Saturday, September 23, 2006

IMF/WB a very MICE success!

I don't know why but I woke up with aches and pain all over my body today. Good thing I still have some of those blue colored pain killers my doctor gave me a few months back...took 2 pills and all the pain disappeared - wow MAGIC. The pills did cause a bit of nausea but nothing that reading the Straits Times wouldn't cure. I started reading the Straits Times and started feeling much better.

Singapore is successful again! The delegates at the IMF/WB events were so impressed with the organisation they could only shower accolades when interviewed by Straits Times reporters. Singaporeans have every reason to be proud of this success. They contributed their smiles to the 4 million smile campaign and that was one of the many positive impressions the delegates have of Singapore - a nation of happy smiling people.

"Our reputation is on the line. If we impress them, they'll be our best ambassadors for Singapore. It's worth a great deal more than any EDB or Tourism Board advertising campaign," said Mr Lee.

No matter what others say, according to our media our reputation has been greatly enhanced by the event.

Singapore is blessed with one success after another in recent years. Suzhou is also a success. SingTel is riding high on the takeover of Optus. Lessons learned from SingTel's Optus success probably drove Temasek to take over a regional telco known as Shin Corp....we'll probably hear the good news about that soon on our local papers.

Singaporeans are so lucky to be under the such wise leaders whose every move propels Singapore forward from one success to another.


Whispers from the heart said...

We have great success at defining new terminologies ...

1 democracy in Singapore is a success

2 legalised corruption is also a success

3 anything PAP does is a success even when they fail in traditional terms

more concepts to redefine because we are unique :

What is poor is rich

what is talented is not

what is truth is not

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to watch how the intellectual community( rather the lack of) has been subdued by historical demography. So overpowering is the ideological dominance that even faith groups willingly offered their children to be prostituted for mere meagre. And the children's children whose worhtless life ended by a pair of scissors.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore Inflicted Enormous Damage to Reputation: Wolfowitz"
- AFP.

Like that also SUCCESSFUL. That means EVERYTHING done by the PAP is SUCCESSFUL!!!! WOW so SUCCESSFUL. Swiss Standard of Living so SUCCESSFUL....

"World Bank says Singapore breached deal"
- Houston Chronicle.
"World Bank's Wolfowitz says Singapore backtracked on agreement"
- Bloomberg.
"World Bank says Singapore breached deal"
- Associated Press.
"Singapore has reneged on deal with activists: Wolfowitz"
- AFP.
"Singapore has reneged on deal with activists: Wolfowitz"
- The Nation.
"EU, World Bank urge Singapore to lift protest ban"
- Reuters.
"Charities threaten to boycott IMF over ban on Singapore Protests"
- Independent.
"Singapore Branded Authoritarian"
- BBC.
"Singapore Inflicted Enormous Damage to Reputation: Wolfowitz"
- AFP.
"Singapore IMF Activist Ban Slammed"

Anonymous said...

Please don't encourage despondency. Okay? It's a chargeable offence.

Anonymous said...

we are all lackeys of the gubberment lah. fact is,,we all very proud singaporeans who got nothing better to do than komplain komplaiin . but actually, all is very perfect in sg. all very clean no corruption very successful. so if you read bad things is because like i say lor, we all pretend only lah. all are pap supporters. not worry. we all work voluteers for police to look out for suspicious people too! see, komplain so long, also business go on what. no problem one. sg the best! we all should proud! amen.

Pro Reunification said...

"Judge your success by what you have to sacrifice to achieve it'"
Glad we give up our liberty for all this success.