Monday, November 20, 2006

Malaysia to implement UNWISE labor policies!!!


Instead of learning from Singapore to become more competitive, Malaysia is about to implement policies that will set them back another 20 years! See what happens when you don't have efficient govt like the PAP.
In recent years, Singapore under the enlightened leadership of the PAP govt has reduced retrenchment benefits to a minimum, we are told this will make us more competitive and it is for the of workers' own good not to have minimum wages, not to have retrenchment benefits and to have the floodgates of foreign imported labor opened. Our GDP has surged to 7.5% for 2006 and this cannot be bad for us. Well, Singapore has become a millionaire making machine and corporate profits is at a record high as a % of GDP. Thanks to these wonderful labor policies.
Malaysian is about to go soft on labor. Instead of squeezing their workers for every drop of juice they can produce, they are worried that globalisation will have a negative effect on low income workers and feel they have to act before someone jumps onto their LRT/railway track. Oh come on Malaysia, how are you going to compete against Singapore with such soft policies. If you don't know how to work your workers and get them to accept life without a safety net, you will never produce as many millionaires as Singapore. can never smell 7.5% GDP growth for your backwater nation. Instead of learning from their advanced neighbor Singapore, Malaysian officials went to Australia & Britain to study their system. Of course, some of you cynics will say there is NOTHING to learn in the way of safety nets for low income workers from Singapore because there is NOTHING in place. Get real okay! There is plenty that Singapore does to help jobless low income workers like cutting off their utilities when they can't pay to encourage them to find a job fast. ...well whenever wages of these workers increase, Singapore makes sure they don't become complacent and lazy so our govt increase the cost of living to make sure they are motivated to continue working hard. PAP is going to increase their GST to 7% to help them.
We Singaporeans are so lucky to have an enlightened govt. One that understands how to maximise GDP growth every year on this island. Once every 5 years we see the friuts of this progress in the form of Progress Packages.
Safety net plan for retrenched workers

Retrenched workers will be able to get allowances to last them between six months to a year once the proposed Retrenchment Compensation Scheme is finalised.

The scheme, similar to Socso and EPF, will need employees and employers to contribute each month and is to act as a safety net to those retrenched until they are employed elsewhere.
Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn said both the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) and the Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) have agreed in principle to the scheme, and it would have to be discussed further before being implemented.
A special committee headed by ministry secretary-general Datuk Thomas George with MEF and MTUC representatives will be set up to pave the way for its implementation.
“The committee can come up with proposals and amendments to restructure our labour market to make it more competitive,” he told reporters after chairing the National Labour Action Council (NLAC) meeting and before the Ministry’s DeepaRaya celebration here yesterday.
Dr Fong added that the committee was studying how the retrenchment compensation scheme could be introduced through Socso which does not have any provision for a safety net for retrenched workers.
He said MEF and MTUC members have visited Australia and Britain to study their retrenchment compensation models.
“Their visit is also to study the changes made to their various labour laws to suit global challenges,” he said.
He hoped disputes at industrial court and labour department which took up to seven years to solve could be completed at least in one year just like cases handled by the arbitration tribunal in Britain.
Dr Fong said the MTUC and MEF would conduct road shows to promote the productivity-linked wage system (PLWS) to ensure the nation’s workforce was of international standard. - The Star -


Swift said...

Being an avid reader, I suppose you have read "Animal Farm" by Orwell. Do you have any comments on the parallels that could be drawn between Manor's Farm and Singapore? What difference would it make if a new government were to be voted in? Would it be then be the tyranny of pigs instead of tyranny of the farmer? (not that there's tyranny in Singapore, but I am just talking in the context of the book). I mean we have seen it in Taiwan, and Indonesia; and it would be interesting to hear your views.

Anonymous said...

so what if the PAP dynasty gets overthrown? WP becomes the new dynasty? we do not need a new dynasty.

we need a system that is like the US: Republic vs Democrats.

if you are a politician and you know that your party has only a 50/50 power split, then you will not behave in an arrogant manner. you will not run the country as if it is your own little island.

spouseofquitter said...

"...your own little island."...Fantasy Island staring LKW as Mr Roake and LHL as Tattoo

Anonymous said...

The truth is Singaporeans are suffering from mild form of Stockholm syndrome. They are exploited and yet they think they cannot survive without the exploiters.

The PAP constant brainwashing for 40 years that only they are qualified to lead Singapore and Singapore will collapse without them is believed by the vast majority of Singaporeans.

That is why Singapore cannot progress.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more (About PAP's constant brainwashing... Singapore collapsing w/o PAP... etc). This is NOT HEALTHY in this age and time. We WILL eventually lose out.

