Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elite Leaders DISAPPOINTED with Singaporeans!

See what you have done my fellow Singaporeans. You have totally disappointed our esteemed leaders with your sub-standard behaviour. Our leaders have already made such a huge sacrifice in their lives to lead a group of people not worthy of their leadership and many still fail to appreciate their momentous effort.
It is time for you Singaporeans to ruminate on this and show some appreciation.
The PAP MPs feel strongly that Singaporeans have become poor role models for children. They specifically cited the example of Singaporeans calling up HDB when they have problems with their neighbors. When I was living in the kampong 25 yrs ago and neighbors had problems with each other, they would met at an open field with their parangs & choppers ....and threatened to dig out the other person's intestines. After some extreme shouting, the differences were always settled without spilling any intestines. Singaporeans these days really lack resilence and have to depend on HDB to step in to solve this type of problem. They should just go to the void deck to settle their differences.
Our elite MPs are also disappointed with Singaporeans addiction to PAP govt's efficiency. It is indeed true that Singaporeans are totally reliant on the govt. We depend on the govt for public housing which take 25 yrs to pay, utilities which takes up 10% of the income of an average household, for the roads which we pay road tax & ERP everyday and for the public transport which recently had a fare increase. We are indeed totally dependent on famed efficency the PAP govt - that is why they have no choice by to make us pay for this efficiency.
I really feel sorry that our specially selected elites are put through such a terrible experience of looking after people who are unworthy of their leadership. These people lack grace and civiity. Worse still, they are quick to demand their rights and condemn others for not showing care. Our elite MPs only get $13k allowance a month to perform their MP role part-time, yet they have to face such indecent and unreasonable demand by Singaporeans for their basic rights. Did these people get 10 As for their 'O' levels to deserve their rights? Did they go to Harvard Business School? They are not worthy or deserving of any rights. Besides they already have food and TV to what else could they possibly want. Our MPs have such an underdeveloped sense of entitlement they accepted this poorly paid part time MP job to listen to your problems...I really feel so sorry they are under appreciated for their huge sacrifice.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a good govt with highly qualified MPs; specially chosen elites who show that they truly care for the people. We have to show our appreciation for their effort. We must stop complaining about our fears and worries. Anyway, they have already upgraded most estates with gardens and fountains. For me, whenever I fear for my future, I go to the blue dolpin fountain near my house and watch the water flow, and it works everytime. My worries melt away and my fears need to see MP anymore. Now you know why estate upgrading is so important. Please be more self reliant and check out where the nearest fountain or garden is.


Anonymous said...


Three cheers for our Great Leader!!!

freemason said...

You are right, citizens must not disappoint their dear elite. After all they need to justify their superduperscales and director bonuses too. Denizens should contort into conformity and put on their smiley face, whilst their elite tour around with their smiley faces so they can justify their salary by showing a great job. Denizens should also not complain about unemployment, high cost of living (& dying), & any other such mundane issues. Instead, the peasant look at the elites' superduper incomes, houses, family holidays, cars & country clubs, and be marvelling at all these whilst nibbling the stalk of grass in their hand. Thus they can be happpy & oblivious...

whybeillogical said...

Hey Dr Osman MP, stop whining and complaining and solve your own problems!

Anonymous said...

singaporeans are ungrateful. our leaders put in so much hard work and effort and earn so litte money, yet these ungrateful singapoeans want more and more. ingrates!

senior citizen said...

MPs and ministers are loaded thats why its easy for them to make such selfish statements. For every Singaporean who moan and groan publicly, there are thousands who are struggling in silence.

This form of branding that Singaporeans like to complain is a tactic used by the ruling regime to silence Singaporeans. We cannot allow this to happen. Continue to voice out and let those over-paid ministers that we dont like them at all.

Anonymous said...

Necessity is important....I think minimum wage is important in S'pore context as the cost of living is high now. How about a "mean test" for the poor....minimum $$$ monthly welfare allowance for them to buy food and pay their utility bills.

Anonymous said...

As ministers or MP, they have to serve the people ......especially in this difficult times.