Friday, September 29, 2006

FEER Banned!

"Straits Times contains the truth.
If a publication contradicts the Straits Times,
its full of lies and should be banned.
If it agrees with the Straits Times, it is redundant
.. might as well ban it anyway..." - Lucky Tan

Yet another foreign publication out to harm our minds. Thank goodness it was found out and banned before it caused further damage. When I was 6 years old, my parents would choose the books I should read to make sure there's no bad influence. While my parents no longer do that, I can now count on PAP govt to do it.

Instead of publishing articles that describe the grand achievements of the PAP govt and extolling the virtues of their fantastic system of govt without which Singapore will collapse, FEER wrote that there is room for the PAP to improve. ...and that our MM & PM are not as perfect as they appear to be. This is an outrage! This is clearly defamatory! What is worse is they called our Chee who is officially a liar, cheat, gangster and fraud...... a MARTYR (Man Against Repression Tyranny Yearning Rights).

Our MM & PM are so generous to sue them in Singapore instead of their home base in Hong Kong yet they failed to respond to this generosity.

For our own good, this harmful publication is now banned in Singapore. It is illegal to sell, import and subscribe to the magazine from now on.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a caring govt that helps them with their reading list to ensure that they possess only healthy happy thoughts.

Singapore bans Far Eastern Economic Review magazine

September 28, 2006

By Sara Webb

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's government said on Thursday that it had banned the sale and distribution of the Far Eastern Economic Review, a monthly magazine owned by Dow Jones & Co., as it failed to comply with its press regulations.

On Aug. 3 the government ordered five foreign publications -- the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), Time, Newsweek, Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune -- to post bonds of S$200,000 ($126,000) and appoint representatives in Singapore.

Later in August, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, both filed defamation suits against FEER's publisher and editor over an article that it published in July about opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, according to court documents.

The Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Arts said in a statement on Thursday that it had revoked its approval for FEER's sale and distribution in Singapore because the magazine had failed to comply with the government's conditions.

"It is a privilege and not a right for foreign newspapers to circulate in Singapore," the ministry said, adding that it was now an offence for any person to sell or distribute, import, or subscribe to the Far Eastern Economic Review.

The Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review said it was unaware of Singapore's decision.

Singapore's leaders have won hefty damages in the past from media groups including the Economist, the International Herald Tribune, Bloomberg and FinanceAsia.

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, which ranks Singapore 140th out of 167 countries for press freedom, slammed the government's decision in August to issue restrictions for the five foreign publications.

"The authorities are looking for effective ways, including fear of prosecution and heavy fines, to intimidate these publications into censoring themselves," the media watchdog said at the time, as the S$200,000 bonds would serve as security in any future government lawsuit for alleged defamation.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Brand for our REBRANDING Campaign!!!!

".... find a machine that works, don't tinker with it,
run the system properly on the basis of merit, not nepotism and you'll always
find a way out of a problem. My ambition is not to preserve the PAP.
My ambition, having created this Singapore, is to preserve the system that produces the answers
that we must have as a society to survive," - MM Lee, Sep 2006.
My admiration of Ho Ching deepened about a year ago when I read her letter urging people to keep supporting NKF and Durai. Her timing and judgement was simply exquisite, it was one of those rare occasions when one gets an insight to the thoughts of a rigorously chosen elite. Other examples of her impeccable judgement was in buying Micropolis 1996 and Shin Corp in 2006. She is a fine example of how the PAP system preserves selected elites at the top.
Our esteemed MM Lee has reminded us yet again the importance of preserving this system. Without it, we will collapse. Thank goodness our esteemed leader has been blessed with longevity to keep reminding us of the importance of preserving this system that he created. Our nation will be so lost without MM Lee around, that is why we keep creating these new positions ... SM then MM to keep him in govt. He's 83 today and the country cannot do without him or HIS system.
So to honour our MM Lee, and contribute to the coming Singapore rebranding campaign, I propose a brand for the campaign....I'm sure the PAP govt will love it:
"YouNeedLee Singapore!!!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

IMF/WB a very MICE success!

I don't know why but I woke up with aches and pain all over my body today. Good thing I still have some of those blue colored pain killers my doctor gave me a few months back...took 2 pills and all the pain disappeared - wow MAGIC. The pills did cause a bit of nausea but nothing that reading the Straits Times wouldn't cure. I started reading the Straits Times and started feeling much better.