PAP's stance that 'we are the only ones who can lead Singapore' is SO PASSE! And it's damaging in the light of the heat of competition from neighbouring economies such as China, India, Vietnam, etc etc...

When will we have a day when different views and opionion is respected? And not everything has to be partisan. End of the day, we are SINGAPOREANS first, and above all else. PAP needs to understand that and respect that. Their inward looking behaviour seems to suggest a sense of insecurity about the support they have.

freemason said...

the P.unitive A.rbitary P.unishers certainly are not the only whitewashers capable of running a country. for the same price, can get 3 george bushes, or 5 c'wealth PMs of choice. somebody tell those P.aralysed A.nti-P.oliticians to go disappear with their dynasties living the high life o'seas

freemason said...

p.s. you Phobic Aggravating Psychos have kept me unemployed for 4 years without a SINGLE cent of welfare except for packages that immed went to pay off debts. i dunno how you do it but kudos to yr 'system', i;ve got nothing to lose so i'm coming for YOU

Anonymous said...

This is the time for MM Lee to yaya to Malaysia.

"See?! you have to provide retrenchment compensation because you don't even have a world class MRT system like ours for the peasants to jump to their pathetic ends ..."

Their peasants are definitely being marginalised.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for PAP to learn from Thaksin. Learn how to enjoy life with money squeezed from peasants.

Ahhh... life is good after being retrenched.

"If there is no retrenchments, then I worry." - SM Goh"

The peasants pay me so much money a year, year after year. I'm worried that I don't know what to do with all these money. Please retrench me.

Anonymous said...

Our ruling party is like a spolit Singaporean kid.

Care Less and Arrogant Attitude!

The Singaporean kid will litter anywhere and thinks it is alright because he thinks there is a cleaner/maid to help him clear his mess.

Just like,

Our ruling party will come up any policies that only benefit to them but care less of the people. Afterall, they will think the people of Singapore will STILL vote them regardless of what policies that are thrown to them.

We are really a goner state soon with such mentality.

Anonymous said...

you silly complainers.go buy yourself a book on how to be a millionaire and make the author deliriously happy with your pittance.
who knows, you may learn a thing or two and be reach instead of decrying your state of discontent.thats helping yourself with the opportunities created for you.
now just show me where the book store with these books is.i need to lay my hands on one too. bet it is all sold out by the time i post this.
i just love all the self help way.

Anonymous said...

oh we do have safety nets. however, must warn you though, it is made of garmen strings rather than tough cables.

Anonymous said...

yeah..when you fall on net and suay suay...piak...the strings break....then...piak even louder...onto the hard mrt track..then..splatter red color all over to keep our cleaners busy and employed

Anonymous said...

you will find that many hired staffs running the system don't really give a damn fart about your pathetic lives. all they care abt is doing the minimum or enough as long as they do not get fired from the jobs. their leaders? lagi best, these kind are the last you want to turn to unless you prepare to volmit blood!
i have seen enough to disbelieve what i read!
people(breed under our system) dont actually farting care at the end of day especially when you put them to the test!all they are good at is...lip service and swaying to the maestroll wand!

Anonymous said...

PAP govt give $30 utility voucher to peasants must be damn bloody careful.

Temasek Holding give $billions to Thaksin like nothing like that.

This cannot possibly be good government.

Anonymous said...

haahah let's all just face it.we are just a group of people who have no talents in fending for our rights.

even the main govt is voted down, there's no guarantee there'll be a better govt. 'cuz there's no someone who really CARES.

SO. locals should first be cohesive and united and DARE TO STAND OUT for their rights. only then, irregardless of what govt we have, if it's no good, the people can fight it down. til the right configuration sets in.
though in short term it might hurt, but dun u want the best for our future generations? no?

oh wait, i forgot. singaporeans are known to bochap and careless about others, probably including their own offsprings. oh well. so it goes back to.. zero.

i applaud msia for studying other countries and trying to implement things for their pple.

freemason said...

spinee: the saying goes : "you reap wat u sow"
their 'system' is wat they sow, this is the result they reap. bo-chap weaklings, only looking for their own moneybags to flee the country with. after all we have the best examples from on high.

Anonymous said...

Read, understand and adopt the free market economics concept to your life in Singapore. Everyone is supposed to be selfish and makes decision to maximize one's interest. Maybe, Singaporean has done one part of this already since they are known to bochap and careless about others. The second part is that Singaporean must know how to create and seek opportunities to complement the first part. This is the spirit of entrepreneurship that Singaporean lack.

Anonymous said...

it is enterprisation that makes us bochap