Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gay Singaporean seeks asylum in US!!

Well he claims in US courts that gay sex is punishable by jail to 2 years under the Singapore Penal Code....and that people can be jailed for life for having unnatural sex. Absurd!!! Everyone knows that the police does not actively go around catching people for unnatural sex otherwise 25% of the Singapore population will be in jail by now.

His strategy for seeking asylum is totally flawed! He could have done better if he did the following:

1. Claim that he is an animal rights activists who protests against, say, the culling of cats protests is illegal in Singapore and people have been jailed for that, he would have a stronger case.

2. Claim that he is a vocal member of the Opposition in Singapore. We all know what happens to vocal members of the Opposition.

3. Say that he is an importer of chewing gum and that is the only skill he has and can be convicted in Singapore courts.

4. Just say that he is still a subsciber of FEER and if he goes back to Singapore he will be convicted as that evil publication has been banned.

To date only 26 Singaporeans have been granted asylum in the US....of course others have simply emigrated to the US by finding jobs. One really wonders why any Singapore citizen would want to leave clean and green Singapore to go to a country that is not governed by the PAP. There is simply no reason to leave Singapore.


freemason said...

Any comments on whether this is good case for asylum: 1)Streamed out of educational system for not being a genius. 2) Persecuted till almost suicide in N.S. 3) Kept unemployed by unknown force(s) & methods for continued elimination purposes? any ambassadors willing to offer asylum for this ??

Capt_Canuck said...

gay sex is punishable under your 'penal code'? so, what is the name of the code that punishes alcoholics, the 'boozer code'?

though, mind you, if the singapore gov't puts gay men in jail, that is only because they are helping keep all the straight people in one area, and the gay people in another. I mean, what better place for a gay person to be than in a tightly enclosed space with nothing but other men and possibly have to shower with those other men. Sounds like a gay man's paradise to me. Another wonderful way of giving til it hurts to the people of Singapore and all the Singaporeans do is bitch and complain about how the gov't doesnt care. Obviously the gov't does care or else they wouldnt be giving the gay people these wonderful resorts to associate with 'their own kind'

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

u said 'there's no reason to leave s'pore?'. What about going to JB for cheap gas? At least that's allowed under S'pore's laws (if u habv 3/4 tank that is...)

Anonymous said...

err bluehealer...

this whole blog must be taken with tons of salt.

its ALL very sarcastic. U have to see BEYOND the box. lol.

Administrator said...

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