Singapore is successful again! The delegates at the IMF/WB events were so impressed with the organisation they could only shower accolades when interviewed by Straits Times reporters. Singaporeans have every reason to be proud of this success. They contributed their smiles to the 4 million smile campaign and that was one of the many positive impressions the delegates have of Singapore - a nation of happy smiling people.

"Our reputation is on the line. If we impress them, they'll be our best ambassadors for Singapore. It's worth a great deal more than any EDB or Tourism Board advertising campaign," said Mr Lee.

No matter what others say, according to our media our reputation has been greatly enhanced by the event.

Singapore is blessed with one success after another in recent years. Suzhou is also a success. SingTel is riding high on the takeover of Optus. Lessons learned from SingTel's Optus success probably drove Temasek to take over a regional telco known as Shin Corp....we'll probably hear the good news about that soon on our local papers.

Singaporeans are so lucky to be under the such wise leaders whose every move propels Singapore forward from one success to another.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Video Tribute to Singapore Police Force!

Here is a wonderful tribute (by autowoofz) to our police force for their courageous effort to save us from disruptive evil protesters who threaten our SYSTEM of government. The video, accompanied by a wonderful song "Strive to Win....", highlights the great struggle the men in blue had in order to overcome agents of change to our system. Because of their brave effort to surround the protesters in large numbers, ISD officers presence to discourage participation and our local media that reduced the event to a small sub-sub section in the local dailies,.....our system of govt is once again preserved.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a diligent police force that not only takes care of criminals but ensure that our SYSTEM is robust against changes.....

Watch this video and be appreciative of the effort of our men in blue.....their "Strive to Win..." spirit will inspire us for years to come...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coup Prevents Hijacking of Democracy in Thailand.

"We agreed that the caretaker prime minister has caused an unprecedented rift in society, widespread corruption, nepotism, and interfered in independent agencies, crippling them so they cannot function," said Sondhi.

Although Thaksin delivered economic growth to Thailand, his removal was necessary for the following reasons:

1. Tinkering of constitution to entrench his power.

2. Installing cronies into position of power - police force, military etc.
3. Nepotism.
4. Acting in his own financial interest - sale of Shin Corp after many years of benefits from govt concessions. Ensuring his relatives benefited financially ....
5. Using pork barrel politics - giving making promises of development project in rural areas based on election outcome. Giving out cash packages before election.
6. Using his power to benefit his various business interests.
7. Breaking the separation of powers. Control of judiciary and making it beholden to him.
8. Undemocratic influence over the Election Commission.
9. Tried to control of the media so they can only say good things about him & his party.

Thaksin is finished because the highly revered King has given his support to the coup leader. over for him.

One can say Thaksin deliver a better life economically to his people....but that does not justify his other actions. He exploited the system to entrench his power and he can keep winning elections because of the advantages he gave himself over the opposition. Election does not equal democracy. Elections can be unfair and democracy can be hijacked. It was therefore necessary to remove Thaksin through a military coup....and undo what he did to the system. Safeguards have to be in place to protect the freedom and rights of the people.

The last straw came when Thaksin sold Shin Corp to a foreign entity and exploited loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Thais view this as a sellout of their interest as Shin Corp benefited from years of govt concessions. Now that Thaksin is gone, I'm sure the Thais will not be too kind to the foreign entity who took part in the deal.

I'm very surprised that the Thais with their big shopping malls, great bargains at the street markets and increasing buying power actually have the wisdom to see through Thaksin. While his pro-business economic policies would brought about wealth and buying power in next few decades , his tinkering of democracy to entrench himself and his party would have caused problems in the longer term. One has to applaud the Thais to be able to see that. If the Thais lost their freedom and lived in a controlled society, would they be as vibrant and hip as a we know them?....I doubt it. You have to applaud them because in some other countries, the people would be so distracted by their rising buying power and increasing wealth, they would one day wake up to realise their rights are gone and they are merely serfs in an economic entity.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guess who made to the BIG TIME!!!

They could have chosen any news, any picture, any person to be on their front page....but guess what is on the front page of Financial Times today......

