Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coup Prevents Hijacking of Democracy in Thailand.

"We agreed that the caretaker prime minister has caused an unprecedented rift in society, widespread corruption, nepotism, and interfered in independent agencies, crippling them so they cannot function," said Sondhi.

Although Thaksin delivered economic growth to Thailand, his removal was necessary for the following reasons:

1. Tinkering of constitution to entrench his power.

2. Installing cronies into position of power - police force, military etc.
3. Nepotism.
4. Acting in his own financial interest - sale of Shin Corp after many years of benefits from govt concessions. Ensuring his relatives benefited financially ....
5. Using pork barrel politics - giving making promises of development project in rural areas based on election outcome. Giving out cash packages before election.
6. Using his power to benefit his various business interests.
7. Breaking the separation of powers. Control of judiciary and making it beholden to him.
8. Undemocratic influence over the Election Commission.
9. Tried to control of the media so they can only say good things about him & his party.

Thaksin is finished because the highly revered King has given his support to the coup leader. over for him.

One can say Thaksin deliver a better life economically to his people....but that does not justify his other actions. He exploited the system to entrench his power and he can keep winning elections because of the advantages he gave himself over the opposition. Election does not equal democracy. Elections can be unfair and democracy can be hijacked. It was therefore necessary to remove Thaksin through a military coup....and undo what he did to the system. Safeguards have to be in place to protect the freedom and rights of the people.

The last straw came when Thaksin sold Shin Corp to a foreign entity and exploited loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Thais view this as a sellout of their interest as Shin Corp benefited from years of govt concessions. Now that Thaksin is gone, I'm sure the Thais will not be too kind to the foreign entity who took part in the deal.

I'm very surprised that the Thais with their big shopping malls, great bargains at the street markets and increasing buying power actually have the wisdom to see through Thaksin. While his pro-business economic policies would brought about wealth and buying power in next few decades , his tinkering of democracy to entrench himself and his party would have caused problems in the longer term. One has to applaud the Thais to be able to see that. If the Thais lost their freedom and lived in a controlled society, would they be as vibrant and hip as a we know them?....I doubt it. You have to applaud them because in some other countries, the people would be so distracted by their rising buying power and increasing wealth, they would one day wake up to realise their rights are gone and they are merely serfs in an economic entity.


Capt_Canuck said...

I am sorry Lucky, but are those numbered points in this entry supposed to be why Thailand had a coup or was it saying what Lee and other PAP cronies have done in Singapore in the last 40 years? sorry, I couldn't pick that out.

Whispers from the heart said...

Scary, isn't it?

Only a few days ago, LKY was talking about military coups?

I think LKY shoud shut his mouth up for once. He must have inspired the Thais to stage the coup!

He could at least have made them pay for the consultancy mah?! Going around the countries, dishing out poor advice and never gotten paid, nevermind. Worse, our investments will suffer because of this.

He seems to be the biggest liability on Tamasek's balance sheet!

MagiSlayer said...

Hey LuckyTan, where did you get the 9 points from? I cannot locate it in the website/link provided.

Anonymous said...

Who is the foreign entity who collaborated with Thaksin? I heard that its some private investment company.

LuckySingaporean said...


There 9 points can be found on the Internet. But here are the links to help you:

Thaksin & Nepotism + inserting cronies into Army:

Thaksin uses his power to futher business interest:

Thaksin's TRT manipulate Election Commission database:

Election commission is pro-Thaksin:

Thaksin & Cronyism:

Thaksin tries to control media:

Thaksin's pork barrel politics:

Thaksin question need for independent Judiciary + Business Interests:

Thaksin's TRT control of Election Commission:

Thaksin's corruption how business + Politics operate

The articles are interesting and do take time to read especially the last one. How corruption is not the traditional form of passing an envelop under the table but how a sophisticated system is in place operating in accordance with the law ...yet corrupt gains can be extracted.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee had a dream that there was a coup somewhere in Asia. When he woke up, he was shivering and feared that it might be Singapore. That's why he talked in a cryptic manner. It was to his great relief that Thailand turned out to be the message of his dream.

Anonymous said...

piang! thais also know how to do military coups. to think they are peace loving pple somemore leh...

even sgp has nslaves and regulars (a sound army), i doubt we can even stage a coup: we dun even know how ah!

Anonymous said...

I note this is the first one I've read that's pretty straightforward :o
Just about all your previous posts were so satirical, i couldn't tell whether your views were for or against the gahmen's policies
...must ask you to pardon this old man ah, "brain cannot turn very fast" [脑筋转不快]lah =P

LuckySingaporean said...

Hi Anon at 8:36,

Of course I support our govt. How can you ever doubt that. We are so lucky not to have a cunning domineering leader like Thaksin who works for his self interest and tries to undermine democracy by entrenching himself. Isn't that straightforward? ....I can be any clearer.

Anonymous said...

it takes two hands to clap. what hungry stomachs want, hungry stomachs shall find willing hands to feed it but at a price.

that is why this sort of transaction is called harlotry. why havent i heard of a new marriage so far?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

I am disturbed that none of the 9 links that you posted comes from the straits times.

Aren't they suppose to be truthful?

Anonymous said...

Hee hee,

they are truthful in not telling the truth.

What they offer is a newsletter to update their employees of certain developments in the corporation that is necessary for them to perform their work.

Anonymous said...

Man you are chim, keep up the great analysiz...