Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Singapore Progresses by leaps and bounds!!!

"The best test of a civilised society is the way in which it treats its most vulnerable and weakest members."-Mahatma Gandhi

Last weekend on my way to the Harvey Norman super-mega-cannot miss sale, I met a old friend. I took out out the 2-full pages of Harvey Norman ads and flashed it right in front her. Despite the irresistable widescreen LCD TVs on sale, she did not want to join me for the shopping session. What can be more important than a weekend Harvey Norman sale?!
She was actually on her way to visit some old folks living in several blocks of flats built for the elderly. Her church found out about these old people living very lonely lives and got organised to visit them once every week bringing food and company. The old folks are living in poor living conditions, many of them are just waiting for their final day....there is a bell in each flat for them to ring if they need serious medical aid, just last week during their visit they found the body of old man who died and his hand was reaching out towards the bell. I told her I've never heard of people in such poor conditions in affluent Singapore.....our beloved newspaper Straits Times dedicate pages for sales and more pages to explain the wise policy of the PAP.......
Anyway I told her not to worry, the govt plan's is to have old folks shipped to Batam and Johor so that we won't see them and experience negative emotions......she can then enjoy all the weekend mega sales without feeling guilty.
She said she was glad just to ease their loneliness just a little and light up their lives by bringing a smile to their dark apartments. I told her I already gave my smile to the 4 million smiles campaign to welcome the IMF delegates.
The PAP a rational logical govt cannot help these old folks because they have no more economic value. It is for Singapore's own good that they spend the money giving out scholarship to foreigners so that they can contribute to the Singapore economy....or on grand buildings like the Esplanade so that the visiting tourists and go back home totally impressed. We should give good service from the heart to those who can pay us and contribute to Singapore's primary KPI (Key Performance Indicator) which is GDP growth. I'm sure the IMF and World Banks will be impressed with the chauffer driven BMWs, smiles and uncompromised effort to impress them.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its all for your own good!!

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”- CS Lewis

My friend John Ng grew up as a single child because in the seventies his highly obedient parents took the PAP policy to curb population growth very seriously. While there were opponents to this piece of extreme social engineering, they were easily rebutted by the PAP with sheer logic: "Singapore is poor and small how to support so many people?", "It is economically impossible to create so many jobs without population control"...there were of course other ways to deal with those who kept talking. Incentive was given to people have themselves sterilised and those with more kids were penalised. All this was done for Singaporeans' own good and was based on sound assumptions of the past.

Now that Singapore has 'succeeded' economically (although the PAP govt planned the success all along, they too are surprised by it) , there is simply not enough population growth around to keep humming at the rapid rate. What happened to the logic applied when the PAP was trying to curb population growth?.....You mean the global economy will developed as it did in the past 25 years and cannot slow down? How come we are so sure that the problems of the 70s that cause us to want to curb population growth won't return?

If we increase the population of Singapore, there will be inflationary pressures unleashed. Already home rentals are going up? How are the increasing number of people who are getting old going to retire in an environment where prices are rising rapidly. Don't worry, the PAP already has the answers - one possibility is to send our old folks to Batam and Johor so the Singapore remains a vibrant youthful society, the other solution is keep working them until they are in their 80s so they never get to retire. See the PAP has all the answers. It is all for your own good.

What happens if economic growth slows as in the 70s wouldn't a larger population on a small island be an issue? ...Don't worry, the PAP has it all figured out. This is all for your own good the PAP has your interests at heart when they increase the population - they are not worried about their KPI such as neverending GDP growth for the sake of profitability of GLCs that provide services to the population of Singapore. It is simply strange that Singaporeans cannot understand something that is done for their own good. Therefore it is necessary to allocate more pages in the Straits Times to further explain that all this is for Singaporean's own good.

Once you understand, you will be a happy Singaporean. Please make the effort to understand.

Friday, August 25, 2006

PAP tries to improve mediocre Singaporeans!

"Char Kway Tiao mai caviar..." - Lucky Tan

When the brilliant elite PAP govt looks at Singaporeans, they probably say to themselves what a pathetic lot of people they have to rule over. Not only are they unwilling to produce more babies to secure the future of Singapore Inc, they are also unappreciative of the great achievements of the PAP govt. Singaporeans are fussy workers, not only do they want a decent income, they are also unwilling to take up jobs such as driving taxi affecting the profitability of big businesses. Singaporeans refuse to smile despite receiving the progress package from the PAP. To top it off, they refuse to be happy scoring the lowest in the happiness index in the region despite having the PAP rule over them.

