Sunday, September 17, 2006

Without the PAP, Singapore WILL COLLAPSE!!!!

" In Singapore, without good leadership, Singapore will collapse....",
-MM Lee at a recent conference on good goverence.
."""In other countries, when the leadership is not good,
the leadership will collapse and country moves on...."
- Lucky Tan

Yes I agree totally with our MM Lee who said this during a recent "Good Governance" conference. The PAP produces good leaders that are critical to Singapore and work for the interest of Singaporeans. Singapore is unique.

In other countries, if the leadership is not good, the leadership will collapse and be replaced by a good one. We have seen this in Thailand and Taiwan where the people are calling for its leadership to step down because there is a slight hint of greed or self interest. Remember Thaksin didn't break the law or took part in any direct corruption but the people felt strongly he acted in his own interest and not the people, he had to go. Singapore is unique.... because if the leadership is not good, the law abiding citizens won't know what to do. Singapore will indeed collapse because:

1. No Transparency. We can't penetrate and know what our govt is doing and spending the tax-payer's money and how decisions are made.

2. Media Control. If something is not right, the media will continue to say all the good stuff so it will take a long time to discover.

3. No Protests. Even if something goes wrong, protests are not allowed. Actually it is allowed for 4 people so we can have 4 people represent us and put pressure on a bad govt. ...yes that should cause the bad leadership to shiver and reform itself....

4. Opposition?...

5. Apolitical Population. Proven today. Best Denki has 100 times more people than Hong Lim Park. The Singaporean mind is well trained to mind its own long as got buffet during weekend everything must be alright.

Our MM is indeed right. Without good leaders, Singapore will collapse due to its unique form of govt. He should know because he created it. Reading the Straits Times everyday, I feel that Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in such a system created by MM Lee, where the leaders do everything in our interest and we can concentrate on our weekend shopping without thinking too much about anything else. Singaporeans are so lucky. We can sit back relax and still get good govt......look at the amount of work the Koreans and Taiwanese have to ensure the govt is good.



Anonymous said...

It's impossible to hold protest as the turnout always exceeds 4 persons and run into hundreds. I mean the number including the men in blue.

老星洲 said...

I agreed with Lucky Tan on the leadership and the good governace of the PAP.

Yes, without them in the first place, this country wouldn't have make it.

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

hahaha why no one seemed to understand Lucky's sacarsm... ahhahaha

anyway, like anon said, the blue will be more than the 4 protesters. that's why the law say it's not illegal to hold in 4s.

hmm there's only 10k poodles in our country, so if there are 2500 groups of 4s, is it illegal ah? wahahah oh ya..they will deem it's with 'intention'... aiya... what GREAT goverance we have :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

This blog sounds sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

aiya, doesn't really matter how long he lives. he will always come out from his grave (or does he choose to be cremated???) to admonish our leaders should they misbehave....

Anonymous said...

The old man's times are numbered

Agagooga said...

I think you're losing your touch :(

Joe90 said...

Like I've said, "I guess it's right to be nervous now that everybody's happy nowadays."