Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tribute to the censorship board!

I found this wonderful clip posted on singabloodypore is a great tribute to the censorship board:

The PAP govt has often told us that without the cutting sex scenes from films, our society's moral values would have been destroyed. Thank goodness Singaporeans are protected from nudity and porn. ....and harmful websites on the Internet such as are blocked to protected us from porn. Without this protection, our society will be DESTROYED....

The men and women performing censorship have undergone rigorous selection to ensure that their minds are robust against harmful material such as porn to be able to do their work of censoring films day in day out without being influenced. Ordinary Singaporean minds are more susceptible so they need the protection of censorship.


Swift said...

Singaporeans are not ready for the responsibility. We are not mature enough to make certain decisions ourselves. This is why the ministers are paid well to make these decisions on our behalf. We ought to feel lucky that we are pampered and protected. Imagine the number of Tammy videos that would be spawning on the internet if these measures on censorship are not taken.
I believe that our social fabric, which is rightly anti vice should not be allowed to crumble. For example, with the development of "chance gaming" in the new IRs, our gambling addiction problem will be successfully obliterated. I am glad that Singapore is moving in the correct direction.

Anonymous said...

I believe the show "Singapore Rebel" must be a hard core pronographic film with extreme nudity & sex that it was banned.

Anonymous said...

H Lucky Tan. Amusing video! . . . . I posted this comment in the last entry, but am putting it here too in case you didn't see it as I am under a deadline . . . .I read a post that you wrote earlier about elderly working in McDonald's. I'm a freelancer and doing a story about this (well about Singaporean attitudes towards the elderly). Can you contact me? (I don't see anywhere on your blog to contact you.)

p.s. when i googled "singapore elderly mcdonalds" your blog entry is the first item to come up on the page.

Anonymous said...

My fellow anonymous,

go interview the McDonald's elderlies and people around you instead lah.

Lucky Tan only got happy attitudes similar to our Government's.

You sound like those MSM people, interview one lob-sided clown and then conclude the whole of Singapore has the same attitude!

Anyway, if you don't want to distort the truth (like telling others old people in Singapore must work to stay alive), let me give you the real truth here:

Elderlies in Singapore are a very happy lot. They can work as long as they want, not for the money but for the job satisfaction and recognition that working in Mac can give. They also treasure the opportunity to be able to bond with the young who visits Mac. This is much better than hole-ing yourselves in some CC learning dancing and singing. They work in Mac to reach out to a wider audience to showcase their talents.

Moreover, our Government's latest initiative to certify all menial jobs will also mean they will be upgraded soon. They are F&B specialists, not Mac aunty and uncle anymore, ok?

Soon, more business organisations will be given our golden generation more opportunities to connect with the young - clean toilets, collect IR tokens etc

No elderly in Singapore will want to pass on this great chance to involve themselves in the next pillar of growth industry, the IRs. It is also a good way to side-step the entry fee requirement.

Old Singaporeans are so lucky!!! The Singapore Government takes such good care of them, even plan for a few resort islands for them to retire there to conveniently die off .... Imagine, who else in the world can boast of such finale??? dying in a resort island with the government's blessings!

Need I say more????!

Don't believe, go ask the elderlies in Mac.

As for us, non-elderlies? we simply envy their good fortune and secretly wish that our turn is soon.

LuckySingaporean said...

I should say I can't agree with the anonymous above more.

I've said repeatedly that our elderly are lucky to work in McDonald's and as cleaners while their counterparts in other countries do less useful things like looking after their grandchildren or playing chess in the parks. Many of these elderly in foreign countries suffer even greater indignity like receiving aid from the govt in the form of welfare and social security.... our Singaporean elderly are self sufficient. Sometimes they are so self sufficient, when they die, they do so alone and don't trouble anyone.

There is no need to contact me. All I've said about our lucky senior citizens is found in this blog. If you have a list of specific questions, please post here and many people will help you to answer it.

Anonymous said...

The elderlies are very lucky here. I remember a TV forum before GE where a taxi auntie requested PM to raise the retirement age, and I believe her wish was kindly granted.

I also remembered in our must-read ST, a elderly lady has no time to speak to our PM as she need to rush off to her cleaner job. She told him that she will vote for him.

Another headline was our kind PM bought tissues from a handicapped person.

See!!! everyone works here and work will free you

Anonymous said...

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Perry said...

Tissue Paper $1 ???

Market rate is about 3 packets for $1. Glad to see the entrepreneurial spirit thriving even amongst the elderly!

James said...

Here's a little article by Lionel De Souza that I believe all should read, which further justifies support for stern action against Mr Brown's comments:

I refer to the report, 'Divided views over police checks on blogger' (The Sunday Times, June 18).

Personally, I have developed a great distaste and distrust of bloggers who post anonymously or use pseudonyms to disguise their identities.

I can understand that sometimes anonymous postings are unavoidable. However, when postings on the Internet are seditious or have a tendency to deliberately wound the religious feelings of any person, the perpetrator of the posting should have the full weight of the law brought to bear on him or her.

It appears to be the norm for bloggers to hide under the cloak of anonymity or use pseudonyms to blame, insult and rant out against the Government or individuals believing that their postings can better the political process or current events concerning Singapore. Netizens have no legal or constitutional right to condemn the whistle blower who brought blogger Char's blasphemous posting of pictures of Jesus Christ on the Internet to the attention of the police. The conduct of netizens is similar to that of cyber terrorists since netizens have unashamedly condoned the seditious posting of Char, which could have sparked off strong reaction as did the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper in February this year. Fortunately, Char's blasphemous and seditious posting happened in Singapore, a country of tolerance. I am certain that if this letter is published in The Straits Times, netizens and other cyber-terrorists will have a field day posting all kinds of nasty or defamatory remarks against me. They will do so anonymously or using pseudonyms. To these cyber-terrorists I say, 'Be brave and don't hide under the cloak of anonymity or use pseudonyms'.

They should have the conviction to stand behind any statements they make. If they do not have the confidence and passion to put their names beside their statements, I am sure that all right-thinking people cannot take them seriously. It appears to be the current trend for bloggers to hide under the cloak of anonymity to act irresponsibly by ranting and musing about current events. If their ratings and musings do not cross the line of fair comment, they are free to do as they please. However, for bloggers who choose to post seditious and inflammatory comments that could cause anarchy by damaging the fabric of religious and racial harmony; they should be dealt with vigorously under the law. Cases of this nature should not be dealt with by the Community Court where the punishment meted out could be probation and performing a number of hours doing community service. They deserve a more deterrent punishment. I hope that I do not sound 'sub-judice', but I hope that blogger Char receives his just deserts for his blasphemous and seditious posting.

Lionel De Souza

Anonymous said...

where to find complete video?

Mrs Goh said...

James, go get a life.

Char had been dismissed with a stern warning.

Sorry that Lionel will have to get his favourite desserts elsewhere.

Sandra Leong said...

Hi Lucky,

My name is Sandra Leong and I am a journalist with ST. Am hoping to get some input from you for a story I'm writing on the local blogosphere. Can you get in touch? My email is or hp: 97760833. Thanks much and hear from you soon! Cheers.

Kwek said...

WOW!!!!!! Our PAP 'Boot-licker' finally got the attention from the media already leh!!!!


Anonymous said...

Suddenly, all the SPH journalists want to write about the blogosphere....

Quick fix lai liao lah ....

Anonymous said...

armful websites on the Internet such as are blocked to protected us from porn. Without this protection, our society will be DESTROYED....

We already have our Tammy NYP.