Sunday, July 09, 2006

Govt explains why Mr Brown has to be suspended!!!

This is an excellent explanation by Dr. Balakrishnan. It is so kind for a member of the elite leadership to explain to us why Mr. Brown has to be suspended for the good of Singapore. I've read the explanation over and over and find that it is full of flawless logic from a higher intelligence.

You can watch the whole thing here :

Sunday July 9, 2:17 AM
Mainstream media has role in ensuring quality of debate: Dr Balakrishnan

Singapore's mainstream media has a crucial role in ensuring the quality and standard of discourse and national debate, says Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

Our media is scored 140 out of 167 for press freedom index. After they axe Mr. Brown we can be assured that they will get a higher improved score next time perhaps 150 out of 167. It has to ensure high standard of discourse and national debate not we cannot allow ordinary lay person like Mr. Brown without a masters degree speaking emotionally to join this discourse - it has to be driven by logic.

And he says as long as everybody understood their respective roles and respected each other, Singaporeans can have a useful dialogue going forward.

Mr. Brown has no respect and does not understand his role which is to explain the price hikes in a humorous manner. That is a problem. PAP leaders have always respected everyone's views. Just take the Worker's Party Manifesto, the PAP respectfully called it a timebomb and poison. As long as it is done in a respectful manner, everyone can express their view without fear of bankruptcy or harsh actions.

Dr Balakrishnan made these remarks when asked to comment on reactions by the foreign media to a recent decision by MediaCorp's TODAY newspaper to stop publishing a column by "Mr Brown" who was one of its regular columnists.
A recent article by the columnist about the cost of living in Singapore had drawn a sharp rebuttal from a government spokesperson.
Dr Balakrishnan said: "I am not at all concerned at all about what the foreign media thinks. We are not here to fulfil their agenda. Let me put it to you this way. We are all entitled to express our opinions.
"But we also have to be accountable for our opinions and to be prepared from time to time to stand by them or be called to answer them and from time to time to be rebutted. So I see this as part and parcel of the consistent position which the government and people of Singapore have taken."

Yes the PAP has been very consistent so that Singaporeans don't become confused with alternatives. All the price increases are accountable. Higher oil prices can be used to account for all the increases. Some of you are asking if the price increase serve to preserve the profit margins of companies some of them linked to the that is not consistent so it is not allowed to be debated. Anyway that is why Mr. Brown is not just rebutted he was suspended because he failed to be consistent as part of the complete parcel.

He added that what is important for Singaporeans, particularly on serious issues, is to have an honest constructive debate with no extraneous agendas involved.

Yes, Mr. Brown is dishonest when he expressed frustration with price increases and lack of help for his autistic daughter. Seriously speaking, his feelings and opinions are just dishonest and unconstructive.

Dr Balakrishnan said: "If you feel there is a problem with cost of living, say so, let's collectively explore solutions. But don't in the name of humour distort or aggravate on an emotional level. That sort of discourse does not generate solutions. It generates more heat than light.

See how despicable Mr. Brown has become HE HAS DISTORTED OUR EMOTIONS. Before he wrote that article all of us were very happy with the price increases thinking it is good for us, after reading his article all of us are now angry. See how much harm Mr. Brown has caused!! He has played with our emotions to make us unhappy.

"So we should put this in its proper context. If someone says something which we disagree with, we will say so. If someone says something which is unhelpful we have a right to say it is unhelpful. We have a right to remind everyone that at the end of the day, this is not a fight.
There is no fight. Mr Brown is silenced. Thank goodness.
"We are in search of solutions and by working together and by engaging in an honest constructive dialogue we can do so and we want our newspapers to be a part of that process and also to be aware that, the mainstream media in particular. You are not an internet chat room." - CNA/ch

We are all part of this inclusive process and part of a collective solution UNTIL we use humor to bring about unhappiness and distort the consistent position of the govt. It is a happy process and no unhappiness shall be allowed to poison this process. The goal of the process is to make Singaporeans happy, totally convinced and satisfied that the price increases are inevitable. Mr Brown is clearly not part of this process and thus have to be eliminated.


Anonymous said...

I remember during the last GE, a minister questioned the quality of the woman WP candidate whether she can reduce the increasing price of oil.

Now they want us collectively to resolve the increase in fare.


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Anonymous said...

Yep ... don't know whether can colectively share his pay also???

I have one good idea leh but waiting for them to answer me first! Otherwise, my idea got co-opted... and I am left with peanuts that shrink every year.

Lucky Tan should start thinking about selling your happy masks to counteract ter kwa shirts ....

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Anonymous said...

Some similarity in this funny clips to our govt decisions on everything .....

Anonymous said...

Wuhoooo! This is another one, hugely funny, taking a poke at the media and the law preventing reporting of an incident involving Prince Charles....

Anonymous said...

This had to be one of the most disgusting site I ever step on. Are you, the blogger of this website really a Singaporean or a PAP elitist ?

Are you supporter of PayAndPay policies. If so, I will send you my account number and please help pay my bill.

You do not really understand how gov work and very naive indeed.

In the past, I admired and vote for PAP, but soon discovered the gov needn't what it is to be.

First of all, the globlization and privatisation issue has become the cause of government incompetencies to resolve issue. And now, the government is putting the burden on the public by asking them to pay and pay. Of course, we laymen, doesn't mind paying, but we mind being taking advantage of. There is so much thing happened in the past that we believe gov can no longer lead Singapore in a non-ethical way. Everything they do is for their own interest, not public interest.

If there is no transparency, there is always corruption in one way or another. The gov are made up of people and they are just like us. Money is never enough, and they are provider of family. With no check on them, they are free to do what they want.

Accountability doesn't grow on mouth, it is show on action. The action of asking ppl to pay and later these payment become high bonus for gahmen doesn't look encouraging.

It only encourage the gahmen to keep implementing policies that put burden on the republic to keep on spending money. First, these type of policies will be replicated into private sector (yes, the government lead by example in this way), secondly, it is a great source of revenue and money-earning for gahmen. And thirdly, it solve the problem for them.

Traffic congestion in road, built more road and put ERP la. Or increase charge la. Want to smoke ?? Pay more la. Everything become $$$ instead of solving the problem.

Use your eyes to see the society has it really is. The government is running the country like business. In business, only profit count. True, once a while they will put some carrot to demostrate humanity but this is just superficial and it soon exposed.

If you want to live your life a day at a time, I said go on and good luck. This is the type of person the gov doesn't want anyway. Yes, gov need you because you demostrate you happy in Singapore and don't complain, but now you are nothing to them.

Either way, good luck to you....
and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

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