Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Latest : Another MRT death !!!

Crushed by the wheels of progress....
Why? ....

We must tell all Singaporeans to hop onto the train and not in front of it. The train is supposed to help you get to where you want to go but don't use it as a fast way to get to your final destination. Please be mindful that there are people on the train who need to get on with their lives and enjoy the progress that the govt has planned for them. In Singapore, it is not right to slow everyone down just because of one person....the train is like our society, it has to move forward all the time. Those who cannot keep up are crushed by the wheels of success. Those who can hardly keep up are "fed up with progress" But don't worry Singaporeans, the SMRT will provide buses to minimise the disruption to your happy lives so you can still carry on without being inconvenienced.....as a highly profitable enterprise, SMRT has the means to overcome minor disruptions to its service.

Man killed by train at Clementi MRT station
By Noor Mohd Aziz, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 30 October 2006 2225 hrs

SINGAPORE: Westbound train services between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations were disrupted after a man was hit by a train, and died, at Clementi MRT station. SMRT says buses were provided for about 11,700 passengers who were affected by the disruption. This incident comes almost two weeks after a similar death at the Chinese Gardens MRT. Police have classified the death as an unnatural one and are investigating. - CNA/so

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hougang & Potong Pasir Voters REGRET!!!

"My message to Derek Wee is to face up to the challenges....
it is all mind over matter. If he learns to be like the other
66.6% of the population, he will know that if
you don't mind, it won't matter..." - Lucky Tan.

It just occurred to me that Derek Wee might be living in one of those miserable Opposition wards - totally lacking in beautiful sculptures, fountains and lifts that stop on every floor. You see whenever I get worried about my future, I take a walk to the blue dolphin fountain near my block which I voted for 2 elections ago, it has such a soothing effect, I will forget my worries in about in 10 minutes. I believe Derek is probably living in a poor uninspiring environment that hasn't been upgraded for years. An uninspiring environment caused those negative thoughts to enter his brain and made him to blog those words that incited the elites. When I look out of my window, I can see the covered walkway that I voted for in the May election being built, if I look further away, I can a new multi storey car park being built ...and further down flats being repainted. I can see a bright beautiful future being constructed right in front of me.....so why worry about the future?

All you need to do to have a good future for your environment is vote for the right party....and things will improve around you.

Many Singaporeans still don't understand what elections are for in Singapore. They are definitely not conducted to understand the beliefs of candidates, their commitment to the electorate and the content of their character. Most definitely not. If they are, how come so many Singaporeans don't even know the names of their MPs let alone what their beliefs are. See how much shock MP Wee generated just by apologising for this daughter and expressing his sincere beliefs.

Elections in Singapore are held to express support for estate upgrading. Its as simple as that. Only the poor confused people of Potong Pasir & Hougang don't know this. That is why the PAP constituency next to it concentrates the upgrading effort on HDB flats at the border so that Hougang residents see what they are missing and reminds them of the importance of voting correctly.

I have to say I'm very disturbed by the Worker's Party. In their current issue of the Hammer, they try to confuse the people again by telling them that upgrading should be decoupled from elections - the article is written by Sylvia Lim. Oh come on Sylvia, if we are not voting for fountains & walkways what are we voting for?....I want to warn all of you not to be influenced by the Worker's Party, it aims to put plant timebombs and poison into our minds.

My suggestion to Derek Wee is this. Spend more time reading the Straits Times and he will understand what a bright future Singapore has....and how much our leaders care about us. MM Lee has gone to Las Vegas during the haze period and his conclusion is Singapore future can be brightened up if we build more than 2 IRs. When the IRs are completed, Derek will be about 40 years old so he should prepare for it now. I have a few "How to win at Poker" videos I can lend him if he wants to prepare for the IR.

Singaporeans are so lucky. With the IR coming and a govt that continuously create new challenges for us so we don't feel bored with life, things can only get better.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wee Shu Min Music Videos!!!

