Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wee Shu Min Music Videos!!!

She has indeed won many hearts and admirers with her brutal honesty. Netizens just can't stop talking about her.

It seems that many Singaporeans were jolted by her remarks and the suddenly realised what a grand elitist scholarship system the PAP has created over 4 decades of rule. They are now truly able to appreciate its inner workings and see for themselves the glorious future as our elite leaders continue to serve the people of Singapore wholeheartedly. Her poignant blog entry about Derek Wee has motivated and inspired netizens to express their creativity in many ways...



Comic Strip:

Looks like she is going to be hot for some time.


Anonymous said...

Cool video....

Anonymous said...

"brutal truth"?

I think she brutalised the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sunday October 29, 11:46 AM

Minimum wage rise is reasonable: Andrews Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews has defended last week's increase in the minimum wage as fair and reasonable in the prosperous economy. ...
"We are in a prosperous economy at the present time ... as I go around the country, wherever I go, business owners and proprietors say to me we simply can't find the number of people we need to do jobs." ...

Anonymous said...

Chen Jiahao (AcidFlask EX-scholar) vs. Wee Shu Min

One Country, 2 Systems

A society in which the elite thinks that discipline applied only to others and not themselves soon finds that even the most efficient monitoring system would break down as the people in charge of enforcing discipline lose confidence about whether they can apply the same rules to everyone, and then learn to twist the rules to gain benefit for themselves. In other words, failure of elite members to apply self-discipline soon corrupts the whole society.

LuckySingaporean said...

I think this AcidFlask guy is sadly mistaken.

The reason why the same discipline cannot be applied to the elites is because there are such a special group, we have to avoid losing them. Imagine if we had insisted on accountability for the massive losses at Micropolis, we would have lost a special talent called Ho Ching. ..and had we lost her we would not have seen the great achievements such as the long term investment at Shin Corp which is not predicated on who leads Thailand.

That is why ordinary Singaporeans need more discipline and there is a need always to make sure they are not paid too much.

Anonymous said...

"LuckySingaporean", you and your warped sense of humour *groan* lol

Anonymous said...

If you look at how the local media handled [AcidFlask - Chen Jiahao]... he was really slaughtered.

The local media is shielding Wee Shu Min because she is perceived as having "Royal Blood" a.k.a close affiliation with PAP.

Well, as for Ho Ching - wife of PM Lee. That makes her "Empress", thats true blue royal blood, Absolut Royal Blood.

Anonymous said...


I see our sons serving the armed forces while the children of complete strangers studied for free to help widen the difference.

I see how we're treated different from the talents from beyond the seas.

I see difference when deciding who should die & who should live. Who should have lifts at their doorsteps while others should climb.

I see how we must justify our actions, our spendings, our lives, to produce results, so as to keep our jobs, our happiness, our freedoms.

I don't see a lack of difference at all...

Yet, to most, we can only respond with dejected INdifference...

INdifference to what is the acceptable difference.

This nation is like a ship...alas a sinking one.

Call us lowly rats,

but who can blame the rodents that abandoned a floating wreck?

Anonymous said...

Go tell it to the mountains
where the flowers bloom and rivers flow
Go tell it to the mountains
where lions lie with sleeping lambs
Go tell it to the mountains
the mountains must come down
for the valleys to be filled

Clap your hands and shout
Dance around the walls seven times
Stomp your feet and raise your voices
The mountains shall be removed
The mountains shall come down

Straighten the crooked paths
make the way straight
Go up the hill with your lamp
Clap your hands and shout
Dance around the walls ye people

Go tell it to the mountains
the time has come to make plain
when you boldy sing and dance into the Promise Land

Anonymous said...

I dun really understand why the scholarships are there for in the first place. Shouldn't people who are earning a certain income bracket not be eligible for it in the first place as they could well afford it (the tuition fees, etc , etc, etc)? No, they have a seperate system for "Peasants" as in "BURSARY", money / assistance for poor family out of "circumstances". If you dun have certain ECAs, forget about scholarships even though your academic results is on par with a so called "Elite". Coz they deem that ECAs is IMPORTANT. How could a peasant kid afford having ECAs when he/she is worried abt whether there will a next meal on the table and had to work part time after studies to support the family. Do they care about this material fact? NO!!!! No ECAs, No Scholarships. So Stop whining. Well, dun think they will say that, but it's the "Brutal Truth" isn't it.


Anonymous said...

ok that's it... I'm migrating. Bye!