Sunday, July 09, 2006

Singapore an Open & Inclusive society!

"Our people should feel free to express diverse views,pursue unconventional ideas or simply be different ... Ours must be an open and inclusive society."
- PM Lee Hsien Loong, speech on 12 Aug 2004
There are many diverse and different ways one can praise the PAP govt and the PAP govt is kind enough to accept it in any form. I've always loved those Jack Neo movies. The theme is always consistent, while the going may be tough and there is pain & hurt, it is ultimately for our own wonder he received a National Day award last year. Mr. Brown poke fun at the govt policies, Jack Neo poke fun at the govt policies. Mr. Brown offers no solutions and alternatives, Jack Neo offers no solutions or alternatives So how come one person get honoured and the other suspended? .....The difference is in the ending, in every single Jack Neo movie the ending is always happy and everyone smiles at the end. Mr. Brown's articles conclude in cynicism and despondency, everyone is unhappy at the end. The PAP wants everything to have a happy ending.

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Anonymous said...

That's right! Our wonderful government is so gracious and kind to ensure us a happy ending, despite their tight schedule to fix the opposition and collect peanuts along the way.

We, Singaporeans are guaranteed a happy ending as long as they are Guranteed a Risk-free Career!

Plans are already in the making to ship all Singaporeans over 50 (or whoever got retrenched and useless before their time) to the lovely tropical islands of Bintan and Batam. Those who prefer a little more thrill like crime and murder, can opt for Johore.

Isn't that just so touching?!!!

And for some who still habour the idea of making a decent and respectable living in your old age, the government had even agreed to help the Indonesians with the industrial park there. Yep, these singaporeans can start all over again in their careers as factory workers. Just like in the 60's and 70's.

Imagine! throwing away so much money when it's not the first time the golden triangle idea was brought up and failed, our gracious government still prods on so that we have a nice place to "conveniently die off".

Really, we can't fault this wonderful government. They have thought of everything for us ... including our ending too.

Matilah Singapura!