She has indeed won many hearts and admirers with her brutal honesty. Netizens just can't stop talking about her.

It seems that many Singaporeans were jolted by her remarks and the suddenly realised what a grand elitist scholarship system the PAP has created over 4 decades of rule. They are now truly able to appreciate its inner workings and see for themselves the glorious future as our elite leaders continue to serve the people of Singapore wholeheartedly. Her poignant blog entry about Derek Wee has motivated and inspired netizens to express their creativity in many ways...



Comic Strip:

Looks like she is going to be hot for some time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

MENSA, Elitism and the Ultimate Truth!!!

I have always wanted to tell this story in my blog but never had the chance until the topic of elitism got so hot in recent days thanks to Ms Wee. MENSA Singapore will never admit that this story is true but it paints a positive picture about them so they shouldn't complain.


Many years ago when I was still in secondary school, I received a call from my classmate John Lim (not his real name) during the school holidays. I was so bored I would have gone along with any plan John had to spice up the holidays. We were students from an average (many would say below average, other would say below average, and a few people called it gangster school) secondary school. That time they did not publish PSLE results but my feel is we were probably in the lower 40 percentile.

John told me he wanted to take the MENSA test and wanted me to accompany him....and to make it worth my while he would pay the fees for me. John's logic was this ...if we pass the test, we would be smarter than the education system make us out to be and if we failed, we would be where we were (mentally) before we took the test...so we actually have nothing to lose. To prepare for the test, we bought a few IQ books from a second hand bookshop at Bras Basah Complex.

We took the test and surprisingly both of us passed. Yes, we both have IQs in top 2% of the population. If it means anything to you, the writer (who sometimes has a problem with spelling) of the blog you're reading right now has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein! We were both elated and signed up for MENSA membership immediately. ...we felt like geniuses. Yes, we will get together with all these highly intelligent people and celebrate our special gift of superior mental agility. We now belong to this elite club of superior people so we thought....... Things didn't turn out as expected.

You see MENSA is a social club that organises activities for people from all walks of life to get together. There are govt clerks, lawyers, teachers if anything the people you see that make up MENSA is no different from an snapshot of people you find at the Funan Center food court. Once you get into MENSA, people don't celebrate their superior intelligence but engage in various social activities which include cooking, badminton etc. Its a club for making friends not a club for the mental elite to get together and learn how to be arrogant towards others.

So what is all this talk about high IQs of MENSA members. In MY OPINION, it is all hogwash. You see when you start a club you need to recruit people and get them to be interested enough to sign up. So what about the IQ test to select the top 2%? That is just a lure. You see when they say top-2% it includes millions of malnourished people in 3rd world countries who can't read or write because they have not been to school. Average people who have gone to school in Singapore should be able to pass the test after some practice - they just have to work on it. If you still don't believe this, here is the ABSOLUTE IRREFUTABLE PROOF....



My friend John did get his morale boosted by passing the MENSA test he went from an under achiever in a below average school to work hard and eventually get an MBA.

The worst thing an education system can do is label people as gifted or slow ('normal', non-gifted). Once people believe the failure is inborn it is a self fulfiling prophesy. Self confidence, discipline, and passion are usually more important ingredients for success.

The truth is there is no superiority in views of the people who believe themselves elite and everyone is worthy of expressing a good solid point. The idea of a free press is to allow all these viewpoints to surface.

MENSA starts by doing the right thing - making EVERYONE feel special for a start no matter how ordinary they are.

Class divisions of people are false, artificial and incorrect. Our society will function more efficiently if everyone is motivated by real opportunity and there shouldn't effort to direct excess resources and wealth to the power elite. Just as much as aid should be given to the need hassle free to preserve their dignity and give them a chance.

I leave you with this youtube video on how discrimination arises and how people can be divided by labelling: link. The video has 5 parts and here is the first:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Staying Together Moving Ahead....

"No Singaporean should be left behind, and everyone should have full opportunities, to realise his or her dream" - PAP 2006 Election Campaign Brochure.

