Thursday, November 09, 2006

Breaking News : Rumfeld Resigns, Democrats takes the House.

.....senate down to the wire - one seat in Virginia still undecided less than 0.5% margin separating candidates.

"To our enemies don't mistake our election system as a weakness,
our liberty and democracy are our strength,
it is why our troops in Iraq are fighting so hard...."
- President Bush's speech after US Congress election results.
Rumsfeld resigns so that a 'new perspective' on the Iraq war can emerge.
I really feel sorry for Americans. They have this horrible election system don't know the outcomes of elections until the votes counted. There is enormous stress on the American people who don't know who will lead them until after the elections...... how do they sleep at night with so much uncertainty?
Issues are thoroughly debated and views of competing candidates presented to the voters for them to make a decision. This is terrible..... the voters have to think and decide who will best represent their interest.
I'm surprise given the length of the campaign and numerous heated debates none of the candidates have been sued for defamation.
Clearly there's plenty of room for improvement of American Democracy:
1. They should have a panel of esteemed former leaders pre-select and give their stamp of approval for certain candidates through coffee sessions and interviews. This will ensure quality among approved candidates so that voters have a default choice. It is too hard and too much work for voters to decide for themselves.
2. They should shorten the campaign period to make the process quick and efficient. 9 days should be will minimise the disruption to voters' shopping & TV viewing.
3. The media should play a bigger role to make it easier for voters to decide. They should highlight and warn about timebombs and poisons that some unapproved candidates might try put up.
4. They should give something more tangible for voters to think about. getting infrastructure development funding if approved candidates are elected in their state. This will give votes who don't understand the issues something to look forward to.
5, They should put the Election Commision under the authority of President Bush so he can have something creative to do such as redrawing state boundaries in his spare time.
6. They should put a serial number on every ballot and have it read aloud by an elections officer before the voter cast his vote. For all intent and purpose, the serial number useless but it gives the voter some numbers for his TOTO.
I think the American system has a long way to go before it catches up with a well designed system like the one in Singapore. Singaporeans can just sit back relax and still get the best govt in the world without going through the stress of pondering over issues and dealing with a multitude of views and arguments.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha....Lucky Tan should be the principal of the school of digness

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ah huat said...

Americans have no respect for their former leaders; unlike us. They should bestow the title of Senior President (SP) on Bill Clinton and President Mentor (PM) on Bush Senior. And they should continue paying these former presidents million-dollar salaries for their past contributions.

Anonymous said...

Yes! And they should let the wife of George Bush Jr run those state company. Relative of Bush Jr should also have top post in corporates reserved for them. That's what respect in Singapore is all about.

Whispers from the heart said...

And to boot it all, our election system is not just 100% efficiency and no fun, we also managed to provide some side wayang every round, like the ter kwa show.

We definitely have a world class system that we should not tinker with. It's so much more fun when you already know PAP has won before stepping into the booth and that the Progress Package is safely in your bank account too.

I love Singapore elections so much I wish it was an annual affair.

Not kidding. How else to know what your PM is like without those "fix and buy" speeches during the elections?! Great bonding for all.

Anonymous said...

it's best the americans do not think beyond their burgers and coke. make job smooth sailing for bush fire power.

Anonymous said...

Part III

See also All in the LEE Family

Lee Kuan Yew claims that he is incorruptible and has - successfully - sold this notion to many throughout the world. On the other hand Singaporeans who know better dispute this claim. Let us take a closer look at the facts behind Lee's boast.

Lee Kuan Yew & Sons
If this heading sounds more like the name of a company, that's because it is. Singapore is still run by Lee Senior. Yes, he has given up the post of Prime Minister and Secretary-General of the People's Action Party. But there is still one post that he has not relinquished - Chairman of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GSIC) which manages the country's financial reserves of more than $60 billion. Lee knows that in the island republic, money is power and Goh Chok Tong can have all the titles he wants. Lee still calls the shots. He once told reporters that if he senses that things are not right, he would send a note "down" to the Prime Minister.

With his power, Lee knows that he can manipulate the system and push his sons up to positions of power. Hsien Loong, Lee's older son, miraculously (but meritocratically, insists the senior minister) became a Brigadier-General in the army by the age of 38. Fellow cadets who had attended officer training with him reported that Hsien Loong couldn't even pass his marksmanship test. Then there is the second son, Hsien Yang, who is also this incredibly competent soldier to attain the rank of Brigadier-General while in his thirties. Both have no combat experience.

Hsien Loong, according to the PAP, was so brilliant that he left the army to become Deputy Prime Minister and will soon be Prime Minister. Hsien Yang was also so bright that he also left military service to become the head of the biggest and most lucrative Government-run company, Singapore Telecoms.

Lee genes
Of course, all this intelligence had to come from somewhere. Mother Kwa Geok Choo was apparently responsible for all this. She was so clever that she built up Lee & Lee into one of the biggest law firms in Singapore - never mind the fact that all conveyancing work of the government-owned Housing and Development Board flats were channelled to her firm. Today, she reportedly holds major shares in companies such as Wing Tai, a property development conglomerate, and TIBS, a bus company. Information about how extensive the business arm of the Lee family reaches remains a highly guarded government secret.

Even daughter-in-law Ho Ching is so smart that she now holds the top positions in Singapore Technologies (ST), a major industrial holding company, and the all-powerful Economic Development Board. A few years back she suddenly resigned from ST. One month later, she waltzed back in. No one, least of all the subservient local media dared ask why. It was rumoured that she had differences with a former government minister who was also involved in the company. Even when Micropolis, a computer company run by ST failed, costing Singaporeans S$600 million Ho Ching was never made to account.

How about Lee's siblings? Lee Suan Yew was recently caught with his pants down over the HPL saga (see other story). He was not investigated over the matter even though that was clearly a breach of regulations under the law. Unbelievably, he was subsequently appointed Justice of the Peace! Another brother, Freddy, quit the police force under clouds of suspicion that he was involved in an illegal chap-ji-kee (gambling) racket. He is now the chairman of Vickers Ballas, one of Singapore's biggest brokerage firms. The firm suffered enormous losses in 1998 due to the stock market crash. It was quietly rescued by another brokerage firm belonging to the Government-owned Singapore Technologies. Another Lee brother was given a banking licence to start Tat Lee Bank when other more qualified institutions were denied the opportunity. Recently when Tat Lee went bust due to heavy loan exposure in the Indonesia market, the state-owned Keppel Bank came to the rescue to bail the Lee-owned bank. It was a very astute merger, the Government claimed. Corruption by any other name reeks just as foul.

Meritocracy through nepotism
Do Singaporeans know about all this? If they do, why aren't they speaking up? As in all dictatorships, to speak up and challenge the powers that be would attract so much scorn from the dictator that people prefer to keep quiet - at least for now. If one were to so much whisper "Corruption!" by the Lee family, defamation suits come raining down. With a judiciary that has Lee's intimidating face firmly etched in its mind whenever it delivers judgments, verdicts are predictable.

But as with all dictatorships, the time will come when the dirt will surface and the truth is revealed. Perhaps then, Singaporeans will be able to see for themselves how much the Lee family's achievement is due to competence and how much to corruption and nepotism.

By S Chua (pseudonym)

freemason said...

dang ! this S Chua compilation rocks ! anymore where such exposes can be revealed ? theres heck alot more like ahahaha i LMFAO everyday how this is prob the only country in the world where almost all the citizenry are unhappy with the govt/system, and yet they retain an unfathomable deathgrip on power. another global first position/top prize. truly uneedli stinkapor !

apad 2 said...

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