Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another person hit by MRT.

Oh no. Not another one.

I really find it hard to explain. The MRT has already put up 3 signs for Singaporeans to obey:


It seems Singaporeans these days have difficulty reading instructions on the signs. I suggest the signs be read aloud on the speaker system so that people can hear it. That should put a stop to the increasing number of people killed by trains.

I suggest they put up more advertisements by LG ...."LG - Life's Good, Live it". That should be enough to snap anyone out of their poverty induced depression - they can look forward to their next progress package and use it to buy an LG product.

I think Straits Times should now stop reporting such events as it is no longer news but a regular feature of life in Singapore. They should dedicate more space to the issue of why the GST increase is good for all Singaporeans and why we are so lucky to have our GST increased.

Dec 3, 2006
Train hits man, service disrupted

THE southbound train service was disrupted yesterday when a man was hit by a train at Admiralty station.

According to an SMRT spokesman, the incident occurred at 2.08pm.
This disrupted the service between Woodlands and Sembawang stations, and affected about 6,000 passengers.

Service resumed at 3.22pm.
The police were notified at around 2.15pm and found a body, believed to be that of a Chinese man in his mid-20s, under the train carriage.
He was clad in a white T-shirt and grey bermudas and pronounced dead on the spot at about 2.40pm.

Police are investigating the unnatural death.
SMRT passengers who were unable to complete their journey due to the disruption can claim a full fare refund.
They can do so from the passenger service centre at any of the 51 SMRT stations within the next three working days.


Anonymous said...

Once again, really inconsiderate of him to do such a foolish act. I doubt this one is poverty induced though.

Anonymous said...

xhYes it is inconsiderate for him to do that...disrupts MRT service and other ppl's shopping time.


i think the gov is inconsiderate to raise 2% GST when the economy is just "recovering".

Besides, i doubt the increased of GST will help the poor. How to help?? what necessary steps taken?

Yes, yes...policies are in places to "ASSURE" poor people will "BENEFIT" from the increase...

and 5 yrs down the will still see people jumping down the tracks...

Anonymous said...

The police in Singapore is very slow to respond to societal trends.

Still classify as unnatural death?! I thought it's quite normal and natural to die this way in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

tempted to joke abt it...:)

better not lah out of respect.


Anonymous said...

a 2% pay increment for ministers is $20,000 or more.

life is good.

Anonymous said...

How come when Singaporeans die it is reported as "unnatural death" rather than "apparent suicide".

Nothing unnatural about Singaporeans dying at MRT these days.

Anonymous said...

Slaves are expected to work till death so this is an unnatural death for him. The police is correct!

Anonymous said...

It is his fault. He did not ask for Gahmen's help. Therefore it is not the Gahmen's fault.

Now say this 10,000 times and you will get the logic on how things work inside the Matrix.

Anonymous said...

is being considerate and socially responsiblity on the top of your list? higher than the value of life?

-White Wind

Whispers from the heart said...

Lucky Tan,

there should be another sign at MRT stations?

"All MRT jumpers are kindly advised to seek your MP's help before jumping. We will keep your queue number for you for a minimum sum deductible from your CPF."

Or better still, shouldn't someone suggest that the MPs hold their meet-the-people sessions at the MRT stations in their ward? At least they'll know who were their MPs before these people die at the tracks....

Anonymous said...

aiyo, very soon these mrt stations will be HAUNTED... perhaps the tourism board could organise a uniquelee singaporean paranormal sighting tour around them next time... squeeze the peasants for every drop mah...

Anonymous said...

Another case this morning eh? What the hell are these people thinking? At this rate, the MRT is going to have another fare hike.

Anonymous said...

excuse me

workfare is basically an insult to the workers.
the concept behind workfare is to make up for the economic shortfall of a grossly underpaid worker and thus, distorting their true value, worth and their contribution to society. but of course, this artificial boosting of pay is a clever way to endear workers to the garblemen which may in turn translate into preferential votes.
supplementation or workfare to raise the pay then becomes a formulaic of political alignment. i rather that the garblemen introduce minimum wage, which is a better reflection of a worker’s true value in society, and by doing so, hopefully restore both his lost dignity and economic sustainability.

oh,btw,the restoration of a worker's self-worth may also reinstate the original purpose of our mass rabies transit

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

eI think Singaporeans are really getting used to these MRT sucides.

I'd heard over the trains....the teens making fun of these suicide people...and cursing them...

"wanna die also choose off-peak hours to die lah. Make me late for nothing!"

It's really sad youngsters think in this way......

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's not politicize this one. I think they mentioned that this fella could be a foreigner.

Anonymous said...


I am impressed. Even foreigners want to die in Singapore.

We are indeed a world class global city to die. Maybe we can work towards a Dying at MRT hub?

The funeral industry can also benefit from this new pillar of growth.