Thursday, October 19, 2006

Suicide at Chinese Garden MRT......

So sad that there is another suicide at an MRT station. This time a 40 yr old man.

After the spate of suicides in recent months, the MRT has done EVERYTHING it can to prevent people from jumping in front of trains. Every thing possible has been done!

There are now 3 types of warning signs at MRT stations:




I'm totally shocked that the suicide victim who was a Singaporean actually disobeyed a total of 3 signs to leap in front of the train. I suggest they add one more sign:


Someone I spoke to said that the Chinese papers reported the man was suffering from depression due to job loss and financial problems. According to the WanBao, his family of 4 (parents + 2 kids) owe school fees and utilities for a few months. This family must be a rare exception because the PAP govt is so rich it sends civil servants overseas to offer scholarship to foreigners. Of course, the PAP govt is so rich, Shin Corp is just peanuts and not really news worthy in Singapore given the very small number of reports on it in our local media....most of which reassure us that it is just a professionally (yes they did not get the cleaning lady to close the deal!) done commercial deal.

Singaporeans are so rich that PAP govt doesn't do much for these people. Besides, there's plenty of non-govt help if ever you need money.'s evidence from the New Paper....many Singaporeans are offering help to those in need with instant cash, they are so kind.


Anonymous said...

Make them pay a fine, Singapore-style.

Whispers from the heart said...

Singapore is so rich that we even pay MPs just to dance hip hop!

Looks like Khaw Boon Wan need not look for ways for Singaporeans to conveniently die off.

The MRT seems to be the top choice for local talents.

In a few years' time, the top floor of the IR will be the chosen venue too.

Capt_Canuck said...

the answer is clear. The PAP does everything it can to help those people that want to help themselves. Obviously the PAP has no need for slackers, idiots or people that are wasteful. Obviously this man was not a contributing member of society since he incured debts. For in Singapore all you have to do is have a job, work hard, produce to the country and everything will come your way. After all, isnt that why you dont have welfare or social assistance? Welfare and social assistance only breeds sloth and idle-hands. Think of this as just natural selection and weeding out the bad singaporeans from the good singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Incurring debts is also contributing to the economy. For example, bank will not exist if no one borrows money from it. Who has never incurred any debt in one's life?

Anonymous said...

his money woes is in the "pockets" of the taskmansters?

Anonymous said...

Think you have to re-read the article. All the other updates I have read about this incident the man 'fell' in front of a the train, he did not 'throw' himself in front of the train.

Interesting how there is an outpour of private citizens helping the widow and children of the dead man, however the gov't hasn't seemed to have stepped forward to help out. Guess charity does start at home.

Anonymous said...

brilliant people don't know what is ravaging "plantations" because the sun has turned into darkness. and thus, the wise has become fools, and the fools, wise.

Anonymous said...

Donating hundreds of thousands is great but won't bring him back.

Why was'nt he given the right kind of help? After all, he met some agencies or depts. Why didn't anyone catch on and offer him the right kind of help?

All it would have taken to give him some slack was probably a job and a few thousand dollars.

welfare_state said...

Hello, I've used your images on my blog. I mentioned your blog on my post "Images are from" but at any rate, if you feel that I should take down any/all images, drop a comment and let me know and I will take them down ok? I'm using the images for case study. Thanks so much!