downwards, as he neared the lows to which his life has sunk, CNB officers posing as gay men lured him with offers of wild sex. According to papers, Adrian refused to bring any drugs with him, but the CNB guys were persistent and insisted repeatedly....he relented and was arrested for possession of 0.16g of methamphetamine.

The lawyer for the defence, Mr Singh had objected to the manner in which Yeo was lured and arrested, but the judge said there was nothing to suggest that the officers had acted illegally or had gone beyond the boundary of the law.

Yes, Singapore is now a safer better place now that Adrian Yeo is behind bars. Other countries would have counselling programmes for the troubled addicts but in Singapore we have to jail, crush and destroy them for our own safety even though it is clear the offender is more of a tragic victim of his own addiction than drug pusher.

Singaporeans are so lucky to live in a country where the troubled are actually criminalised and put away in jail. This will certainly make Singapore a better and safer place to live in.


Anonymous said...

The victims are his parents.

As the only child, he should know that he shouldn't abuse drugs.

If he knew what he is doing, he won't landed himself in this situation.

Pity his parents had to go through this difficult time.

kausar said...

Did the CNB officers know for a fact that he used drugs or did they assume so because he is gay? If it is the latter, then this provokation by the CNB is underhanded.

Capt_Canuck said...

don't know what the defintion of 'entrapment' over in Singapore is, but I know here in Canada if an undercover agent goes up to a person and hounds them for drugs and the person finally gives in and says "fine, here" then that is entrapment. The only way a sting operation can basically get a person for drug selling or use is to either hang out with them as undercover agents and say "man, would be nice to have a joint now wouldnt it" and the other person say " you go" and volunteer the drugs.

But, then again, our gov't and police service really doesn't care about their citizens like Singapore seems to care about theirs. Just lucky that those two cops were only interested in making a small bust and not interested in meeting their quota for necks in the noose, or else there might be another notch on Singapore's already notched gallows.

Anonymous said...

But if he is NOT a drug abuser, he won't be caught by entrapment in the 1st place.

At most, charge for unnatural sex only.

Anonymous said...

All the hooha aside, why is it so easy to get hold of drugs in Singapore nowadays?

We hang people for drug trafficking but don't seem to be able to control the drug suppliers?

I don't think Wong Kan Seng is doing a good job leh ...

He's too preoccupied with terrorists, which in my opinion, is, storm in a teapot.

Terrorism is Bush's own doing. Singapore is crazy to even support, but of course, as understood from Gayle's encounter with MFA, is a gesture to suck up their ass, presumably for some FTAs.

phishy_ said...

strange that they had to relate drugs to gay sex. Almost like being gay is as 'wrong' as taking drugs.
Nothing wrong with a person having different sexual tendencies. What is wrong, however, is the police making use of this to hound the victim to procure and traffic drugs.
What Adrian was guilty of is only wanting gay sex, not trafficking drugs. Hence he shouldn't be punished for something which he was instigated to do.

Anonymous said...


gayle said...

I hate that they are linking the drugs issue to his sexuality. I also hate that the sordid details of his life are now pretty much known nation-wide. All are victims lah (except CNB).

Maybe if we were more accepting of people with different sexualities, they wouldn't be marginalized to the extent of having fringe lifestyles that exist outside the radar.

Miss Piggy Chong said...

Adrian Yeo did not intentionally forfeit his bond. Singaporean medical students by default pay a 'subsidized' school bill of $80,000 (gah-men says the 'private' rate is $400,000). and to enjoy the subsidized rate, we are supposed to be bonded in government service for 5 years. A.Yeo would most likely be struck off the register --> cannot practise medicine --> cannot serve in govt service = breaking bond --> pay $400,000. It is not the same as breaking scholarship bond.

Aragorn said...

its unfortunate but

let this episode serve as a warning to the rest of us

dun get out of bounds

Anonymous said...

he doesn't qualify as a drug abuser..
same thing if i am to smoke a cigarette on the occasional social occasions doesn't make me a smoker. But being GAY.. AHA!!!! Our court which is infested with christians will brand him a die-hard criminal beyond redemption! LOL

Anonymous said...

To suggest that "he should know that he shouldn't abuse drugs" is to tell a human being to get perfect, at least, perfect in the eyes of the laws. So, smoking is OK, grow fat is OK, and to let terrorists escape is OK. Anyway, who decide the definition of a terrorist?

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Singapore, therefore I didn't know yet that:

- being gay in singapore is illegal

- taking drugs (without any involvement in drug trafficking) is illegal

Even though I'm not gay nor I take drugs (then I don't feel personally involved), Singapore doesn't sound exactly as a place where civil liberties are worth too much...

sxsl said...

underhanded? all govt agencies are.

Anonymous said...

He's not a scholar you stupid farmer loser.

NUS's stupid poorly regarded medicine course (in the international circuit) carries a bond to work in public hospital for 5 years. They are not scholars.