Saturday, October 21, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth................

'We shouldn't be waving a red flag for this, telling
everyone that there's this help available. It's quite a
process to go through to get the vouchers. A person with
dignity won't do it unless he's in genuine trouble.'
- PAP MP Dr Chong Weng Chiew (Tanjong Pagar GRC) on
why SingPower utilities vouchers for the poor were not given out and wasted.

Everything is going so well for Singapore and its economy and everything is in such a wonderful state - things have never been better. 113, 000 jobs were created and Dr. Ng Eng Hen said: "The question to ask is - are these good quality jobs. I would say that over the last ten years, our figures show us that 60 to 80 percent of our jobs created for Singaporeans were, if you like, middle class jobs, professionals, managers, executives and technicians, and Singaporeans have by their own conscious decisions moved towards these jobs." My take is we created so many jobs, we even have leftover for which we have no choice but to import foreign workers in large numbers. They (foreign workers) don't cause downward pressure on our wages especially that of low income workers. Foreign workers in effect help to create more jobs and it is all done in the best interest of Singaporeans.

Dr. Ng also said, "Our way has been to say let's create the pro-business environment but in terms of those who are lower skilled we find other ways to help them - workfare, training institutions. We have been very realistic and, in a sense, clinical about what is the best way to do it."
Of the resident population aged 25 to 64, more than three in four — 76 per cent to be exact — are currently employed. Mdm Yacob said, "It does show that employers continue to find Singaporeans employable," she said.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a good govt and its excellent policies leaves no one behind. There's no need for welfare because we have workfare, we reward Singaporeans who want to work and those who are unemployed are usually fussy Singaporeans. Our economy has done so well in recent months, the govt is confident that Singaporeans can easily afford the recent increases in utility bills, transport costs and housing . Still, everything is kept affordable.

Necessities such as public housing are kept affordable for everyone.
With all this, the govt can build up huge reserves and financial assets which can be used to purchase excellent long term investments such as Shin Corp ....which is not predicated on who is the govt of Thailand. There is no effort spared to create a favorable brand for Singapore ....millions spent on IMF/WB...John Hopkins and Singapore-MIT alliance....Biopolis. We as a society can afford don't see or hear much about poverty in Singapore because it doesn't exist not because the govt controls the media and selectively highlights its achievements and play down its failures. We can already look forward towards our next major success after IMF/WB. ...we have made such a tremendous progress as a society. That is why every minister is paid at least a $1M and it is a grave injustice if they are paid any less. Singaporeans must realise that our leaders are all men(and women) of the highest integrity and ability constantly working for the interest of is a great bargain to hire them at these salaries.


Anonymous said...

This is such an eloquent piece, but you can also do us a favour by highlighting the fact that such suicide acts are really selfish and irresponsible. It is really sad to see the heartbreak of his family.

Anonymous said...

I thought by committing suicide, he attracted much attention and charity for his family. Good thing he committed suicide by leaping in front of an MRT train. So his family is now better off.

Recently someone jumped from the 10th floor of a HDB flat near my place, not a single mention in the newspaper. He should have had the courage to leap in front of a train/

Anonymous said...

yeah, and not forgetting those p65 MPs dancing on stage, proving that they are in sync with the rest of us...we really got value for our tax monies!

Anonymous said...

it is only the tip of the iceberg and the sobering reality will be reaped in due time as they charge forward like a mad bull. reaping from the top sucking up resources from the bottom of the food chain. and they have no clues as to

Anonymous said...

Irresponsibility is forced on the irresponsible.

It is the work of hypocrites.

bravo lai said...

i disgree, i think they know why but resisted the necessary changes.

Time-Out said...

An organization is like a tree full of monkeys, all on different limbs at different levels.

Some monkeys are climbing up, some down.

The monkeys on top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.

The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes.

We are so lucky we don't have such organizations.

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

S'pore did not set out to build the welfare state, even though with our reserves, we would be the most kick-ass welfare state in the world. That's why our govt pushes 'Confusionist' values, where S'poreans are supposed to look after their retired parents. You'll be damned if you are old, childless (or have useless kids) and poor. Maybe that's why we work so hard, because we have to make hay when the sun shines...

Anonymous said...

I am not proud to be a singaporean.

I hope the 66% who provided the GREAT mandate are huanted by who they voted in.

Anonymous said...

At least their MP cares NOW by helping the family to manage the donations. I wonder when the family needed $, was the MP around to help them to manage?

