Friday, November 03, 2006

Solution to Elitism = Inclusive Society.

Its about time we update our pledge to :

"We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic inclusive society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation".
This inclusive society is now the new focus of the PAP govt as seen from today's headlines on the opening of the new parliament session. Someone told me inclusive society means Nobody will be left behind. I guess it is one of those PAP promises that will be kept.
Singaporeans are so lucky to be in an inclusive society. It has to be something good because the Straits Times and our leaders keep talking about it. Everyone is included in this inclusive society and nobody is left behind. From the cleaner at the hawker center to the elites in the GLCs....everyone is part of the Singapore society. Some of you cynics might say we have no choice but to be part of it because we cannot get out. But it is indeed hard to believe that the guy digging the thrash for aluminium cans isn't left behind....what about the 50 yr old who leaped onto the MRT tracks and was crushed by the wheels of progress?...
I thought long and hard about this inclusive society.....and realised it probably means : if you're a nobody, you will be left behind. Nobodies will be left behind. So don't be a nobody.


Anonymous said...

would they include( the cleaners, the laborers,the taxis and bus drivers, clerks, hawkers, army regulars hack ...anyone that earns less than $2k a month into their upperty social circles huh? would they sit down with them in fine dinning, clink glasses in social clubs, posh events, yachts, cruise in their beamers, visit their mansions and exclusive abodes, teach them golf, invited to dance hip hop in the swankiest club in town, introduce them to rub shoulders with their peers and establish 'quan xi' err...shake their hands without excusing themselves for a moment in the toilet for 'sanitary purposes'?

or maybe, there is a hidden and unspoken more profound meaning to this inclusiveness which is that they should not be left out, will not be left out or cannot be let out of the web that supports a very generous lifestyle for the lucky few percentile in society you think?

luckily, the above is not the case because, the inclusive society conceived is the most humane and value added concept designed by our brightest scholars and academics in the best interests of our

Anonymous said...

Will those local organizations and institutions that have elitism policies now rush to promote inclusiveness?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, nobody will be left behind indeed... new buzz word again? is somebody keeping count on the new buzz words churned out by our dear gahmen?

Anonymous said...

You guys just can't take the brutal truth, can you?

If you're not good enough, life will kick you in the balls. That's how things go ever since the beginning of time.

Please, get out of my elite uncaring face.

Anonymous said...

gahmen waste too much time and money coming out with new buzzwords.

Anonymous said...

Homer Reloaded

Anonymous said...

On paper and speeches, it sounds great. But where is the prove? In a country that has been 'cleaned up' I can't tell if my unfortunate fellowmen have been helped or cared for, can you?

So 'cleaned up' is our society that you hardly see or hear about unfortunate souls rotting in the streets or parks because when you do hear of them, they are usually rotted away in their little cubicles before being discovered or even reported at all( thanks to our successful housing programs). So no one really knows how many of such unfortunate cases on the brink of another statistical extreme sports enthusiast who enjoy out dashing a speeding mrt out there, especially with an unfree press,now do you?

So yah, with an unfree press and a thin skinned garmen who can't take criticism and condemnation without suing you or using soft gagging methods on dissidents, can they be trusted to take care of their citizens? Can you trust anybody who seems to be 'almost legally perfect or faultless' or a leadership who can't accept public reprove?

It makes sceptic out of its citizens when the press are not free to probe the records of all our civil services?

It makes sceptic out of us when these, 'the desperates', are contained or out of public sight unlike in a more open and naturally 'chaotic and liberal society'.

In such a dehumanized environment, you have to be fakefully satisfied and be instructed to smile for the world to see the greatness of this nation?

Yes, ignorance is bliss indeed. What we don't hear, see and speak make us proud origin of darwinian.

We are so lucky to be able to hip hop without "slipping on banana skin"!

george said...

It's not even a new buzzword (at least outside Singapore). So it's more like old wine in old bottle (except it's always actually been vinegar trying to pass of as wine)

Anonymous said...

every single person will not be left out. true or false?

you can legally leave someone out if the person happened to sneeze in your glorified presence!

Anonymous said...

i dun think these baffoons get it at all. it all boils down to trust if you want a real working relationship. without measured freedom and the rankings dropped drastically, you can only garble garble garble like garbagemen.

people who cant take it in the face usually have to take it up their chicken backside!

Anonymous said...

It's about time the PM's speech secretary stop writing the President's speeches too.

Ed said...

Greetings from the United States.

An inclusive society, most certainly, is not elitist friendly.

Unfortunately, I can not help you define the inclusive society as it applies to Singapore. This must be done by Singaporeans. However, I can give you a glimpse into my world of inclusion, a world where everyone is included...all people, all places, and all ways. There, hopefully, you will gain some insight into inclusion and lobby for its applications as they apply within your society.

Take care of yourself and good luck.

freemason said...

The process of inclusive elimination is simple. Stream out the non-geniuses. Break the free minds in NS. Keep the unwanted unemployed, till either they fly from the building or leap for the train. After that, cremation. No bodies will be left behind.

KoFFinG said...

Allow me to show you guys the corrupted version:
The antithesis of S'pore Pledge

We, The Denizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one disunited people.
With regards to Race, Language and Religion
So as to build Despotic Society based on Injustice, Inequality and Degeneration for our Nation.

Sound rotten huh?

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