Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Rules to Regulate the Internet!

"When I read the Internet, then I read the Straits Times Forum,
it seems like there are 2 different Singapores. I think the reality
is somewhere in between...." - MP Baey Yam Keng, 8 Nov 2006
I know many of you share the same concerns as MP Baey. When you read a high quality newspaper like the Straits Times and compare it with the contents on the Internet, you realised there is little correlation. The Internet is unregulated, unedited and uncensored.
The PAP govt is extremely concerned that the Internet will exert a harmful influence on the minds of Singaporeans. It might cause them to become confused, angry and worst of all unappreciative of the PAP govt. It seems that a growing number of mischievous Singaporeans who were powerless before the Internet Age because their views would have been censored, deleted or corrected- never see the light of day.....are now actively blogging or posting to unauthorised forums. These people threaten to undermine our system that depends on the Straits Times & traditional media to explain the govt's policy and views clearly to the people without confusing alternative angles. It is for our own good that something be done the negative influence of the Internet can be removed.
Although my blog has been setup to help neutralise the harmful influence of the Internet by encouraging people to read the Straits Times more often and learn to be appreciative of the govt, the number of bloggers out to confuse Singaporeans with alternatives have grown at an accelerated pace. It is now necessary for our esteemed govt to introduce more legislation to regulate the Internet:
Internet users could face punishment for defamation and making
"statements that cause public mischief"
or for "the wounding of racial feelings".
Documents, including film or sound recordings,
sent over the internet could be subject to criminal prosecution. - Financial Times
Public mischief - many people are uncertain what this means. Some people say it can mean anything. Oh come on don't be ridiculous!!! The PAP is not so draconian! The PAP govt is reasonable. My take is what public mischief means is views that contradicts the official ideas of the PAP govt or the truth as stated in the Straits Times...all else will harm Singaporean's minds because it confuses them and hence can be interpreted as mischief.
"If our esteemed PM says there is 'harm' in Mee Siam,
then it is mischievous to say there is no 'harm'. " - Lucky Tan
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that cares for them enough to protect from the harm to our minds caused by the Internet. I'm sure the harm is there because the govt says so. It is for our own good that we are protected.


Anonymous said...

in this day and age the still want to control what people read, this gahman damn bo liao.

still dare to call itself open gahmen more like fark up gahman.

Anonymous said...

Why Lucky Tan> Are you scared?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, I agree with your view fully, but I think you are too narrow minded as you only focus on domestic control.

I think the gahmen should ban internet as many publication like Thai's Nation publish news @ Shin Corp differently from our ST. Or buyover all the publications that offer contrast views like FEER.

To show we are open, allow porn magazine, the lesser of 2 evils

LuckySingaporean said...


I agree with you 100%. To show we are an open society we allow crazy horse, casino, geylang & orchard towers.

I'm also worried about other sources of harm such as foreign publications. But there is little that can be done unless we learn from N. Korea and have an INTRA-net intead of an INTER-net. If we can cut off those underwater fiber cables to the US perhaps we can do what N. Korea can do.

To the earlier Anon,

As for me being scared, I'm really scared that the Internet will destroy life in Singapore as we know it. Our harmonious lives will be shattered .....this I fear very much....

Anonymous said...

Can they have laws to jail xiaxue?

I watched her "how many Cheezels can you stuff into your mouth" video and suffered permanent brain damage and retardation of my brain.

It is great irony that the laws will get people like Gayle Goh into trouble rather than Xiaxue. Great future Singapore is going to have with these laws.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Very Stupid Person said in

"The next step is perhaps to include in the interpretation of the panel codes that illegal assembly shall also apply to cyberspace. That means it may be illegal to be involved in a chat room or audio/video conference or blog discussion or forum or email correspondence that have more than 5 persons. See how we can effectively control the internet media in near future. What sort of “open society” we are heading?"

Is this in line with what Lucky Tan said?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lucky Tan,

I am also very scared of the harm that Internet will bring
to the narrow minded and small minded people of Singapore who are so used to reading the Good News from the 146th World Best Newspaper and TV

What must we do in order to dispel this fear in us?

Anonymous said...

Not exactly as "open and inclusive" as they claimed to be hur. Help....We are returning to the dark ages!

Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

Your application of censorship is evident of your loyalty to Singapore.

LuckySingaporean said...

"Your application of censorship is evident of your loyalty to Singapore"


What I deleted was advertising pasted in many Singapore political blogs. We can't allow recurring advertising can we?

No views that agree/disagree with the posts on my blog will ever be deleted. But is you use the comments to discuss your pet dog or stamp collection that has nothing to do with the will be deleted to save space.

Anonymous said...

When I read this, I'm totally speechless... going forward... we will need and have to build up the strong will and mind to overcome obstacle of this kind (the more hurdle to cross the more challenging it will be)

Anonymous said...

gst going up up up....

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the stupidity displayed in the original post.

LuckySingaporean said...


You find my original post stupid because you're a very very intelligent person.

I write for ordinary people of average intelligence so please don't be offended by the standard of the writing.

Please feel free to point out which parts you find stupid and enlighten us with your superior intellect.

Chris said...

Maybe Rex is a 17 year old RJC kid from the GEP stream.

LuckySingaporean said...


I visited your blog and like the post "Ladies & Gentlemen: Something different" alot. Especially, the quotes, you gathered. These have given me plenty of good ideas to think about.

Anonymous said...

There should only be one website allowed in Singapore... is the most brilliant one around. It's so enriching and insightful for all of us. It's no wonder why the Straits Times promote it relentlessly.

The govt should shut down your blog. Even though, like me, you are a true-blooded PAP supporter, there is a fraction of stupid people who actually think that you are being sarcastic!

Seesh... so the best way to deal with this confusion is to shut down your site, and direct all your followers to Stomp.

What do you think, Mr Lucky Tan?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed, truly amazed at how someone can be so in love with government period. No, Government is not there to protect you. It's there to maintain power. It is very sad to see Singapore drift towards a one party state with no freedoms. Read 1984, you might learn a few things about 'but government will protect me, save me'.

Democracy tolerates discontent, and yes criticism about government and its members. Stop using the courts to drown out opposition, stop using laws passed by your party to abuse the courts and free speech.

Admit it, If you don't want democracy just shred the constitution and rewrite it.

And How dare a party threaten people to vote for them or not provide them with their needs. Remember PEOPLE Before Government Always.