Anonymous said...

Friday April 14, 8:17 PM
MP Chong Weng Chiew steps down to make way for new blood

MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Dr Chong Weng Chiew, has announced his retirement from politics.
He is among 24 PAP MPs who are making way for new blood in the coming General Election.

Dr Chong is also one of four MPs stepping down after just one term, the others being Mr Andy Gan, Mr Ahmad Khalis and Dr Warren Lee.

36-year-old Dr Chong told Channel NewsAsia he was stepping down for personal reasons and that this is something he has been thinking about for some time.

As an MP, he has had to juggle work, community and family commitments - he has two young children.

But Dr Chong said he would continue to contribute through community work, which remains his passion.

Healthcare for the old and poor will be his main focus. - CNA/ir

Anonymous said...

i the tell you lah. many many people seek help for money woes through octopuss arms so....they sure got record one. but.but.but. real million dollar salary question is, how many come them been helped successfully?? what does THEIR record say?

aiyah, no point got helch everywhere sound like so care care like that for world to see. got help available but at end, also end life, what is point of these help?

so show record for all see lah! how many NOT HELP SUCCESSFULLY!!how many help success lah.give account so dont bluff bluff ok!

Anonymous said...

welfare_state said...

Hello, I've used your images on my blog. I mentioned your blog on my post "Images are from" but at any rate, if you feel that I should take down any/all images, drop a comment and let me know and I will take them down ok? I'm using the images for case study. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

If Singaporean can donate 500k, it really shows that the living standard is not high. Time for more review to the public transport fare, utitlies, GST, Housing Loan and more!

Long Live the Lees~

LuckySingaporean said...


No problem with using the images.
I visited your blog:

I saw your assertion that the family will receive $1368 (Aussie $) if they were in Australia. That would have really helped.

If they were in Hong Kong, they will be entitled to the comprehensive welfare scheme which is about that amount.

If they were in Thailand, the cost of living is so low and thanks to Thaksin Medical care is free, they would have been better off.

The fact is Singapore relentless pursuit of economic progress has resulted in an income gap that impacts 30-40% negatively. Prices are driven up and wages of the low income are repressed by foreign imported labor. The PAP govt which itself has so many business interests and members who move on to large corporations is highly pro-business and craft policies accordingly. How do they balance it when they are the biggest landlord, owns the most businesses etc. The onus is for workers to work harder for lower pay while cost increases to maintain profitability of government linked companies.

We have been told all this is for our own good. Any drop of assistance will poison our work ethics. Keep struggling. The fact is policies are formulated so that the poor suffers the most. It is not their own fault that they suffer but the system is rigged against them and odds overwhelm the less able in our society. Income tax which is already very low was cut for the rich and GST was raised so the poor are affected negatively.

This is the system that the PAP wants to preserve. A system where powerful elites can thrive on the struggles of the ordinary.

We are all so lucky in Singapore because we all have a 1% chance to be part of this elite and enjoy the great benefits that this system brings. 66.6% of the populace consider they system good enough for them.

Anonymous said...

a powerful legal mind plus a powerful money mind equals legal bondage.

it is legal prostitution of the soul.

it is the law of the land!

but unlike them, we are lucky because we have good governance!

ted said...

I don't know man, when you have a majority of the people who agrees with the government's philosophy of doing things, it's hard to see that things would change anytime soon.

See this man's post for example:

He's a teacher now in a JC in Singapore, if even he who had an overseas education cannot think otherwise and cannot be persuaded other than by the idea of giving help to the destitutely poor, than I think it is going to take a very very long while for things to change.

vesance said...

To: LuckySingaporean

Thank you for the use your images. I hope the present government in Singapore consider social security. The Australian system has evolved over the years and has plugged several loopholes to prevent abuse and yet the system is able to help those truly in need. It is a remarkable piece of social engineering work. The Singapore system needs a more humane touch really.

To: Ted

You probably know this already but I just want to emphasize that having an overseas education does not automatically imply a different mindset. It really depends on the individual. As you might have noticed among your international friends on campus: There are some who close their mind to alternative views even though they are physically in a different country. In the end, all they get is just a piece of paper certificate.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is hope.

Glanced thru New Paper headlines in 7-11 and I am glad that the MP understands the struggle of the poor as she was once poor.

