Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mr. Brown SILENCED!!!

"I have been informed that TODAY has suspended my column"- Mr Brown 6 Jul 2006.

Thank goodness! Singapore is much safer now that Mr. Brown cannot write those harmful articles in Today. Dress up as satire his writing has been disrespectful to our elite PAP leaders failing to show appreciation for their marvelous accomplishments and ideas. He should be thankful that he has not been made a bankrupt through defamation lawsuits for all sorts of insinuations.

"It would have been too taxing on the brain if those price increases were announced during the election period, thereby affecting our ability to choose wisely" - Mr. Brown

In a recent article Mr. Brown insinuated that the PAP waited until after the elections to announce price hikes. What baseless rubbish! Every Singaporean knows that it is sheer coincidence that these price hikes occur after every elections. How dare Mr. Brown insinuate that the PAP plan these hikes to occur after the elections?!

"I also found out recently that my first-born daughter's special school fees were going up. "- Mr. Brown

In his article Mr. Brown also complained that there is a lack of help for care of his autistic daughter. How dare he ask for more help?! There are numerous parents far poorer than him of kids with celebral palsy or Down's syndrome who are struggling to survive with little help from the PAP govt. Since when it became his turn to complain?! If the govt gives out too much help for his autistic daughter that would mean they have to give out fewer scholarship to foreign students....can Singapore afford that?!

"His piece is calculated to encourage cynicism and despondency, which can only make things worse, not better, for those he professes to sympathise with." -K BHAVANI Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

Mr. Brown has undermined the happiness of Singaporeans especially those who are at the bottom 30% of our society whose incomes have fallen sharply in the past few years. It is totally unforgivable that Mr. Brown has shattered their optimism and hope by highlighting their plight and reality of their situation. This is so cruel especially when the PAP govt has just given out progress package to make them feel better during the elections. It is important for them to think that the PAP govt will safeguard their interests over those of its own businesses such as the GLCs. Mr. Brown has disrupted the order and harmony in our society by introducing 'cynicism and despondency'. It is better for our poor not to know they are poor and simply don't worry (about price hikes) and be happy.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that secures their happiness by ensuring that those who spread negative feelings of cynicism and despondency are silenced so that we get to read only good news that will make us happier. Recently the PAP government has organised a "4 Million Smiles" show the IMF delegates how happy Singaporeans are....please put on a happy face, just look at mine.


Anonymous said...

Shameful deceit! You are either an elitist or you are brainless to see the problems with PAP being too arrogant and thinking they OWN Singapore! Wake up loser!

Anyway your blog doesn't warrant my time. Last time going to set foot on this blog. I spend better time on

Anonymous said...

read deeper into it...

take the red pill...

Anonymous said...

deep... very deep... 'two thumbs up'

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous 12:23AM - suggest you go back to school & brush up on your English grammar, especially on Satire, Irony, etc. to really really know what this blog is all about. If you can't understand what is Satire then I really fear for the future of Singapore.

Sad day indeed for Singapore - GE2006 was the chance for Singaporeans to vote in the opposition but that didn't happen. I fear for GE2011. The pap has another 5 years to tighten the already tightened screws to ensure that there is no opposition at all.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed sad.

What our wonderful and talented government had tried to do over the whole of last year, running up to the elections, was negated by just one article in which Mr Brown poured jars of sacarsm.

Doesn't he know humour and satire are banned products in Singapore? Like chewing gum?

Singapore is such a happy Kingdom! People are always working and smiling, till the day they drop dead. Even the King lives happily ever after .... and rules forever and ever.

I am happy that he is silenced because if not, how could we hear the Singaporean's voices ringing now! We finally stop working and smiling for a minute to put up our comments.

I love the silence.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan's beautiful smile just makes my day. We can all survive this cruel world with a smile, what's the need for all this incessant complaining. Let's just smile and pay up.

Timothy said...

anonymous 12:23am

How dare you disagree with Lucky Tan! His point of view are all very logical going in line with the PAP/Singapore strategy of moving foward...we need more like-minded people like him in Singapore

As for the four million smile campaign...add my smile to it. Two thumbs up for such an outstanding post


palmist said...

V when are you sending out your mask???? :)Let the nation give government the 4 million smiles :)

LuckySingaporean said...


I've proud sent my photo to the govt for them to include in their montage of '4 million smiles'.

We are a happy nation thanks to the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Well before we start complaining, there are many more unreasonable things and people in this world like this one:

This world is like one huge pressure cooker man.

DD said...

Love this country... love it all. Where else can we share ideas and policies under the protection of a caring and nurturing government. Look at the bigger picture guys.

Anonymous said...

Nolah, all this silencing of Singaporeans who tell the truth is actually the government trying to inculcate political awareness among the people. PAP knows Singapore is going down the drain because people here are frightened chickens who can't possibly compete in a world of wolves and sharks so they're trying to make the lambs revolt. See already 30 lambs, oops people, turned up at City Hall MRT wearing brown and 2000 posts on MrBrown's website about that K. Bhavani and his suspension Today, all writing very non-66% things. See PAP has Singaporean long-term interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

Love your support PAP style!! Everything that happens is good and we are happy!! All Singapore blogs should write to support PAP. In no time we'll become the world's happiest nation instead of 131st out of 178!! Let 'happy' style be the unique Singapore style.

Anonymous said...

can lend me your mask? i need to wear it in order to smile.