Sunday, August 13, 2006

Singapore Doctors prescribe 500,000 highs!!!

10 months ago our Health Ministry decided to license 31 doctors to dispense Subutex. 500,000 pills later, the Ministry now rules that Subutex is now a controlled drug.

What is Subutex? .....It was suppose to be a drug that helps heroin addicts kick the habit. What is heroin? Heroin was a drug introduced to help drug addicts kick their Morphine habit, it was sold a non-addictive Morphine substitute. What is Morphine? Morphine was introduced to help alcoholics kick their habit. ....Somehow the 101 on history of drug abuse would have indicated that Subutex will be addictive. A simple check on the Internet shows that Subutex can be abused and is highly addictive. Somehow our civil servants at the Ministry of Health did not know ........maybe because they were not allowed to access the Internet to protect them from the negativity contained inside.

The aftermath:

1. 580,000 pills of Subutex prescribed.
2. A profit of $15 per pill.
3. Total profits for doctors $8.7M

See how wise our govt has been to hang drug traffickers and rid our society of the drug menace. Not too long ago, a Singaporean was hanged for trafficking 1,029 gms of marijuana - as I understand it 580,000 of abused Subutex pills is thousands of times more harmful than who will be hanged for the Subutex saga?


Anonymous said...

Now there will be 580,000 more smiles for our 4 mil smiles campaign. These doctors should be applauded for their good deeds.

Whispers from the heart said...

I think this must be one of those constructive solutions used to make Singaporeans happier!

Progress package has limited effect and Singaporeans are still unhappy after the elections.

Unfortunately, they must put a stop to subutex now because some lowly citizens are now becoming happier than our Ministers and that is grossly unfair!

If subutex gives more high than peanuts, how are we to persuade people to join PAP?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that telling that we very serious drug addiction problems in Singapore just like any other countries. But, wait....cannot be, Singapore is "first world" is "perfect", no social ills at all, according to our "very talented, brilliant and obscenely overpaid" pap cabinet ministers who are living way, way high up in their comfortable ivory towers. The peasants cannot complained, o.k. if complain, peasants must have pragmatic solutions. Not problems of these highly paid ministers to solve Singaporeans complaints.

Anonymous said...

"Somehow our civil servants at the Ministry of Health did not know ........maybe because they were not allowed to access the Internet to protect them from the negativity contained inside."

Why would civil servants need the internet when they have the govt and the Straits Times to keep them informed of everything there is to know? Subutex was never a harmful drug. It only became harmful when the govt decides it is.

There you go... any other questions?

Anonymous said...

did you her yourself talking- addiction is a disease.Hanging is the most inhumane way to die by the penal code and only in singapore is still adopting such practices.Offer help to this people is what the govt should is not the money involve...then the doctors are the drug dealers in wolf skin clothing ...wake up -sure u see your doc,how much does his med cost ,a small fraction of what you r paying.
-another thing all medicines have side effects,we should be like the us where they declare all side effects of medication before it is dispense to you.

Anonymous said...

subutex is generations ahead for drug rehab .The thing is a small number of abusers destroyed the credibility of the drug in reality it is a drug that does it job,proper help should be given to this ppl ,they became addicts not for fun but probably from a dyfuctional background.Lets safe this people ,they need our love an help.