Even though she didn't speak up agst fare and price increase, and I also dun know what she has done for the poor, as long as she understands with her mind, it is good enough

In this way, all of us can be happy as long as we understands with our mind all the good and happy things the gahmen has done for us.

Anonymous said...

Do you know his family will have to pay for the train delay if he is in Japan. So maybe he is lucky your country MRT did not send the bill to his house.

Anonymous said...

You singaBoreans are really pathtetic and should stop complaining.
That is all you do. Complain complain complain.
If it wasn't for LKY , all of you would still be living in your dirty kampongs slums....
if you don't like the system then change it.
I guess a mercedes is too good a deal to give up, is it?

Whispers from the heart said...

What mercedes?!

We Singaporeans are nuts over lifts and lift upgrading ... we'll die for these every 5 years.

Sayang, this chap died too early. MM has pledged for more casinos in Singapore to solve his type of problems...

It is important for the government to understand our problems in their minds. Just like we can enjoy the kind of luxuries they are enjoying in our minds, all will feel very lucky and blessed.

I am sure Miss Wee would be happy for one less whiny peasant in Singapore to irritate her elitist existence.

Anonymous said...

The predicament here is that we have been presented with tantalising 'good'. This deceptive goodness allows them a certain legitimacy to their impositions. They have, and so understandably too, acknowledged all the trappings and failures of the system that accounts for the presence of an uncomfortable 'evil'.

So in the knowledge base economy, we have been presented with the twin fruits of 'good' and 'evil'.

Adam Smith said," it ain't my fault folks, it is the law of the invisible hand we need to succumb to!".

So the ground has been cursed and its dust, food for snakes.

Anonymous said...

KNNCCB ppl dying of hunger in other country and you all keep kpkb about $$$ go die or get the fuck out of singapore

Anonymous said...

i wish we could, but we gotta get some money for a plane ticket first. Or hijack a plane and crash it into some paddy field.

Anonymous said...

it is the AND that inevitably kills? they re coming thru the windows, climbing over walls the ancient goes. could it be true? an awakening is happening? will the ancient be right? or is it all a myth?

great movie!worth 5 popcorns!

Anonymous said...

when ais the gahmen moving to improve our loopholes for everyone's good and need?

sad to say, i fear i won't be able to see it during my living years, unless there's changes to the management.

i do hope there's miracles.

Anonymous said...

The govt will spend millions to ensure the old and poor has a PC and info highway, but will not spend a cent to publicly declare that they will give progress package to the old and poor. No changes will occur when the Lee familee are there watching over our reserves. You can't touch this. Wanna change? Wait!

Anonymous said...

you guys are ingrates! PAP is doing everything for your own good! cherish them!

Anonymous said...

Look at who are the "creditors" whom the late Mr Tan in-debted to PUB, CPF, they are not the "tai yi loong" or credit card company or any other people but our Government body... they will not "hang" pig head at his door step, stray paint etc. but they will issue endless warning "red" letters followed by penalty letters and next will be court letters or cut the supply of water and electricity - what a "legalised" means to get the "debts" bad debts... poor Mr Tan cannot report police.... he can only leap in front of a MRT train....

Anonymous said...

to knnbccb, neen nabu eh ccb. if i know who u r , i will catch you & ask the foreign talent to screw your sorry arse. if u so love the MIW, why u hide behind anonymity. Scared u kena lynch by decent heartlanders right. Bet u r also humanities student , u fuckweed. when u hear of how your fellow singaporeans r suffering, u got to remind us that others got no food. U sound like just another cocksucking mouthpiece of the straits jacket asking us to be thankful that we got something to complain abt. Tell u what, go fuck yourself & your cocksucking elitist cronies.

Tryst said...

You write so well, and yet as far as I can see, your points are unsubstantiated, illogical, and, well, just weak.

You try to subtly make a point - without ever saying it; no, you never commit yourself to a true, firm opinion - about how Singaporeans have trouble seeking employment, and that the government ought to reduce bills on necessities such as utilities, housing, etc, by slipping in newspaper headlines between paragraphs of bitter sarcasm.

