Friday, September 29, 2006

FEER Banned!

"Straits Times contains the truth.
If a publication contradicts the Straits Times,
its full of lies and should be banned.
If it agrees with the Straits Times, it is redundant
.. might as well ban it anyway..." - Lucky Tan

Yet another foreign publication out to harm our minds. Thank goodness it was found out and banned before it caused further damage. When I was 6 years old, my parents would choose the books I should read to make sure there's no bad influence. While my parents no longer do that, I can now count on PAP govt to do it.

Instead of publishing articles that describe the grand achievements of the PAP govt and extolling the virtues of their fantastic system of govt without which Singapore will collapse, FEER wrote that there is room for the PAP to improve. ...and that our MM & PM are not as perfect as they appear to be. This is an outrage! This is clearly defamatory! What is worse is they called our Chee who is officially a liar, cheat, gangster and fraud...... a MARTYR (Man Against Repression Tyranny Yearning Rights).

Our MM & PM are so generous to sue them in Singapore instead of their home base in Hong Kong yet they failed to respond to this generosity.

For our own good, this harmful publication is now banned in Singapore. It is illegal to sell, import and subscribe to the magazine from now on.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a caring govt that helps them with their reading list to ensure that they possess only healthy happy thoughts.

Singapore bans Far Eastern Economic Review magazine

September 28, 2006

By Sara Webb

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's government said on Thursday that it had banned the sale and distribution of the Far Eastern Economic Review, a monthly magazine owned by Dow Jones & Co., as it failed to comply with its press regulations.

On Aug. 3 the government ordered five foreign publications -- the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), Time, Newsweek, Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune -- to post bonds of S$200,000 ($126,000) and appoint representatives in Singapore.

Later in August, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, both filed defamation suits against FEER's publisher and editor over an article that it published in July about opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, according to court documents.

The Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Arts said in a statement on Thursday that it had revoked its approval for FEER's sale and distribution in Singapore because the magazine had failed to comply with the government's conditions.

"It is a privilege and not a right for foreign newspapers to circulate in Singapore," the ministry said, adding that it was now an offence for any person to sell or distribute, import, or subscribe to the Far Eastern Economic Review.

The Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review said it was unaware of Singapore's decision.

Singapore's leaders have won hefty damages in the past from media groups including the Economist, the International Herald Tribune, Bloomberg and FinanceAsia.

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, which ranks Singapore 140th out of 167 countries for press freedom, slammed the government's decision in August to issue restrictions for the five foreign publications.

"The authorities are looking for effective ways, including fear of prosecution and heavy fines, to intimidate these publications into censoring themselves," the media watchdog said at the time, as the S$200,000 bonds would serve as security in any future government lawsuit for alleged defamation.


Anonymous said...

if they are banned, they must be bad, our government...they are our nanny

borrow rant said...

actully, it all boils down to not messing around with economic supremacy.

general rule of the day is dont disrupt business life in sg and the flow of money to run this country because at the end of the affects jobs which means...material life. and to maintain security a prerequisit for stability, you need the moolahlah and thats another up. so for most people...this is life and death and the general populace is pretty satisfied with the current offerings which no alternatives seem to be able to challenge....hmmm...thats on the surface appearance

however, i hv not been lucky enough to read convincingly the ultimate doom of economic imperialism and the assassination of the inner man??,,hhmmm

so i up on the rulers..lucky me too.

Anonymous said...

so tracker..whats your take?;)

Anonymous said...

Our MM & PM should sue them for every cent in Hong Kong. Make them pay for spoiling the Singapore brand.

Really wonder why we sue them in Singapore, where they have no office and get nothing....can someone tell me?

Anonymous said...

Yes! We're heading towards becoming 2nd North Korea!

Anonymous said...

I think PAP newsletter Petir should rise up to the occasion and take over the roles of foreign media.

ST with Petir will keep us pure and happy

Capt_Canuck said...

why would MM and PM want to sue in Singapore and not Hong Kong? hmmm, good question. I think it is because the MM and PM are so busy and dedicated to the welfare and growth of the country for the people's sake that they can not spare a single solitary second to go to a court trial in another country. One second there means one second they are not in Singapore protecting the rights of the people and keeping them safe from harm. Without them in the country, who knows what havoc might happen. So, for the good of Singapore, they sue in their own country.

Or it could be the fact that the MM has the entire judiciary system fearing his wrath, or the PAP wrath since it is hard to differentiate the two. Proof being that, from my knowledge, only once has the Lee's lost a defamation suit in Singapore, and the one judge that decided against them found himself in a demoted position in 6 to 8 months time, but for reasons totally unconnected to his judgement. Even though I have read many a time that either the MM or PM has called other politicians 'liars, cheats, swindlers and gangsters' and yet they go unsued or unfined for their words, yet someone in the opposition, or press, possibly hints that perhaps the MM or PM is hiding something, and next thing you know the MM or PM gets nearly $100,000 in judgement.

Yeah, reason MM sues in Singapore must be cause he cares so much for Singapore and doesnt want to leave the country for frivolous means.

Anonymous said...

1Co 15:56 The sting of death is sin, and the STRENGTH of SIN is the LAW??

what meaneth thees?

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I took an entire day off from my studies to giggle at this news.

Anonymous said...

There is a certain nationalistic obsession about a certain city that turns itself into a consptipated obsessive society that many end up possessed in a locked up barred cell. So the hypocritical laws come down hard on the possessed but would turn a blind eye to the imbued obsession.
You are lucky you are not in such a city.

Anonymous said...

It's a no brainer why FEER is sued in Singapore. Ever watch football ? Here, it's home ground advantage!