I also kept the brochure that promised us a Swiss standard of living and I still haven't stopped dreaming about that yet even though my mom has turned my fondue pot into a flower pot.

40 years of PAP rule and we have the Tans, a Singapore family who lived in utter poverty along side a govt with immense prosperity. They control so much wealth that the billion dollar losses in Thailand can be considered peanuts and not worthy of lenthy articles and analysis in our local media. There is much aversion when it comes to giving aid to the poor. ...and the PAP have us believe that providing free medical care to those who cannot afford it will bankrupt us but excellent long investments in Shin Corp and Optus will be beneficial to us. Wealth is created by the PAP and poverty by less able Singaporeans. Wise policies to import foreign workers, sell affordable housing and medical care to Singaporeans did not create this poverty.

I was at the hawker center the other day when I met my neighbor and start chatting....we got to the topic about her son Beng Seng who started his primary one education early this year. To my neighbor her child carries hope of a better life. "How is Beng Seng doing in Primary 1?", I asked her in Mandarin. "Nowadays, Primary 1 very difficult", she replied. After 3 months in school, she received a call from the teacher who asked to meet her. "I'm sorry , Beng Seng is not coping well at school", said the teacher. My neighbor replied, "But he is a smart kid, he already knows how to count to 100, and his A-B-C when he started Primary 1". The teacher replied, "20 years ago that would have been alright, but nowadays when students come in for Primary 1, some of them are already able to read books like Mr. Midnight and are able to write full sentences, by the end of the year we will be teaching them comprehension and essay writing. In the New Singapore Maths they will learn concepts like number bonding. Many parents prepare their children well before the enter Primary 1. I'm sorry but Beng Seng will need to come for remedial class so that he can catch up, he can't understand the maths problems because of his English." I guess they can't slow the whole system down just because a handful cannot cope.....and this starts with primary school education. They have no choice but to expand the Primary 1 syllabus because many well educated parents already taught their children the old Primary 1 syllabus in kindergarden. So the system has to be revised to start at a higher baseline. ...and they remedy the problem of those who cannot cope by having remedial class and good old EM3. In some other countries, they might freeze the primary 1 syllabus and ask those over-enthusiastic parents to 'go fly a kite'. But the Singapore system always moves faster never slower.

We move ahead faster THEN we try to figure out how to get those who are left behind can catch up. Of course, the elites have no problems thriving in this system so all of should be able to do the same. Someone posted on my blog a list of quotes on how well they are doing in our system:

"Retrenchment is good for singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry." - SM Goh

"I don't think that there should be a cap on the number of directorship that a person can hold." - PAP MP John Chen who holds 8 directorships.

"It's not for the money because some of the companies pay me as little as $10,000 a year." - PAP MP Wang Kai Yuen who holds 11 directorships.

"Save on one hairdo and use the money for breast screening." - another gem from Lim Hng Kiang.

"Only 5% are unemployed. We still have 95% who are employed." - Yeo Cheow Tong

"Singaporean workers have become more expensive than those in the USA and Australia." - Tony Tan

"...I regret making the decision because, in the end, the baby continued to be in intensive care, and KKH now runs up a total bill of more than $300,000..." - Lim Hng Kiang, regretting the decision to save a baby's life because KKH ran up a $300,000 bill.

The last quote reminded me of an incident last week. I met a technician whom I worked with some years back. He told me his wife is undergoing cancer treatment at a govt hospital and the bill is now reaching $30K. I told him not to worry as he should concentrate on getting is wife cured. Everything is world class in Singapore. When you go to hospital, you have to get world class treatment, there are no cheap non-world class budget hospitals around .....medical care has moved ahead and so has the costs. There were no cheap hospital care left around for those who cannot afford this 'best of the best' care. Singaporeans are so lucky only to have the best - the best govt that earns best salary, the most expensive public housing in the world, world class medical care.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Elitism 201.