Yes, political gangster, liar, hooligan, fraud and cheat - Chee Soon Juan. I thought they would put out a picture our beautiful Suntec city complete with the big cage and posters of smiling Singaporeans. It is an outrage. Instead of showing our Prime Minister who gave an outstanding speech to IMF/WB delegates today, they are showing our national rebel. A man that our own newspapers - Straits Times, The New Paper have downgraded to one sub-subsection of a subsection.

Given the situation, I suggest that the PAP govt increase the budget for our REBRANDING campaign by $10M, this is what it will cost for us to place several days worth of frontpage advertisements on the Financial Times showing smiling Singaporeans. That should undo the effects of the big frown on Chee's face.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Singapore Impresses the WORLD!!!!!

What do you get after 40 years of the PAP system? The best security one can imagine. If you ever wonder if our leaders deserve their million$ salaries, you can stop wondering. I now understand the extent the go to secure our lives, this covers not just physical security but mental security as well.

I'm sure the IMF/WB delegates will be so impressed by the security arrangements, it is afterall the fruit of many years of PAP thinking. I'm sure that big cage at Suntec will be on their minds for years to come.

Here's a video by autowoof dedicated to the men and women who made the IMF/WB a total success and those who saved us from the evil Chee siblings. The song in the background is entitled, "Impossible Dreams of a Singaporean Serf...". Hope you like it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rights Activists Repressed!!!!

"I'm astounded by the police preventing the legitimate movement of people. The manner in which they are implementing it would be classified as intimidation. There's a disproportionate reaction and it shows another side to Singapore,"
who saw the stand-off as he walked by on Saturday, decided to stay the entire night

Thank goodness the police has won and Singapore is saved from chaos and disorder.
If they were allowed to march from Hong Lim to the Parliament House, Singapore's security would have been badly compromised and our system would be endangered. I'm therefore thankful to all the policemen and ISD men who turned up for the event, they (ISD) have shown that they are as relevant today as they were 4 decades when they were formed.

I wanted to go this morning to tell those fellers at Hong Lim to go home and get a shower because its not good to go without one for 2 days, but I was afraid that one of the ISD guys might mistake me as a supporter so I gave it a miss. Despite my wide smile in support of the '4 Million Smiles Campaign', they might still think that I'm a opposition supporter in disguise.

It is important not to allow these 7 people to walk towards parliament, after 4 decades of PAP rule we simply cannot risk such actions that will undermine our major million $ rebranding campaign that will make Singapore look hip and vibrant. If these 7 people manage to get to near the Suntec Convention Center, they will be seen by delegates from all over the world at the entrance of the big cage surrounding Suntec, their impression of Singapore will be damaged. Some of you cynics might say that the PAP has already done irreparable damage by banning those accredited NGOs members and banning outdoor protests. .....those are honest mistakes we can live with. Imagine if those delegates seeing Singaporeans (CSJ & sister) protesting at Suntec while foreign protesters are disallowed, I think they will be even more outraged. We just cannot let the Chees get to Suntec. will definitely damage our rebranding campaign....

New Paper : More people at Singapore Idol than Hong Lim on Saturday!!!

...and the reporters & policemen outnumber supporters.

In one segment of Martyn See's video, Martyn asked an opposition leader, "Why do you want to fight for people who can't be bothered?" They rather spend their time window shopping, buffet dining than to hear you, .....why do you bother...?

I'm sure there are 100 times more people at Best Denki where I was than Hong Lim Park. Singaporeans know what is important, if they miss this weekend's special offers, they might have to wait until the end of the year for better offers. The other reason is over the years many are already familiar with Chee has to say. You see a politician is somewhat like a pop star, he has to be popular enough for people to want to vote for him....a pop singer has to be popular enough for people to want to pay for his albums. You got to know what is important to the people to convince them to support you. If you can't win support, you're pretty impotent as a politician.

I guess the police like the Chees because it gives the police some real practice in handling protesters without stretching their resources too much because the crowds are always very small.

I like Chee too...very much actually. Everytime he organises these protests and marches, it reinforce my confidence in Singaporeans - they really know what is important most of them are busy checking out the shopping malls and very few actually turn up to support Chee. They also understand that at such occasions the ISD (Internal Security Dept) and police force will be there to document their every move. Singaporeans being shy people probably don't like to appear in a movie whose audience are officers in ISD.

Without the PAP, Singapore WILL COLLAPSE!!!!

