Monday, July 03, 2006

Conversation with an ice cream man....

"Singaporeans money no enough because they spend too much on luxury goods"
- PM Lee to Jack Neo on a TV discussion when asked "why money no enough"

I went to Bugis area ...... it was a sultry Sunday and when one of those ubiquitous ice-cream scooters stopped right in front of me, I just couldn't resist. When the man handed me the ice cream, I immediately recognised he was my primary school mate Samuel ! I haven't seen him for 2 decades but his smile and mannerism was simply unmistakable.
Samuel said became an ice-cream man when he lost his job recently. He told me with an A-level certificate and 40+ years old makes it near impossible to get a decent job these days. Employers have an unlimited supply of young foreign workers which they can employ from China and India. These workers are willing not just to accept lower pay because when they go home after one year here, they can stop working for 5 years or buy a landed property as things are cheap back home.
"Singaporeans should not be choosy about jobs" - Minister Ng Eng Hen

I told Samuel not to be too fussy and that things will improve because Singaporeans had the wisdom to vote the PAP into power in the recent elections. Samuel told me he is actually worried about what will become of him in the coming years - he has no savings because housing is extremely expensive in Singapore. I told him not to worry the govt has assured us that everything is well planned and the cost of living is well contained. The HDB probably keeps the
price of flats high because Singaporeans can afford it.
Samuel is also worried that if he gets sick, there will be no one to look after his family. I told him there is absolutely nothing to worry about, the PAP govt has billions in reserves for helping needy Singaporeans ...these reserves were accumulated squeezing Singaporeans through endless price/fee hikes. The PAP govt understands this fully and will never deny Singaporeans help in their time of need the money after all belongs to the people......

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that cares so much about them.


Anonymous said...

It is so true!

Singaporeans are so lucky.

I can't understand why some chap still want to distort the truth about we, singaporeans, not having enough money.

Didn't the government told us we are having a Swiss standard of living?

As if not proof enough, the taxi fares are raised to ensure the taxi drivers can earn more. Like that still not good enough????

Must our Ministers share out their million dollar salaries with us? Afterall, we never provide solutions to our problems. We were not talented enough to think of increasing bus fares and PUB bills to solve our problems.

They only know how to make videos and podcasts like the one at

If only they could channel their creativity to how to increase fees in Singapore, our problems will all be solved!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for several months now and enjoying it immensely.

I have just come back to Australia after another short visit to Singapore. During this time a taxi driver told me that "Singaporeans are so lucky". I could not believe my ears. I thought I was hearing an audio version of your blog, Lucky! Anyway, he said that Singaporeans were so lucky because they did not have natural disasters like tsunamis. Just shows what voting PAP can do.

Kwek said...

YA!YA! I have initially disagreed with the author. Hey Bros! So sorry hor...

I realised I am wrong solli...u see lar...maybe my Inkgrish not good enough...didn't study enough so i mistaken the good will and intention of our dearest PAP Govt.

PAP is real damn good! Now i cannot deny. That makes our ministers drawing millions salary. We as commoners and peanut citizen how to compare with them???? To show our affection and support for their gratitude , we should simply drop the vote to them every 5 years to keep them in power so that crooks from the opposition won't come and mess around with our unity.

I strongly agree with the author - Let our wise leaders solve the problem!!!

For this, they deserve the billions of peanuts every month while we are doing nothing but 'Sitting back and relax'!!!


Anonymous said...

say so much no use pap will be the garmen for centuries to come

Anonymous said...

say so much no use pap will be the garmen for centuries to come

Kwek said...

Good what! PAP our govt for 30000 centuries. No good meh???

Such a good Govt take care of our ass for our life, next life even next next life....

Where to find if we are other nationalities?

shocked by this racist's act said...

do u all know in the july issue of 'lifestyle " magzine by NTUC .in page 28 , there is a racist's cartoon ads by PA , asking people to display flag... i was shock by that cartoon ads, in the ads , shown a HDB flat , where a whitewoman lived at the top floor then a chinese in pig tail !!!! then a malay then a indian, so to the PA , this is the social status of the race living in singapore !!, the white is above all , then come the the chinese then come the malay , lastly with the Indian living in the below... shocking but 2006... we still have this type of mind set... a government body print this type of racist's cartoon...why label us in these social standing...

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky!

The Government has, after our cries for more transparency, decided to come clean with us.

PM admitted to fixing and buying his political career was only the starters.

Then, MICA publicly tell us that we should shut up if we don't have solutions.

They even revealed that the Progress Package was not about progress but to relieve hardship in Singapore.

NTUC and PA are only trying to do their part to explain the foreign talent policy to us in a more graphic manner. Despite that MM mooted this idea decades ago, some idiotic singaporeans still don't get the picture.

Look at the cartoon again and see how talents are defined, in order of preference, starting from the top floor.

Who knows! maybe the government may want to let us know what is the elections for. Now we know it is a wayang to entertain us. Perhaps, there is a real good reason for it.

I just can't wait for all that transparency to be unveiled.

I bet you, lucky singaporeans, it will be a damn good show.

LuckySingaporean said...

shocked by this racist's act said... ,

Can you scan the cartoon & show us? It is so interesting, I would like to put it in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Ya boy...i would like to see the cartoon too. Got meh?

YS said...

yeah. not only do i agree with your comments, i'd also like to * VOTE YOUR FOR THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS! *
Congratulations! Not only will you able to form the "Anonymous" Action Party (AAP, also short for accredited accustatory party), I'll vote you and Singaporeans will DEFINITELY vote you to *TAKE OVER PAP*! Congratulations once again!
Don't you agree that such lousy govts should be kicked out? Great! So why don't you appeal to the govt with a few trillion in your Swiss Bank account to lower housing rates (when property agents THEMSELVES are eating your money) and of course, like what our dear Workers' Party has said, "lower medical bills"! Not only will people have much *higher* CPFs, they'll also have a great retirement future to look ahead!
Great reasoning, commentors! Foward, AAP!