Headlines that are based on one man - ONE MAN'S - life, one man's family. What are you trying to prove? Just because he struggled to pay his bills, just because he didn't have the greatest job in the world - SO WHAT?! What are you saying, that EVERYONE, every single damn person in one society ought to have an amazing job and a comfortable, carefree existence? That a society should not invest in international endeavours, nor hold participate in international partnerships for the sole reason that there are citizens who have money problems? Because yeah, that would be great, wouldn't it? That would be awesome, if that could come to pass. But the reality of it is that it would NEVER. WORK. Who would decide how much money to give to those in need? Shall we just write off all debts? What will happen, then, to the banks and the utility companies when people decide, Well, if they're going to write it off anyway, I'll just quit my job, or not bother to find a new one, since - HEY! I'm not going to get in trouble if I don't try to rake in some cash anyway, right? And, hey, let's just have free health care, too, and take all the money we pay the upper and upper-middle-class executives/professionals/politicians to the people. And let's just spread the love around, okay?

Please! We are not, and have never been, a Welfare State. Just look at the UK, for crying out loud. Didn't you study your Social Studies? It BOMBED. It had TERRIBLE consequences. People - lower to lower-middle-class people in particular - just couldn't give a rat's arse any longer to maintain any sort of individual responsibility! And as blueheeler said, with the amount of reserves we have, we would be an AMAZING welfare state, and the people would know it, wouldn't they?

Yeah, there are poor and destitute in our society. Not on the streets, not loitering about begging, but yeah, there are. And now I will take my turn to say, bitterly, that I don't think you honestly can do anything about it! That ANY of us can, that any government would be willing to do. Because that would mean stopping all progress, in an effort to create, basically, a utopian society. Do you really think it can be done without sacrificing things like economic progress, continual respect & investment from regional and international companies that build factories and provide jobs for people like Madam Lim? You may be willing to sacrifice it, even I may support it - but any government that tried it wouldn't last long. All the lower-middle-class people wouldn't allow it; they'd be too afraid of stagnating, never progressing, that the government would give money to those who REALLY needed it but not them because they weren't DESTITUTE... the complaining, the unfair nature of our society that leaves others high and dry with nothing to count on... I don't think it'll ever end. How can it?!

And I'm sorry I'm flooding your comment board, but I just have to say I think your idealism is refreshing, and hopeful, but gravely impractical. That being said, I hope you reply this, because lively and hopefully coherent debate is, I think, at least one step to improving... something, anyway. :P

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Anonymous said...

Former MP Chong Weng Chiew involved in extramarital affair with 25 year old

Dear Members of Parliament, Investors and Management of United Envirotech, Family of Chong Weng Chiew, and local and international journalists:

You are all addressed in this email because you are familiar with the name Chong Weng Chiew. He is a former Member of Parliament, the former Medical Director at the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society, the current Senior Deputy CEO of Corporate Affairs at United Envirotech, and the married father of two.

Unfortunately, Weng Chiew's life is nothing but a facade.

In 2014, I was an Associate at FinancialPR and Weng Chiew, as the head of corporate affairs of United Envirotech, a company owned by CITIC and KKR, was our valuable client. As a client, we would often be invited to wine and dine with the management of United Envirotech at extravagant restaurants at the client's expense. At first, these would occur in group settings, but eventually, Weng Chiew would ask me to dine with him alone.

Given his position of power and the fact that I really needed the job, I reluctantly agreed. We would dine at fancy restaurants and frequent karaoke bars. Each and every event was filled with an abundance of alcohol. One day, he invited himself over to my house where he proceeded to undress me and have his way with my body.

For the next three months, the affair continued. He would ask to come over to my home a few times a week when his wife wouldn't suspect. I felt dirty. I felt sick, but I didn't dare tell a soul. Three months later, a friend of mine saw us together and confronted me. She gave me the courage to end it. In November 2014, I told him that I had enough. He tried to make me feel guilty. He faked tears. He claimed that his wife also had an affair. He complained that his parents and siblings made his life miserable. He professed that he wanted to take me to a far-away island.

The management of United Envirotech has been well-aware of this incident but has decided to turn a blind-eye. I guess this is what I should have expected, given that this kind of behavior is acceptable under the culture of the firm. I know for a fact however, that most Members of Parliament would find this abhorrent, given that our country was founded on the bedrock of family values.

At first, I wanted to forget the whole incident and bury it. But my friends encouraged me to pursue every legal and public avenue to ensure that other young girls would not be harmed by Chong Weng Chiew. They believed, and rightly so, that he felt no remorse for his actions and would continue if there were no ramifications. What Chong Weng Chiew did was despicable and I will dedicate my life to ensuring no Singaporean girl will ever have to succumb to the pressures of men like him.

Further details, including photographs, text messages, and emails are being uploaded online and will be provided shortly.