" In Singapore, without good leadership, Singapore will collapse....",
-MM Lee at a recent conference on good goverence.
."""In other countries, when the leadership is not good,
the leadership will collapse and country moves on...."
- Lucky Tan

Yes I agree totally with our MM Lee who said this during a recent "Good Governance" conference. The PAP produces good leaders that are critical to Singapore and work for the interest of Singaporeans. Singapore is unique.

In other countries, if the leadership is not good, the leadership will collapse and be replaced by a good one. We have seen this in Thailand and Taiwan where the people are calling for its leadership to step down because there is a slight hint of greed or self interest. Remember Thaksin didn't break the law or took part in any direct corruption but the people felt strongly he acted in his own interest and not the people, he had to go. Singapore is unique.... because if the leadership is not good, the law abiding citizens won't know what to do. Singapore will indeed collapse because:

1. No Transparency. We can't penetrate and know what our govt is doing and spending the tax-payer's money and how decisions are made.

2. Media Control. If something is not right, the media will continue to say all the good stuff so it will take a long time to discover.

3. No Protests. Even if something goes wrong, protests are not allowed. Actually it is allowed for 4 people so we can have 4 people represent us and put pressure on a bad govt. ...yes that should cause the bad leadership to shiver and reform itself....

4. Opposition?...

5. Apolitical Population. Proven today. Best Denki has 100 times more people than Hong Lim Park. The Singaporean mind is well trained to mind its own long as got buffet during weekend everything must be alright.

Our MM is indeed right. Without good leaders, Singapore will collapse due to its unique form of govt. He should know because he created it. Reading the Straits Times everyday, I feel that Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in such a system created by MM Lee, where the leaders do everything in our interest and we can concentrate on our weekend shopping without thinking too much about anything else. Singaporeans are so lucky. We can sit back relax and still get good govt......look at the amount of work the Koreans and Taiwanese have to ensure the govt is good.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Chees cause trouble again!!!!

After defaming the PM & MM, they now want to ask Singaporeans to join them in a 'Empowerment March'. How despicable of them to ask Singaporeans to march under the hot sun when they can be themselves in an air-conditioned shopping center. He is disrupting our weekend shopping and buffet activities by having this march on Saturday.

In any other country, Chee Soon Juan would be 'just another activist' nobody would be bothered with him given the issues he is fighting for, transparency, citizen rights and democracy are actually non-issues in many countries. However, in Singapore has a unique system where certain things are traded away for the goodie bag we get before elections .....Chee Soon Juan's actions are downright disgusting - he is trying to remind us about what we lost. All of us have actually learned to 'move on' without harping on those things - there is no issue that a good buffet and new LCD TV cannot soothe.

As for empowerment, there is only one power that matters to most Singaporeans - buying power......their own buying power that is. Who cares if there old folks have to dig the rubbish bin for alum cans on our way to the shopping center, we can just walk faster and imagery will disappear from the corner of our eye. Why bother with rising medical bills if you're not sick. Why bother with freedom of speech if you what you say changes nothing anyway. What is important is when you look into your pocket, there is something left for the new MP3 player on sale....even if there isn't, the MAS has expanded personal credit so our kind banks can lend you some when your pocket is empty.

Please don't attend this "Empowerment March". There are many more important things to do on Saturday. I heard that Best Denki is having yet another Mega-Sale .....its airconditioned, there are prizes to be given out and lunch at the buffet restaurant will be so long as your stomach is full, your bloodflow will be directed downwards away from your brain so you'll not think much about the issues........

Thursday, September 14, 2006

FEER defames our leaders!!!

What kind of magazine are they running? Can't they check all their facts and get it right?
The low standard of journalism in Far Eastern Economic Review simply shocks me.
In the article entitled "Singapore's Martyr: Chee Soon Juan" published in July "criticised the Singapore government's handling of a pay-and-perks scandal at the country's largest charity.

Don't they get it? The PAP has nothing to do with the NKF!! Nothing. When Ho Ching wrote her article in support of Durai, it was in her personal capacity. When Minister Khaw spoke in parliament in support of the NKF it was an honest mistake. The way NKF is run, does not resemble the way PAP runs the country at all. There is simply no connection.....nothing at all:
Our leaders are very kind to sue FEER only in Singapore where the judiciary is fair. They are spared the pain of a lawsuit in Hong Kong where they are located, see how kind our leaders are!

