Saturday, November 18, 2006

Straits Times : Singaporeans are spoilt!!!

Singaporeans are a bunch of whiners just like what our esteemed MPs said in parliament. Ordinary Singaporeans are unappreciative of the excellent system set up by the PAP and the 1st World standards they have in place.
Take our 1st world transport system as an example. Just because you're packed like sardines in buses and MRT to go for work doesn't mean you have the right to complain. The PAP has clearly said that our transport system is world class and you better appreciate that fact. There's air-con in almost every bus to prevent you from suffocating and you should satisfied that you come out alive and have jobs to go to after your bus ride. From their BMWs and Merc, our elite leaders and highly paid expats can look up at the buses and see that you're having a comfortable ride. It is thus totally unjustifiable for Singaporeans to complain about their transport system. In fact it is so good, they had to increase your bus & MRT fares recently. To make sure that you continue to enjoy these services, they increased taxi fares and ERP charges.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have world class services yet they don't realise it. People in California, Melbourne and other cities without the benefit of a PAP govt are deprived of good public transport. They have to drive themselves around in their own car. terrible!


Anonymous said...

not sure if you heard of this - somebody says our buses and MRT are only 70% full during peak hours. That is because the 30 percent of space over our heads are never occupied. So I have to appreciate our government for clearing that up!!

Unlucky Tan said...

"There's air-con in almost every bus to prevent you from suffocating and you should satisfied that you come out alive and have jobs to go to after your bus ride."

Dude, that made me laugh out loud.

Whispers from the heart said...

The expats in our country are so kind to always tell us off when we are spoilt and pampered.

It's nice to know that besides the PAP having the rights to scold and insult us and calling us names, the expats are also given these rights now.

Because the government thinks it is all for our good.

The only way to repay the country is to leave it early. They should not be burdened with such mundane activities like making us feel lousy. We already have 40 years of practice. The best way to repay these expats would be to migrate to their country of origin and suffer on their behalf.

YS said...

I think we should really stop complaining. Have any of you gone to India? Thailand? Or take the subway for example. These are REALLY packed. If you haven't gone on these trains before, for heaven's, DON'T COMPLAIN! You think what we're experiencing at 7 pm (about) everyday on MRTs is scary? Sardine-like? LOL. That means you really don't know what you're talking. Don't try to shut me up, just that no one's calling you names, frankly "spoilt" is an excessively mild word on the author and other supporters of this blog. So if you need a pacifier, get it. (THAT'S calling names)

Anonymous said...

Thailand and India?

Are they 1st world country in the first place?? apple with orange again!

When comes to comparing services...we tends to compare with 3rd world countries.

When comes to pay increments and benefits...we compare with 1st world countries.....and justified our low pay.

What kind of nonsense these ppl talking about?!

The one above me simply amazed me!

Anonymous said...

he's a gahmen spin doctor. welcome to the world of convoluted sg politics. the longer you stay on this island, the more fcuked up your brain becomes.

Anonymous said...

we should just bloody forget reading that mainstream papers we have.

or selectively just ignore anything that's writing about singapore. really, they are just bullshit. u won't be surprised this expat is imaginery. so are other news.

'cuz eventually, it's just the gahmen's channel to infiltrate the citizens, hoping to brainwash ppl to their wants.

so, start ditching the news and yeah, probaby dun whine. just do something. like what WFTH says, leave. if not, fight for our own rights, i guess.

Whispers from the heart said...

We have bare hands but MM has tanks. I do not see it coming any sooner.

I watched a JetLi movie about HuoYuanJia. The Chinese were insulted by the foreigners, openly called 'dongyabingfu', the sick man of asia.

Singapore is sick now. Hope it will get well soon. Someone should really whack an expat to tell them to behave as a guest in another country.

The time will come, as surely as the seasons. But, sadly, PAP's time is not up as yet but the entropy has begun....

As they say, history repeats itself. More those who like to compare ourselves with India and Timbucktu, you will get a chance to live in one sooner than you thought.

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with ys. You must appreciate what the ruling party has achieved. 1st world standard in everything. If you don't believe, go to North Korea and Iraq and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr DOASM (Diary of a Sing Mind)

I have stopped subscribing to ST. You have taken the place of it and its FREE!

I deeply appreciate you writing skill and your wide knowledge which covers all issues of the society.

The least I can do is write to say THANK YOU!

vesance said...

Anon. 10:50 AM: I’ve asked my parents to read DOASM’s articles too.

WFTH: This is the first time I see Jet Li die in a movie. Do check out V-for-Vendetta or The Matrix.

sÞ¡ηηєє: Agreed. ST “selectively” showcased this FT. My parents have cancelled subscriptions to ST already. My grandparents still read it though.

Whispers from the heart said...


Watched them all!

