Monday, September 25, 2006

New Brand for our REBRANDING Campaign!!!!

".... find a machine that works, don't tinker with it,
run the system properly on the basis of merit, not nepotism and you'll always
find a way out of a problem. My ambition is not to preserve the PAP.
My ambition, having created this Singapore, is to preserve the system that produces the answers
that we must have as a society to survive," - MM Lee, Sep 2006.
My admiration of Ho Ching deepened about a year ago when I read her letter urging people to keep supporting NKF and Durai. Her timing and judgement was simply exquisite, it was one of those rare occasions when one gets an insight to the thoughts of a rigorously chosen elite. Other examples of her impeccable judgement was in buying Micropolis 1996 and Shin Corp in 2006. She is a fine example of how the PAP system preserves selected elites at the top.
Our esteemed MM Lee has reminded us yet again the importance of preserving this system. Without it, we will collapse. Thank goodness our esteemed leader has been blessed with longevity to keep reminding us of the importance of preserving this system that he created. Our nation will be so lost without MM Lee around, that is why we keep creating these new positions ... SM then MM to keep him in govt. He's 83 today and the country cannot do without him or HIS system.
So to honour our MM Lee, and contribute to the coming Singapore rebranding campaign, I propose a brand for the campaign....I'm sure the PAP govt will love it:
"YouNeedLee Singapore!!!"


MagiSlayer said...

Can anyone tell me the difference between preserving the system and preserving the (rule of the) PAP?

To me, preserving the system will invariably preserve the PAP.

Yeah. And this D-I-L of MM Lee. Damnit. Temasek loses money but in the end Sinkees are the ones that will have to cough out the money. And the gahmen/media will either pretend that nothing has happened or that it was just an honest mistake.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore needs now is the elixir of life. In order to preserve the flawless system, MM Lee has to be an immortal.

Anonymous said...

How come the govt can appoint Ho Ching to head Temasek Holdings despite her blunder in Micropolis. Now a blunder 10 times the size of Micropolis in Shin Corp.

She must step down immediately.

Whispers from the heart said...

Ho Ching is my idol. Which aunty can dream of throwing money like that everyday?!

That's why LKY is a brilliant lawyer. He can put in so many words in a para to say only one thing - 'Singapore is mine, don't tinker with it'.

That's also the reason he can write books ... so many volumes to say - 'I am God'.

Mahathir was not correct to say he's not that clever. Actually, he should say MM is clever because his citizens are not that clever.

Anonymous said...

Goalkeeper Tim Howard committed a few high profile blunders at Manchester United and he got benched and loaned to Everton. I think that's what makes Manchester United a great club, a willingness to change and and improve. If not, how do you expect them to survive in the EPL?

Anonymous said...

First it was SM Lee
Then MM Lee
I bet you the next title will be HM Lee as in Holy Minister...

Anonymous said...

you needlee singapore.ha.that's a good one.

it just warms my heart to see so many needy supporters here.ha.

Anonymous said...

First it was SM Lee
Then MM Lee
I bet you the next title will be HM Lee as in Holy Minister...

No, after MM Lee, it should be
UM Lee i.e. Unique Minister Lee

Anonymous said...

They tell us we don't need opposition ...the real reason is not because the PAP is good but because they want to cover up and avoid paying for serious mistakes such as Shin Corp.

Without free press and a strong opposition, the PAP can screw us as much as they want and the citizens have no voice and no power to improve their own lives...we are all slaves in our own country, that is why many don't think twice when they get the chance to emigrate.

Anonymous said...

Their optimism is simply incredible that it defies conventional wisdom when doing business. You scratch my back and i scratch yours may end up with craw marks one may never recover. As it is, your values and identity are being threatened by nearness. These are intrinsic to family life which are sacrificed through unholy unions.

Anonymous said...

Preserving the system means "we will be in power" even they rebrand the party to PAP (Pathetic Acting Peebrains). As one guy said before: "tell your leaders, we will not forget the next time..."

peasant said...

Lucky, you forgot about the bleeding at Chartered Semicon and the bad buy for Global Crossing.

peasant said...
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LuckySingaporean said...


Those are just peanuts. The impending $8B Optus writeoff would be of greater significance.

Chartered makes for an interesting case study. They only had one good year in their history, the rest marginal profits or heavy losses:

1. Local CEO not good enough replace with FT ...enticed with mega-paypacket.

2. FT don't work. Grab a local CEO, whoever is willing.

3. Now try back local guy but pay him less.

The company is full of FTs compared with locals. People come and go. If you are looking at how Singapore will be in the future, look no futher, Chartered is a good representation of things to come as we open our flood gates even wider.

Oh those Taiwanese not as smart as our leaders. TSMC & UMC employ largely local Taiwanese ...but miraculously they are more profitable than Chartered by a big margin, they are more efficient too.

Anonymous said...

nobody ventures into any business with the intend to lose money( but is it possible to conspire a lost for mutual gain i heard). unfortunately, there are ready alibi for probable unwise or mismanagement of wealth such as by laying the blame on the risky nature of investment.

in some nations, several recent expose will probably not be their last because of their failure to understand the workings of another opposing invisible hand to the better known market freehand.

you see, if you care to put your ears to the ground and listen,you will probably hear cries of injustices from these cities.the cries are either louder or softer but it is there. for some of these nations, the cries have become particularly louder than others so much so it moves the invisible opposing hand into motion like an angel of death gliding over sandy homes. in history, there was a vivid account of such a visitation on a city. apparently, oppressive rulers made lives extremely difficult for the people to fulfill the commands of life purposes that their tears flowed into the river nile and the sound of their cries rose to the mountain top. in due time, it provoked the wrath of the invisible hand to move. well, history has it that the great city interests was greatly disrupted by the invisible hand. for every commandment broken, it brought in a similar number of plagues.

perhaps, the lesson here is to listen carefully before you go into any city. if a city is corrupt( home or not), going in may bring you more pain than gain. also, riding the freehand of prosperity and ignoring the other invisible hand can be of grave concern??

anyway, such grave story is better buried for some as it is hardly believable...:)

freemason said...

P rayer A gainst P rosecution
Our father who free us from heaven
ho-li is this name.
Our kingdoms come, their wills become, on earth our slaves & our servants. Give us today our daily hate, and increase us our sins, for we will never forgive those who sin against us. lead us not to the stand, but deliver us from feer & peoples. Aye,damn !