Thursday, November 16, 2006

Money as motivation in Singapore Inc.

"Others say money is the root of all evil.
I say money or rather the lack of money
is a source of motivation for ordinary Singaporeans" - Lucky Tan.
Just heard that rent for the new rental HDB flats will be based on level of income of tenants. You can't let these low income people exploit the subsidized rental flats can will undermine their motivation to work harder to own a flat. Of course, there are many poor folks who work 2 jobs to make ends meet. There is no reason why they can't take a 3rd job on the weekends to increase their incomes and pay the higher rentals.
One taxi driver told me that he has to work longer and longer hours because whenever things get better, his taxi rental is raised. Taxi companies have profit growth almost every year. Taxi drivers are so motivated now, they work 12 hour shifts and there is no such thing as leave.
Just when you thought you can relax with that small pay raise and that miniscule increase in bonus, the govt motivates you to work harder by increasing utilities rate, transport cost and GST. This is all done for your own good so you don't become lazy. In case you're ever short of money, there are many kind banks & individuals (called loan sharks) who are only too happy to help you. After you take a loan from them, you will feel even more motivated to work hard.
The govt is also going to motivate the richest 2% of the population and highly profitable corporations. They are motivated by the reverse of what drives the ordinary citizens - for these corporations, the govt is considering corporate tax cuts.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that knows what makes this country tick. It prescribes the appropriate form of incentives for different people. Of course those high income rich & corporations can leave anytime and hence have to be motivated differently from ordinary Singaporeans who are sort of stuck in Singapore so you dish almost anyting out to them
Our internet video maker autowoofz has created a new video to pay tribute to the PAP govt's method of motivating the populace. It is called Money, money, money....enjoy!


whybeillogical said...

Singaporeans are really generous when it comes to giving. We have donated generously towards the salaries of our million-dollar ministers, PMs, SMs, MMs, and Presidents. It is only right that we now try to help the less fortunate in our society.

Capt_Canuck said...

Guess that statement in the article proves that you cant have a welfare policy in Singapore because Singaporeans abuse a good thing. The gov't turned a blind eye, expected Singaporeans to use the subsidized housing when needed and when they have enough money (regardless of how many jobs they have) will move out and upgrade themselves to allow for those that cant upgrade to move in and have a place. HOWEVER, Singaporean stay and abuse the system, take advantage of the generousity of the gov't and 'work' the welfare system (or housing subsidy system), making it harder and harder for the gov't to save money. After all, takes a lot of peanuts to feed your gov't officials. Hey, maybe that should be the symbol of the PAP, an elephant.

Anonymous said...

Capt, you wrong alredy....

they are monkeys, not elephants.

freemason said...

Money IS the root of all evil.. it says so in the good book. The lack of money is the best 'system' of motivation of the masses ... constructed by evil men who need dominion over the world cos their temporal slavery to their own selfish senses is all they will have. they have had their reward, and the grand accountant will expose their account at the end, and the high judge will hammer all the wicked & unjust to endless suffering. "... and their number was 66.6.."

Anonymous said...

a fallacy which has been perpetuated for a long time is that welfare robs the people of the incentive to work or be productive. well, man has been productive and inventive even before monetization. truth be told, it is a survival instinct in man to desire growth and be useful. we need to learn to harness that power apart from mammon!

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