"I think if you cut through he insensitivity of the language,
her basic point is reasonable, that is a well-educated unversity
graduate who works for a multinational company should not be
bemoaning about the Government and get on with the challenges in life."
- MP Wee Siew Kim, Ang Moh Kio GRC father of Shu Min.

Elitism 101 is found here.

I am totally surprised at the reaction to Wee Shu Min's blog post on Derek Wee's concern about older workers in Singapore. The anger and criticism of Shu Min shows a lack of understanding of how our system works and netizens have certainly been unfair to Shu Min who is the daughter of an elite MP Wee Siew Kim. It is not her fault that she possesses such an opinion which her father shares (not the language but the logic, see quote above). To have all these less capable ordinary Singaporeans with ordinary degrees holding jobs with ordinary capabilities whining about their anxieties and concerns is certainly unacceptable and negative. ...MP Wee's message to them is stop moaning. You might expect an MP to share your concerns and troubles but please be understanding, an elite MP who holds a top post, say, in a GLC does not struggle to pay for his HDB flat, never needs to stay awake at night worried about medical bills or the cost of his children's education. His part-time MP position yields an income of $13,000 per month...and his full time job several times more. It is totally unreasonable for ordinary Singaporeans to expect their elite MPs to understand the challenges, problems and fears they face in their daily lives.

Many people believe we have an meritocracy. Actually we don't. What we have is an elitist system based on selection - resources and opportunities are generously continuously allocated to this group of elites through the system and a structure.

"Singapore is like Sparta, where the top students are taken away from their parents as children and educated. Cohort by cohort, they each select their own leadership, ultimately electing their own Philosopher King......But when I reached the end of the book, it dawned on me that though the starting point was meritocracy, the end result was dictatorship and elitism. In the end, that was how Sparta crumbled" - Ngiam Dow Tong, a former top civil servant (link)

The most important characteristic of real meritocracy is not that the winner takes all at the end but that everyone has a chance to play and compete. It is this competition that creates energy and dynamism in a society. To have this competition, we need a level playing field and for as many people as possible to feel that they have a chance. Other features of a meritocratic society is the lack of secrecy and tendency for the system to eliminate inherited advantages.

Elitism is different from meritocracy. It is the belief that the views of a selected group of people, the elite, are far more worthy than those of others (the non-elite)....and hence the views of the public can be disregarded. Because more resources and opportunities are allocated to the elites, the accomplishments will reaffirm the original belief that they are more deserving of those opportunities.

Singaporeans are so lucky that there is a group of elites leading them. These elites are very versatile and talented, they cross over from politics to business and vice versa with ease. Ordinary Singaporeans like Derek Wee should just keep his views to himself as his logic cannot simply cannot match those of our elites and their elite offsprings. He should spend his energy on the many challenges the PAP has created for him - high cost of living, foreign talents competition etc. These challenges are there to keep him motivated and it is for his own good. The elites have been selected are exempted from real competition even when they go for elections....this is so that they can focus their energies to work hard for Singaporeans' interests. For that they are paid $13K per month usually as a part-time MP or if they become one of the super-elite ministers they stand to make more than $1M a year. That is why we can be assured they will always show sympathy to the ordinary Singaporeans whose average household income is $3600 per month.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth................

'We shouldn't be waving a red flag for this, telling
everyone that there's this help available. It's quite a
process to go through to get the vouchers. A person with
dignity won't do it unless he's in genuine trouble.'
- PAP MP Dr Chong Weng Chiew (Tanjong Pagar GRC) on
why SingPower utilities vouchers for the poor were not given out and wasted.

Everything is going so well for Singapore and its economy and everything is in such a wonderful state - things have never been better. 113, 000 jobs were created and Dr. Ng Eng Hen said: "The question to ask is - are these good quality jobs. I would say that over the last ten years, our figures show us that 60 to 80 percent of our jobs created for Singaporeans were, if you like, middle class jobs, professionals, managers, executives and technicians, and Singaporeans have by their own conscious decisions moved towards these jobs." My take is we created so many jobs, we even have leftover for which we have no choice but to import foreign workers in large numbers. They (foreign workers) don't cause downward pressure on our wages especially that of low income workers. Foreign workers in effect help to create more jobs and it is all done in the best interest of Singaporeans.

