Thursday, September 14, 2006

FEER defames our leaders!!!

What kind of magazine are they running? Can't they check all their facts and get it right?
The low standard of journalism in Far Eastern Economic Review simply shocks me.
In the article entitled "Singapore's Martyr: Chee Soon Juan" published in July "criticised the Singapore government's handling of a pay-and-perks scandal at the country's largest charity.

Don't they get it? The PAP has nothing to do with the NKF!! Nothing. When Ho Ching wrote her article in support of Durai, it was in her personal capacity. When Minister Khaw spoke in parliament in support of the NKF it was an honest mistake. The way NKF is run, does not resemble the way PAP runs the country at all. There is simply no connection.....nothing at all:
Our leaders are very kind to sue FEER only in Singapore where the judiciary is fair. They are spared the pain of a lawsuit in Hong Kong where they are located, see how kind our leaders are!

I also read that the organiser of the "400 frowns" campaign has been probed by the police. You might this is absurd because it is totally impossible to get 400 frowns among happy Singaporeans but there are people who like to try the impossible. Thank goodness it is illegal to organise such a miserable campaign and the culprit has been stopped .....our Singaporean happiness has been preserved - hooray! I'm writing a letter to the feedback unit to suggest a law against frowning in Singapore, one unhappy person shouldn't be allowed to undermine the happiness of others.


Anonymous said...

They ought to be sued for deflaming the Singapore government.

Whispers from the heart said...

Our government should also sue the IMF/WB too.

How dare they rebuke us for breach of agreement?

Our ministers are paid over the moon for their high standards of integrity and incorruptibility.

They are hinting that we suka suka change terms and agreement? No way ... we are the best place on earth to do business, according to IMF/WB just a few days ago!

These IMF/WB officials are liars and bad eggs ... why isn't our government suing them?

Anonymous said...

The Singapore govt has the highest integrity and honour. They always keep their promise and abide by agreements.

It is therefore clear that these IMF officials are liars and dishonest men who have defamed the Singapore govt.

Sue Sue Sue. In Singapore....they sure lose one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can do legal battle in the 8 meter by 8 meter square?

Anonymous said...

PM Lee should give IMF Head Paul Wolfowitz one tight slap for accusing us of breach of agreement.

Better still, our PM should do this in front of all the IMF/WB delegates to show who's boss.

Pro Reunification said...

This is just like a Giant Douche fighting a Turd Sandwich.

See: South Park Season 8 Episode 8.

spin said...

they only dare to sue locally la..

if they sue overseas sure lose one!!