Friday, August 11, 2006

Inferior political systems undermine progress in our neighboring countries!!!

Watching the Dr. M vs Badawi spat in Malaysia, I really laugh out loud. No wonder Malaysians don't get progress packages before their elections. ....because they have made no progress in their political system.

Take the newly initiated probe into Badawi's son-in-law, they wanted to see if a bank merger is favorable to the interest of the Malaysian citizens. Although the merger is totally legal, the panel which compose of UMNO and Opposition leaders wants to be sure that the proper controls are in place and that the people's interest is served and that no conflict of interest has arisen from the deal. They will make recommendations to put in futher measures should issues arise.

See how inferior and inefficient he Malaysian political system has become?! In Singapore, our leaders all act in the interest of the citizens and not big businesses, and there is never a need for check and balance because the PAP will check itself. We don't have to be subject to ugly scenes such as those in Thailand where the independent Election Commission found out that Thaksin did not play by the rules - our Elections Dept is part of the Prime Minister's office so that it can operate more efficiently.

I laugh at the type of political systems our neighboring countries put in place is so tragic that they learn nothing from the PAP's way of govt. In 20 years, they will be left further behind as the PAP transform Singapore into a GLOBAL CITY with its grand casinos and multi-nationality populace in the interest of Singaporeans. There is no way for these countries to catch up with us. NO WAY!


Whispers from the heart said...

You forgot another feature that these inferior political systems lack - the LET'S MOVE ON button.

That's why we can have progress forever and they don't!

Our political system is the best in the universe. Auto check and move on buttons, where else can we find such advanced features?

Anonymous said...

While our neigboring countries make progress in their political systems towards a real democracy, sad that Singapore is regressing even more into a totalitarian & repressive system.