Dr. Ng also said, "Our way has been to say let's create the pro-business environment but in terms of those who are lower skilled we find other ways to help them - workfare, training institutions. We have been very realistic and, in a sense, clinical about what is the best way to do it."
Of the resident population aged 25 to 64, more than three in four — 76 per cent to be exact — are currently employed. Mdm Yacob said, "It does show that employers continue to find Singaporeans employable," she said.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a good govt and its excellent policies leaves no one behind. There's no need for welfare because we have workfare, we reward Singaporeans who want to work and those who are unemployed are usually fussy Singaporeans. Our economy has done so well in recent months, the govt is confident that Singaporeans can easily afford the recent increases in utility bills, transport costs and housing . Still, everything is kept affordable.

Necessities such as public housing are kept affordable for everyone.
With all this, the govt can build up huge reserves and financial assets which can be used to purchase excellent long term investments such as Shin Corp ....which is not predicated on who is the govt of Thailand. There is no effort spared to create a favorable brand for Singapore ....millions spent on IMF/WB...John Hopkins and Singapore-MIT alliance....Biopolis. We as a society can afford it....you don't see or hear much about poverty in Singapore because it doesn't exist not because the govt controls the media and selectively highlights its achievements and play down its failures. We can already look forward towards our next major success after IMF/WB. ...we have made such a tremendous progress as a society. That is why every minister is paid at least a $1M and it is a grave injustice if they are paid any less. Singaporeans must realise that our leaders are all men(and women) of the highest integrity and ability constantly working for the interest of Singaporeans...it is a great bargain to hire them at these salaries.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Suicide at Chinese Garden MRT......

So sad that there is another suicide at an MRT station. This time a 40 yr old man.

After the spate of suicides in recent months, the MRT has done EVERYTHING it can to prevent people from jumping in front of trains. Every thing possible has been done!

There are now 3 types of warning signs at MRT stations:




I'm totally shocked that the suicide victim who was a Singaporean actually disobeyed a total of 3 signs to leap in front of the train. I suggest they add one more sign:


Someone I spoke to said that the Chinese papers reported the man was suffering from depression due to job loss and financial problems. According to the WanBao, his family of 4 (parents + 2 kids) owe school fees and utilities for a few months. This family must be a rare exception because the PAP govt is so rich it sends civil servants overseas to offer scholarship to foreigners. Of course, the PAP govt is so rich, Shin Corp is just peanuts and not really news worthy in Singapore given the very small number of reports on it in our local media....most of which reassure us that it is just a professionally (yes they did not get the cleaning lady to close the deal!) done commercial deal.

Singaporeans are so rich that PAP govt doesn't do much for these people. Besides, there's plenty of non-govt help if ever you need money. ....here's evidence from the New Paper....many Singaporeans are offering help to those in need with instant cash, they are so kind.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Singapore Succeeds AGAIN!!!

Yes, Singapore is successful yet again. ....no matter what the foreign media says.
Thank goodness we have our own media, the Straits Times, to constantly remind us of our success. Suzhou Industrial Park is a booming success....and in time to come we will all understand that the Shin Corp investment is also a success not predicated on who is the governing Thailand.

Thanks to the Straits Times and local media Singapore has become a major success in many areas. It is time for the foreign media to send their rookie reporters to learn from true professionals in the Straits Times how to make their home country a success. It is possible for all countries to become as successful as us as long as their reporters receive they right type of training. If their reporters' jobs depend on how well they can explain their country's success, I'm sure every country can replicate our great formula for success.

Gay Singaporean seeks asylum in US!!

