Friday, August 25, 2006

PAP tries to improve mediocre Singaporeans!

"Char Kway Tiao mai caviar..." - Lucky Tan

When the brilliant elite PAP govt looks at Singaporeans, they probably say to themselves what a pathetic lot of people they have to rule over. Not only are they unwilling to produce more babies to secure the future of Singapore Inc, they are also unappreciative of the great achievements of the PAP govt. Singaporeans are fussy workers, not only do they want a decent income, they are also unwilling to take up jobs such as driving taxi affecting the profitability of big businesses. Singaporeans refuse to smile despite receiving the progress package from the PAP. To top it off, they refuse to be happy scoring the lowest in the happiness index in the region despite having the PAP rule over them.

The PAP now has no choice but to improve Singaporeans by creating new citizens recruited from overseas. Existing Singaporeans are asked to be big hearted and big minded about this. Not that we have been protesting on the streets about the 800,000 foreigners and 350,000 PRs in Singapore. There are some small minded Singaporeans who can't get jobs because of the huge influx of competing labor - please lah, there are still taxis around waiting for hirers in Comfort - so there is no reason to be unhappy. Others are even worse, they complained about the thousands of free scholarships given to foreigners while needy Singaporeans suffer. .....can't they see that the govt just wants Singaporeans to be self sufficient especially the poorer ones.

The PAP has done so much for Singaporeans yet they are ungrateful and 53% want to migrate to other countries. Have they even thought through this? What would life be like in a country without a PAP govt, I shudder to think...

The PAP being the most efficient govt in the world has already figured out the solution to this whole situation. They will be granting more citizenships and importing more foreigners to dilute the misery of ungrateful Singaporeans. Most of them from 3rd world countries will be appreciative of the PAP.

See the effort the PAP puts in to make Singaporeans happy.....they do it by turning happy foreigners into Singaporeans. How innovative!...How brilliant! ....


Kwek said...
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Kwek said...

Mr Lucky,

You are the one How innovative!...How brilliant! ....

You are so innovative to vent all your unhappiness into irony to the blog.

How brilliant this idea as compared to other PAP bashing blog!!


Whispers from the heart said...

I'm a fan of Lucky Tan.

We are lucky to be able to get our ocassional dose of happiness from him.

It is sad that Singaporeans do not see things his way. We could be so lucky and happy....

I appreciate the gahmen's efforts to improve our lot. Bringing in the foreigners is the only right thing to do.

But, I was thinking, if only the gahmen let us swop places with these foreigners for a while, maybe the mediocre singaporeans can also start to feel lucky and happy like these foreigners?

For example, singaporean males can exchange status with some foreigners at 18 and revert back when 25, then, I'm sure these singaporean males will be darn happy!!!

Worth a try, right?

the devil's advocate said...

life is more than just bread out of stones. most cant see that if you changed the blueprint of a man's soul,the end result maybe a beautiful city like las vegas. and focusing on some beautiful human stories to justify its decadent is simply self deceiving!

it is a hollow existence denied despite all the merry making, amble food and shopping.

here, the citizen is reduced to his appetites.

you become its fine buildings, clean streets and an orderly society to impress the shallows.

there is no real substance except that which falls from the rich man's table.

if you are satisfied with his crumbs and are prepared to be eternally grateful in servitude and call him your beloved master, so be it.

others long for a greater kingdom and one that goes beyond maintaining its facade in hypocracy!

Anonymous said...


We should have a citizen exchange program. The Singapore government tells the government of another country send one of your citizens to us and we'll send one of our ungrateful citizens to you.

Maybe we can do such a citizen exchange program with countries like China, Australia, Denmark or Vanuatu.

But will Singaporeans take this up offer, considering they have such a fantastic life in Singapore already?

Anonymous said...

Take up rate is 33.3%!

For once, HG and PP no need to queue up....

Mass exodus from other estates to these 2 wards.

Joe90 said...

To Whispers From the Heart, for such a "male citizen exchange" to really work, you need to swop the Singaporean male with his foreign counterpart at age 18, and then return the Singaporean to Singapore ONLY AT AGE 40!