The PAP now has no choice but to improve Singaporeans by creating new citizens recruited from overseas. Existing Singaporeans are asked to be big hearted and big minded about this. Not that we have been protesting on the streets about the 800,000 foreigners and 350,000 PRs in Singapore. There are some small minded Singaporeans who can't get jobs because of the huge influx of competing labor - please lah, there are still taxis around waiting for hirers in Comfort - so there is no reason to be unhappy. Others are even worse, they complained about the thousands of free scholarships given to foreigners while needy Singaporeans suffer. .....can't they see that the govt just wants Singaporeans to be self sufficient especially the poorer ones.

The PAP has done so much for Singaporeans yet they are ungrateful and 53% want to migrate to other countries. Have they even thought through this? What would life be like in a country without a PAP govt, I shudder to think...

The PAP being the most efficient govt in the world has already figured out the solution to this whole situation. They will be granting more citizenships and importing more foreigners to dilute the misery of ungrateful Singaporeans. Most of them from 3rd world countries will be appreciative of the PAP.

See the effort the PAP puts in to make Singaporeans happy.....they do it by turning happy foreigners into Singaporeans. How innovative!...How brilliant! ....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

MM Lee: Singapore can be PARIS!!!!

""If you want to compete beaches on beaches, forests, lakes, seasides,
you lose. You can't beat Thailand, you can't beat Indonesia and
you can't beat Philippines. But we can
become the Paris in South-east Asia." - MM Lee Kuan Yew, Aug 2006
To transform Pasir Ris into Paris , all we just have to remove 3 letters (Pasir Ris)...... Now I can see why they promised to build a fountain in my area as part of the upgrading package during the recent election. With each election, we will get more upgrading and one day Singapore will have enough fountains to become the Paris of South-east Asia. Nothing to it.
North Korea tried to become the Paris of the communist world by build an imitation of the Arc De Triomphe. The imitation is 3 m taller than the real thing. The N. Korean leaders now consider Pyongyang Paris of the Korean Peninsula. .....notice that Pyongyang also begins with the letter P.
I thought Singapore's aspiration 20 years ago was to be the Switzerland of South East Asia....I guess with time our elite leaders have upgraded those goals. Paris a far more exciting place than Switzerland. With the Crazy Horse (from Paris) and casinos being built, Singaporeans can look forward to a Parisian lifestyle rich in culture, freedom and romance. It is time also for me to throw away my fondue pot and upgrade my dreams. ...time for me to get a Claude Monet reproduction for my living room and got to make sure it is bigger than the original...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Govt gives more help to low income families!!!

Unlike govts of other countries who help the poor by giving out unemployment benefits, low cost housing and medical services, the Singapore govt has found a new approach to eliminate poverty...and the GLCs such as SingPost are chipping in too. Soon the poor in Singapore will have more money to spend.....

I found out recently that this method also works for those who become unemployed too. No wonder Singapore does not have an unemployment benefit scheme like in Hong Kong & Japan. One of my friends lost his job for about 11 months, after 3 months his savings were totally gone what to do? Simple he has about 7 credit cards which he applied for while he was employed , and that kept his family alive for the next 7 months. Although each bank can lend only 3 months pay, there are many loopholes - you can borrow from multiple banks and the limit for credit card and unsecured credit lines are separate. In theory if you borrow from 7 banks you can borrow up to 7x3x2=42 times your monthly income. The reason why MAS and the PAP govt keeps such a loophole unfixed is because they want to help unemployed and low income families.....not because they want banks to maintain high levels of profits from exorbitant interest rates they charge Singaporeans for such unsecured loans. The PAP govt always have the people's interest close to its heart.

Unlike the Hong Kong govt which spends billions on welfare to foster closer harmony in the community, in Singapore this harmony is maintained by encouraging Singaporeans to smile alot and jailing people who threaten it.

The message to Singaporeans is simple - if you need help, go to the banks. ...they are very nice to you....many of the loans come with free gifts such as electronic appliances and a chance to win a car. With so many banks willing to help you, there is little need for the PAP govt to have something as comprehensive as what the Hong Kong govt provide for its people.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Excellent Police Protection in Singapore

If you wag your finger at a civil servant, you will be investigated for criminal intimidation. If found guilty you will be jailed for a year. If you gather outside a govt office with 3 other people silently holding up signs asking for greater govt transparency, a dozen riot police will turn up and take care of you.

What happens if you get beaten up by a group of men at a hawker center and go the the police? .........Basically nothing.

As our police is very objective, over time I've come to realise the viciousness of the criminal actions of James Gomez that warrant immediate investigation and hours of interrogation. As for protesters, they threaten our blissful minds with troubling ideas and have to be stopped.

Singaporeans getting beaten up at hawker centers, its just a small matter. Medical treatment affordable in Singapore and after a while the physical pain will be gone.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Singapore Doctors prescribe 500,000 highs!!!

