Saturday, October 14, 2006

Its time to change the SYSTEM!

These few days I've locked myself in a room with an aircon and air purifier to insulate myself from the haze. I had plenty of time to think about the system and decide whether it is best to preserve or change it. Although like many people I've grown used to it, its numerous flaws made me reconsider:

1. The monopolistic nature. They have gotten rid of all opponents by bankrupting them or getting rid of them through the monopolistic tactics.

2. The system is just a black box which a privilege few can peek inside. They are sworn to secrecy and well paid not to reveal its weaknesses. There is hence a total lack of transparency for people who depend on the system.

3. The system has enriched a handful by squeeze payment from the masses.

4. Only a select few are responsible and are able to for improve the system. The rest of us who depend on the system are powerless to change it.

5. Cost of security has been rising because the system is vulnerable to troublemakers which the system cannot tolerate.

6. They need to pay money to constantly brand and rebrand it so that it looks good in the media. The slick packaging hides the underlying problems.

7. Many complaints have been launch against the system but they brush off the complaints or make incremental patches to fix it when it is serious enough.

8. Many people accept the system because they are used to it. Changing systems will free them but many don't dare to take the risk although others have proven that alternative systems can work better. The end result is people keep complaining and whining but they are still pick the system at the end of the day.

9. The main purpose of the people who created the system is so that they can make the most money. It is simply despicable the amount of money they make from all of us.

I've finally pluck up enough courage to throw away my Windows XP Operating System after so many years, it vulnerability to hacker attacks, poor security and expensive licensing is simply not tolerable anymore. Besides, Linux which is available for free and built by passionate people not for money but the desire to do good and free people from the tyranny of a far superior operating system. I just need to get used to it. There is real empowerment for anyone who desire to change the system because source code is open and free. ....everyone can contribute to make the system better and more powerful.


Anonymous said...

awesome. this is another installment of "what were we talking about again?" lol.

Anonymous said...

good keep it up

Anonymous said...

well, you can use Apple OS instead of MS Windows.

Reversi said...

can i be serious abt you computer bot?

in any case..i know of people with good ideas and are sharp but you know....i am not sure abt the people who lead this particular city will want them around.

one way to tell is how these leaders take to money

money is screwing us big time in the market place and screwing the values of the children we raise morally but their values....challenged and many compromised when they enter the market place.

i can go on and on...but you know...

i have serious doubts with those in leadership


it benefit them to much that they want to change it

we need a DETOXIFICATED leadership!

you can gather them..i say thats the beginning....

before we all get SLAY that is from INTOXIFICATION!!!


Reversi said...

and their values changge ...not butt...sorry very bad english ok can or not? but i sure you know.....


Reversi said...

and sorry to report...i heard...the leaders are cowards in this city to take on the biggies...they hide behind the protection of the city fine HONEST system....






Anonymous said...

You are right. The leaders who give us this system are also the people who benefit the MOST from it. They and the power elite make all the money, leaving us slaves to struggle.

This is the PAP system. There are better ways to doing things. There will be no interest for them to change because they work for self interest.

Apeh said...

Well said. Your analogy is both humorous and sad.

Anonymous said...

you need a leadership which is attainable for everyone to emulate....not whose lives is UNATTAINABLE by the followers...if you have been following the propaganda machine...the UNATTAINABLE kind of leadership is almost daily promoted and exalted...the majority of the common and ordinary people will never ever rise to their kind of life!

so go and figure out what is an attainable leadership means!

a cleansing is required!

Anonymous said...

Careful... later K BHAVANI write in to screw you like she did to Mr Brown.

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

The over-dominance of the system is because of one man. This man is not only the Father of the system, but he is also very much the day-to-day controller. With the power and wealth that he has accumulated, I suppose that he can only be unseated when the ultimate happens: The Father's death! With death, howpfully there'll be renewwal.

Bill must die....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The wicked mind pays a rich sum and offers high position to keep themselves uncorrupted? in fact, the reverse is truer. it keeps them from accountability? because you then have too much to lose to be honest and truthful?

so some society is build on a pack of lies( we are lucky we dont belong to such a city)

in fact, it is truer to say that those who have nothing to lose tend to speak much closer to the truth? that is why the brother and sister team is threatening.

the irony is that they were crucified by benkcropting and out comes forth... truth or closer to the truth?

and what did the people do?

together, being equally blinded, they cast stones against them every few years.

sad that we only hear one side of the story but in our city, we get nothing but the truth!

we are so lucky.

freemason said...

The system has existed since the beginning of civilisation. It is the system of control over the people to achieve wealth & power. Not for the benefit of the population but for their own dynastical benefit. It is a global historical fact. how many thousands are unemployed while they sit there with million dollar salaries ? They are smart ? ahaha I know hundreds more with higher IQ than them. (Am I am one of them?) Just that we didnt go thru the system cos we rejected it for wat it really is. enslavement brainwashing to line their pockets.

freemason said...

The father who lead us from heaven
Ho-Li is their name
Their kingdoms come, our wills become, on earth their slaves & their servants.
Breeding each day their daily hate, and increase of their sins,
they never forgive those who tresspass against them.
For they lead us into damnation
and deliver us unto evil. gahmen.

"..and his number is 66.6..."

Anonymous said...

People who build and use Linux distributions have bigger targets than Microsoft.

They want to free themselves of proprietary software, whose licenses forbid them to freely copy, distribute and modify.

In practical terms, users have more control over what they run. They are also free to share what they use without having BSA knocking down their doors.

Welcome aboard :)