Well he claims in US courts that gay sex is punishable by jail to 2 years under the Singapore Penal Code....and that people can be jailed for life for having unnatural sex. Absurd!!! Everyone knows that the police does not actively go around catching people for unnatural sex otherwise 25% of the Singapore population will be in jail by now.

His strategy for seeking asylum is totally flawed! He could have done better if he did the following:

1. Claim that he is an animal rights activists who protests against, say, the culling of cats ....as protests is illegal in Singapore and people have been jailed for that, he would have a stronger case.

2. Claim that he is a vocal member of the Opposition in Singapore. We all know what happens to vocal members of the Opposition.

3. Say that he is an importer of chewing gum and that is the only skill he has and can be convicted in Singapore courts.

4. Just say that he is still a subsciber of FEER and if he goes back to Singapore he will be convicted as that evil publication has been banned.

To date only 26 Singaporeans have been granted asylum in the US....of course others have simply emigrated to the US by finding jobs. One really wonders why any Singapore citizen would want to leave clean and green Singapore to go to a country that is not governed by the PAP. There is simply no reason to leave Singapore.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Its time to change the SYSTEM!

These few days I've locked myself in a room with an aircon and air purifier to insulate myself from the haze. I had plenty of time to think about the system and decide whether it is best to preserve or change it. Although like many people I've grown used to it, its numerous flaws made me reconsider:

1. The monopolistic nature. They have gotten rid of all opponents by bankrupting them or getting rid of them through the monopolistic tactics.

2. The system is just a black box which a privilege few can peek inside. They are sworn to secrecy and well paid not to reveal its weaknesses. There is hence a total lack of transparency for people who depend on the system.

3. The system has enriched a handful by squeeze payment from the masses.

4. Only a select few are responsible and are able to for improve the system. The rest of us who depend on the system are powerless to change it.

5. Cost of security has been rising because the system is vulnerable to troublemakers which the system cannot tolerate.

6. They need to pay money to constantly brand and rebrand it so that it looks good in the media. The slick packaging hides the underlying problems.

7. Many complaints have been launch against the system but they brush off the complaints or make incremental patches to fix it when it is serious enough.

8. Many people accept the system because they are used to it. Changing systems will free them but many don't dare to take the risk although others have proven that alternative systems can work better. The end result is people keep complaining and whining but they are still pick the system at the end of the day.

9. The main purpose of the people who created the system is so that they can make the most money. It is simply despicable the amount of money they make from all of us.

I've finally pluck up enough courage to throw away my Windows XP Operating System after so many years, it vulnerability to hacker attacks, poor security and expensive licensing is simply not tolerable anymore. Besides, Linux which is available for free and built by passionate people not for money but the desire to do good and free people from the tyranny of Microsoft....is a far superior operating system. I just need to get used to it. There is real empowerment for anyone who desire to change the system because source code is open and free. ....everyone can contribute to make the system better and more powerful.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Demanding 60 yr old fails to understand govt policy!

Straits Times Forum
Oct 10, 2006
Allow longer repayment period for HDB loans

I BECAME jobless at the age of 60. As I had difficulty repaying my housing loan, I made use of HDB's Reduced Payment Scheme. However, it resulted subsequently in my having to pay a much higher monthly amount than before I was jobless.

I wrote to ask HDB to extend the loan-repayment period so that my monthly outlay would be reduced to an amount I could manage. However, this was rejected, the reasons being my age and that my case would set a precedent. Can the Government change its policy to help the elderly with their housing? The HDB does not lose out by extending the loan-repayment period. Interest is earned yearly.

Tay Kwee Liat

Here's my take on the above letter:

I'm so surprised that this senior citizen has failed to understand and appreciate the HDB. The reason why affordable HDB flats take 20-30 years to pay up is because our govt wants to ensure that there is sufficient motivation for Singaporeans to work hard and be productive for as long as possible. In other countries where the govt is less enlightened, public housing takes 3-5 years to pay up, this makes the citizens lazy and retire before age 55 to do useless things like walking around in the park or looking after grandchildren. The PAP govt through housing loans and high cost of living ensures that senior citizens are motivated to enough to take up useful jobs such as cleaning executive(cleaner) and hygiene specialist(cleaner) . We should be thankful that our HDB loans keep us motivated to work hard for decades and not engage in unproductive walks in the park.