10 months ago our Health Ministry decided to license 31 doctors to dispense Subutex. 500,000 pills later, the Ministry now rules that Subutex is now a controlled drug.

What is Subutex? .....It was suppose to be a drug that helps heroin addicts kick the habit. What is heroin? Heroin was a drug introduced to help drug addicts kick their Morphine habit, it was sold a non-addictive Morphine substitute. What is Morphine? Morphine was introduced to help alcoholics kick their habit. ....Somehow the 101 on history of drug abuse would have indicated that Subutex will be addictive. A simple check on the Internet shows that Subutex can be abused and is highly addictive. Somehow our civil servants at the Ministry of Health did not know ........maybe because they were not allowed to access the Internet to protect them from the negativity contained inside.

The aftermath:

1. 580,000 pills of Subutex prescribed.
2. A profit of $15 per pill.
3. Total profits for doctors $8.7M

See how wise our govt has been to hang drug traffickers and rid our society of the drug menace. Not too long ago, a Singaporean was hanged for trafficking 1,029 gms of marijuana - as I understand it 580,000 of abused Subutex pills is thousands of times more harmful than who will be hanged for the Subutex saga?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Inferior political systems undermine progress in our neighboring countries!!!

Watching the Dr. M vs Badawi spat in Malaysia, I really laugh out loud. No wonder Malaysians don't get progress packages before their elections. ....because they have made no progress in their political system.

Take the newly initiated probe into Badawi's son-in-law, they wanted to see if a bank merger is favorable to the interest of the Malaysian citizens. Although the merger is totally legal, the panel which compose of UMNO and Opposition leaders wants to be sure that the proper controls are in place and that the people's interest is served and that no conflict of interest has arisen from the deal. They will make recommendations to put in futher measures should issues arise.

See how inferior and inefficient he Malaysian political system has become?! In Singapore, our leaders all act in the interest of the citizens and not big businesses, and there is never a need for check and balance because the PAP will check itself. We don't have to be subject to ugly scenes such as those in Thailand where the independent Election Commission found out that Thaksin did not play by the rules - our Elections Dept is part of the Prime Minister's office so that it can operate more efficiently.

I laugh at the type of political systems our neighboring countries put in place is so tragic that they learn nothing from the PAP's way of govt. In 20 years, they will be left further behind as the PAP transform Singapore into a GLOBAL CITY with its grand casinos and multi-nationality populace in the interest of Singaporeans. There is no way for these countries to catch up with us. NO WAY!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

IMF, World Bank : Please learn to hear only the GOOD STUFF!!!

Here we are in Singapore trying our utmost to create a positive atmosphere with a 4 million smiles campaign to welcome these delegates from the IMF & World Bank.....and guess what? They are asking us to allow outdoor protests against them!!! As a Singaporean, I'm abhorred by such a request. We as a nation are trying to our utmost to protect the delegates from angry protests and to create a positive atmosphere by putting on our biggest smiles, and these organisations are actually asking us to allow outdoor protests that may create a feeling of despondency and negativity. The PAP is trying to show the World that Singapore is made up of happy people who smile alot.....lets not have outdoor protesters spoil everything.

One activist said, ''The (Singapore) government may permit a selected number of foreigners to march peacefully -- with the required license -- to show-case that there is 'freedom' in Singapore. Controlled and managed, it will boost the image of Singapore". I would like to add that such controlled marches would be acceptable to me too because they are quiet and will not disrupt my shopping trips to Harvey Norman as long as there is not much shouting my thoughts on which 42" Plasma/LCD TV option will not be disrupted.

I personally would like to welcome all the thousands delegates from these 2 prominent organisations, they have been doing a wonderful job, I have a message for them. They should learn from the Singapore PAP govt and only hear the good stuff:

The IMF and World Bank has been totally unsuccessful at tackling the problem of poverty in 3rd World countries. The IMF, in particular, has been instrumental in worsening poverty in many countries, their insistence on imposition of painful austere economic measures is intended more to extract payment for debt rather than put countries on the path of recovery. The 2 organisations have been responsible for the problem of enomous 3rd World debt and corruption in many countries. The money lent out has resulted more in corruption than economic development in many African countries.

In Singapore, the IMF and World Bank should learn from the Singapore govt and bask in the glory of their achievements. The people have to be constantly reminded by the media of that. As for protestors, Singapore disallows protests of more than 4 people, this is a good idea because of safety issues - while countries like Hong Kong allowed thousands of outdoor protestors when they hosted the IMF, Singapore just simply cannot cope even with the SAF because they lack practice in controlling protestors......