Monday, September 18, 2006

Singapore Impresses the WORLD!!!!!

What do you get after 40 years of the PAP system? The best security one can imagine. If you ever wonder if our leaders deserve their million$ salaries, you can stop wondering. I now understand the extent the go to secure our lives, this covers not just physical security but mental security as well.

I'm sure the IMF/WB delegates will be so impressed by the security arrangements, it is afterall the fruit of many years of PAP thinking. I'm sure that big cage at Suntec will be on their minds for years to come.

Here's a video by autowoof dedicated to the men and women who made the IMF/WB a total success and those who saved us from the evil Chee siblings. The song in the background is entitled, "Impossible Dreams of a Singaporean Serf...". Hope you like it.


Pro Reunification said...

I think George Dubya Bush should employ SPF to go and find Osama. Furthermore we should also send our police force to help our friends over in America to protect their borders from illegal Mexicans(Beaners). We are that damn good!

See: Terrorist Attacks in Sg - 0, Zilch, Nada

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan:

Are you really supportive of PAP? Or just in satrical pattern?

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

does it matter whether lucky supports whoever?

he's just stating facts. It's up to pple to interpret. hahahaha

pro: I can't agree than more. We singaporeans love to be no. 1, anyways.

Anonymous said...

amazing, the extent of police deployment... i think it shows the gahmen is (correctly) thinking that there lots of dissatisfied pple out there, but (incorrectly) thinking that sillyporeans wld actually take to the streets... heehee, talking about being paranoid.

LuckySingaporean said...

Actually our elite are very good at unbeatable arguements.

1.If not tight enough, terrorist attack how?

2. Security should not be compromised.

3. What ifs?...This argument can go to infinity. What if there is no cage and someone goes sneak in at night to do something.

Now you know why we need our elite leaders to run us and control this place, they are damn good at asking the what-ifs. That is what $1M paychecks bring about, it brings out the best questions.

Obviously the IMF/WB are awestruck by the tremendous effort here.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I could bet with Wong Kan Seng for a million bucks that there will be no terrorist attack ...

Anonymous said...

amazing video! i loved it and smiled throughout (really did!!). it made me brim with pride and joy about my nation's leadership.

I also feel so bad every morning when I have to unnecessarily add to their tough job of marshalling traffic when I get to work in my bus. Our poor police don't deserve such inconvenience - people should just avoid CBD altogether. After watching your video, I vow to stay home and smile quietly from now.

Anonymous said...

Aisayman! I loved your video - it put a big smile on my face. You are so right - and I am so proud that Singaporeans have so much creativity. Thanks to the Gahmen lor, the educated Singaporeans can identify with great music, great videos, and great writing. We truly impress the WORLD!!!!