HDB refuses this 60 year's request to extend his loan repayment to motivate him to find a job quickly. It is for his own good that his request is rejected. He must remember that by the time he pays up his HDB flat at age 65, he can then start saving for his retirement which will be at age 80. ....HDB wants him to look for a job fast so that his retirement will not be delayed to age 85.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that motivates them to work hard. They get to live in affordable HDB flats which take decades to pay off and hence provide the drive for them to lead useful productive lives to a ripe old age.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pariah State on the verge of collapse!

A well researched article talking about life in the pariah state.

You would think from the pictures of smiling people, grandeur of national day celebrations especially the parade and high level of safety from crime that the system is sustainable....but it is really falling apart for the following reasons:

1. There are a selected elites of people who enjoy better life than the poor ordinary peasant. It is despicable that while the peasants hardly have enough to make ends meet, the elites live in luxury.

2. Prices keep increasing while the pay of ordinary people remain stagnant.

3. The govt uses information control to keep the people ignorantly 'blissful'.

4. All protests are disallowed and hidden problems fester .....never get surfaced.

5. Citizens have been emigrating to other countries to escape the state.

6. The leader who is the son of the former leader is not well qualified. Many of his policies have failed. Positions given to family members are viewed negatively.

7. State resources for development are allocated based on political loyalty. Those who are found to be most loyalty (tomatos) get more than those who are not (grapes).

8. Serious problems are hidden from public view and western media is frowned upon and forbiddened. Govt relies on state media to control the people.

9. Opposition to govt is heavily repressed and is hence very weak.

I believe N. Korea will collapse soon. The system they put in place is just not sustainable....that is why they keep firing those missles to scare their neighbors. It could be a way of distracting its own populace from internal problems.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

OMG Haze everywhere.....and a SHOCK at the library!

Yesterday I woke up with a splitting headache. I took 4 blue pills but the headache didn't get better so I decided to take a walk to the dolphin fountain that was built as part of my HDB upgrading. As soon as I got out, the haze got worse. I think it rose from moderate to unhealthy levels. I was almost choking from the pollutants when I saw a library. Yes, aircon! That should save me from suffocation.

As soon as I stepped into library, I felt better. I went to the Magazine & Newspaper Section. What can be better than being in an air-conditioned environment with a copy of the Straits Times.....there is no better cure for a haze induced headache. However as I was looking through the magazines, I got a rude SHOCK. I almost had a heart attack. I saw toxic poison on the shelf of the library! How irresponsible these librarians are! There were 8 FEER magazines in that library including the July issue with the toxic article "S'pore's Martyr Chee Soon Juan". I went immediately to the librarian to tell them to destroy the illicit magazines. I told them I'll be kind to them and not report them to the police post nearby if they destroy the magazine by afternoon. The librarian looked at me, she was totally blur! What is going on .....our civil servants don't know the law?! I showed her the Straits Times article that reported "it is an offense to import, distribute, possess...." copies of FEER. I could see her face turning white. She took the magazines down with shaking hands and promised to destroy them. I suggested burning because it was already hazy and it wouldn't make any difference to the environment since it was already so bad.

Please help to check other libraries in your HDB estate to make sure all copies of FEER are destroyed. In case you have not seen it, the magazine looks more like a scientific journal, there are no pictures, the front page is simple and blue with a list of article titles. I suggest you alert the librarian immediately when you find it. Don't touch it or browse through the magazine because it might harm your thinking.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that ensures that their minds are not harmed by reading material that contradicts the Straits Times. We cannot afford to be complacent. Our librarians have to be more alert not to break the law and get themselves into trouble. I suggest that all libraries be issued with a book burning bin, something like what they use to burn incense so that harmful publications can be incinerated without the ashes flying all over the place and polluting our beautiful environment.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Latest! FEER applies to move case to Hong Kong

FEER has applied to have the defamation lawsuit moved to Hong Kong.