But I think the mega blockbuster of the country is unfolding in front of our eyes ...

freemason said...

ys and anony 10:31
1st world in 'everything' ? ahaha are both of you the white's washers ? (garment spinners ?)
read this blog's comparison of stinkapor to north korea. look at the '1st world' freedom of press ranking, or the '1st world' democracy ranking. look at all the indictments, yes, indictments, of cronyism all over the political blogs. hope you all run out of bleach soon, cos the grand accountant is arriving soon to demand your books.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that a comment above compared us to India and Thailand.
1. Do the ministers in these countries earn million dollar salaries?
2. Are these countries 1st world and do they claim to have first world transport systems?
3. Do these countries constantly claim to be unique and number one?
4. What are the fares in these countries compared to S’pore?
5. What is the population of these countries compared to S’pore?

I’ve traveled to many countries (Europe, US, Japan, Central America, China and Japan) on backpack and used their public transport system. I agree that S'pore transport is not that bad but then again we are not the best. But surely, ministers who are paid the HIGHEST in world and who constantly claim that we are UNIQUE and NUMBER ONE can do better. If not why the hell are they earning such high salaries?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys ever been to places like Madagascar, Kiribati, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia or Eritrea? Our transport system is so much better compared to theirs. Our standard of living are also way higher then them. You all should count yourselves lucky.

Monarchist said...


when we vote for multi million dollar ministers, we naturally expect more from them.

while we should indeed count ourselves lucky for having such a standard of living, we should also note that the current issue is about comparing our transport system with that of other developed cities (ie HK, Tokyo, NY, etc) and not with that of backwater nations.

whybeillogical said...

I love this country. I see PAP ministers and expats standing shoulder-to-shoulder, united as one, hurling insults at Singaporeans. Who says Foreign Talents are not patriotic?

senior citizen said...

I am 58 and still yearning to leave this family controlled country.

I have had enough of the old guard's theaterics and hyprocracy.

We have supported the ruling regime because in the past they promised a brighter and prosperous future. Nothing has changed for us. We are still paying the high costs of living and big debts to HDB. Headaches created by PAP to ensure we all work till we die.

It all looks good on the outside, but on the inside people are struggling. Because Government refuses to share its wealth with the people.

What the ruling regime gives to you free today, they will take it back in higher utility, transport and GST charges. I expect one day GST will be 20% (guarantee). The regime will use this new avenue to increase their ill-gotten treasury. Its just like COE. Easy money for them - while we sweat it out.

freemason said...

Senior Citizen:
I emphatise with you. Stinkapore is certainly a best place to sweat yr last drop of blood to be sucked up thirstly by lee-ches. It is indeed & truly sad that ANY citizen who broke yr back on the rails for a country, over many distinguished years, shud feel this way. such testimony indeed, is wat they reap, and will be their indictment in the supreme court in the sky.

Anonymous said...

senior citizen, well said. It might be too late to consider emigration for you. Are you in the 66% or 33%? If you are in 66%, you deserve what you have now. If you belong to 33%, I am sorry that you have not done enough for yourself. When you are young, you must already consider your option of emigration. Other countries will not accept senior citizen for retirement there. This is a fact of life. The only way for you is to get your children out and follow them as parent. There is no other way out!

Anonymous said...

dudes, i live just outside nyc, and i can tell you that the subway does not impress me at all. you should check it out for yourself sometime.

so much talk, so much complaining, so much everything. i am NOT a pap spin doctor, i swear... i just wanna make the very objective statement that public transport in singapore is awesome.

and, everyone drives cars in cali because cars in america are cheap, and everything is spread out in cali (unlike in new york). if we have cheap cars in singapore, the rush hour jams would be so bad no one would get to work on time.

so, please. singapore is not perfect. but complaining ain't gonna get us nowhere.

Anonymous said...

A complaint about citizens complaining.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a suffering nation.
Housings are expensive. Jobs go to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has another world no.1 - complaining! So many Singaporeans just can't appreciate how good their country is. Whether in comparison to first world, developing world or third world countries, Singapore has got so many things done excellently and continue to be done well. High public security, efficient and well covered public transport, impressive public housing, high employment, education, ample opportunities to rise up the social strata, public cleanliness, insignificant public corruption, everything works most of the time, efficient government services, social assistance like Workfare, vibrant arts scene, glorious downtown skyline, you're really fortunate man! Sure it's not perfect, but how many other countries can beat this level of excellence? Go ask citizens from advanced first world countries whether their countries are as well governed as Singapore. The deep unhappiness over high ministerial pay, Lee family's deep involvment in government and business, 'elites' issue, these are symptoms of red eyes. So what if the ministers have the highest pay worldwide and the Lee family is so involved if they have delivered such high accomplishments as listed above for the benefit of the people? And oh yeah, I must be a PAP spin doctor right? All these whiners can't accept that other people can have views different from theirs and thus must therefore not be ordinary folks and must be men in white.

Stop whining and go live in other countries. You will learn to be appreciative then.