I also read that the organiser of the "400 frowns" campaign has been probed by the police. You might this is absurd because it is totally impossible to get 400 frowns among happy Singaporeans but there are people who like to try the impossible. Thank goodness it is illegal to organise such a miserable campaign and the culprit has been stopped .....our Singaporean happiness has been preserved - hooray! I'm writing a letter to the feedback unit to suggest a law against frowning in Singapore, one unhappy person shouldn't be allowed to undermine the happiness of others.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

IMF/World Bank delegates get the BEST!!!

The numbers are staggering - 500 brand new BMW 7-series, 16000 delegates, 30 000 kg of ingredients for food.....and zero outdoor protests. Yes, the delegates should get to enjoy the same kind of security that Singaporeans have been enjoying for the past 4 decades. They will enjoy this unique feeling of safety when the see the big cage the Singapore has built to keep troublemakers out.

These IMF delegates will feel safer in Singapore than in any other IMF meetings in the past because Singapore is the only organiser ever to ban outdoor protests and we even blacklisted 28 "threats to security". We should not let the small matter that these 28 people receive accreditation from IMF stop us from banning them. It is for the IMF's own good that we take care of their safety. I wonder why Singapore govt have to keep explaining to these IMF officials that all this is for their own good.......unlike Singaporeans who understand instantly when the PAP does things in their interest, they have to keep explaining to these IMF officials that its for their own good...its for their own good...

Our DPM Wong Kan Seng has also explained that all these IMF delegates have to be protected from terrorism. I thought they protest to eliminate 3rd World debt, farmers' welfare etc......somehow they are linked to terrorists and have to be scary.

Singaporeans are so lucky to live in a safe country. I worry for my safety everytime I have to leave this country. IMF delegates are so lucky to get to sample this unique security that Singaporeans enjoy. They can conduct their meetings in peace and quiet without being detracted by the incoherent voices of angry protesters.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

S'pore news papers explain real reason behind IMF protest ban!!

I thought the Singapore govt banned IMF outdoor protests because they wanted these protesters to spend more time at our air-conditioned shopping malls instead of suffering under the hot sun....its for their own good not to protest. I was wrong.

The New Paper revealed today that the PAP govt banned IMF protesters because they are fakes.....yes fake protesters. They have no worthy causes and are doing it for fame. I'm sure there are many famous IMF protesters who are household names today, but I don't seem to know any. I guess the people really suffering from IMF policies like the milk producers in Jamaica who were wiped out by large American corporations probably cannot afford to fly all the way to Singapore.

Now I understand why the PAP govt bans protesting in Singapore. It is to prevent the emergence of fake Singaporean protesters who will deceive us into thinking there are real issues that we need to think about in Singapore. It is for our own good that protests are banned in Singapore.

We are so lucky to have a govt that protects us from fakes. Their care and concern for us is genuine...we should all be thankful and smile when the IMF delegates come...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

SINGAPORE : From Island to Colony to Nation to Singapore Inc.......

Take a moment to imagine working in a big company headed by a CEO and directors. For the people on top, the main goal is to ensure that the profit grows and the employees work hard to maximize it. The CEO and directors are highly paid and selected to their positions. In family owned businesses, they are usually employed through family ties. Workers' welfare is kept to a minimum to keep cost down so that the company's top management can justify high pay packets which is linked more to profit than the well being of the workers. In a company, dissent against top management is frowned upon as insubordination and action against the worker if he fails to be obedient. Of course the top management would like very much to substitute its older more expensive workers with younger cheaper ones -where possible they would love import workers from China and India who would accept lower pay.

One might think that a nation is different from a big company because it exist for different reason - for the larger purpose of organising of a group of people guided by a set of common ideals. Well this is true for all countries......except Singapore.

Singapore is getting REBRANDED!!!....What to do, we have to improve our business. We can now tell people our country is part of EUROPE (Enterprise Under Rule Of PAP Elite). We can also declare we are truly DEMOCRATIC (Dependable Electronic Manufacturing Onestop Center Reliable Automated Technologically Integrated Country). Plenty of ideas are popping up for this rebranding exercise for which millions will be spent.

Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in Singapore Inc. They get to work until their 80s and most of them will not be able to resign from the company - they will have lifelong employment until the day they die. Some people like disgruntled employee Mr. Brown, deserved to be fired from the company.