Why are they so silly to do that? If they lose in Hong Kong, they will end up paying our esteemed leaders a lot.....and it is enforceable if the case is won in Hong Kong.

Our esteemed leaders have been so kind to sue them in Singapore because they only have 3 employees and 1000 subscribers here. ...and if they lose, it is likely they don't have to pay up because they are located in Hong Kong.

FEER Fights Back.....

Thank goodness our govt has banned FEER because its Oct 2006 edition contains an editorial letter that is so full of timebombs and poison, we the citizens of Singapore have to conduct a FEER burning session if we still have copies in our store room. We have to cleanse our minds of this poison.

It seems they will have their day in Singapore courts to fight the lawsuit. I'm sure they will lose because our MM & PM are men of the highest integrity, ability and achievements .... and the FEER article that suggested otherwise is clearly defamatory. No judge in Singapore will fail to see that we can be sure because our justice system is fair and judges are independent. That our esteemed leaders have never lost a lawsuit in Singapore shows how infallible and robust the our justice system is to always make the correct judgement ...every single time.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a system in place to purge unhealthy poisonous reading material from the shelves of our bookshops and library. In any other country, such publications would creep in to poison the minds of its citizens to create despondency, negativity and unhappiness.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Temasek: Everything is fine at Shin Corp!

"Temasek's investment in Shin Corp was not
predicated on who was prime minister and
who formed the government. Shin Corp
continues to be a good investment"
- Jimmy Phoon, Temasek's Snr Managing Director,
Straits Times 29 Sep 2006

According to Saturday's Straits Times, everything is fine. Temasek has complied with the law and this is a good long term investment. It is not predicated on who is prime minister, meaning if they had to do it over again with the benefit of hindsight, Temasek would still do the same thing. ...there is no need to compile any lessons learned. They have learned alot under the leadership of Ho Ching. No Thai laws are broken and Temasek did not use illegal proxies in its purchase of Shin Corp. With people of the highest integrity taking care of Singaporeans' money, we simply don't have anything to worry about.

Yes, I was so reassured after reading the Straits Times on Saturday, I slept very soundly knowing that the Singaporeans' money is safe. The next day, I bought a copy of The Edge. It has an interesting picture of the shareholding of Shin Corp. Yes indeed, Temasek does not control it despite paying $5.9B (now worth $3.8B). A certain Mr. Lau together with Siam Bank has control over Shin Corp. Mr. Lau? Yes, he paid $70M and together with Siam Commercial Bank controls 52% of Shin. Now who is Mr. Lau? He is a Malaysia based Thai who is linked to former Malaysian Finance Minister Diam.

Since Temasek complied with all the Thai laws and regulations which allows foreign companies to own a maximum of 49%...and Temasek has said it doesn't use proxies to illegally buy and control Shin. Singapore taxpayers don't own or control Shin Corp at all after paying $5.9B, it is this Malaysia based businessman Lau & Siam Commercial Bank that controls it. Temasek must have done it due diligence to have Shin under the control of someone else.

See how smart the people in Temasek are and how much care they put into managing your money. Singaporeans are so lucky to have Temasek Holdings take care of their money and putting taxpayers' money into all sorts of long term investments. My uncle is also a good investor everytime he buys a stock that goes down sharply in value, he tells us it is for the long term.....I never thought of him as Temasek Holding material, but I think he can apply.

There is no need for more transparency in Temasek Holding. With the Straits Times explaining to us how every Temasek investment is a winning one, we can sleep tight and sleep well. Why trouble yourself with the personalities like Mr. Lau etc. Please read the Straits Times article thoroughly, you can only conclude it is a good investment.