Monday, December 25, 2006

Freedom Walk Vs Big Walk!!

My first Big Walk was something like 10 years ago, 60000 people turned up stayed on afterwards for the lucky draw - a chance to win a car (without COE of course). You know why the Big Walk is so popular among Singaporeans? Singaporeans have figured out that the total value of the goodie bag is worth more than the registration fees they pay. I'm not saying that everyone goes to the Big Walk for the goodie bag, but many fact there is a group of several thousand who don't walk but simply wait for the goodie bag queues to open and rush forward to collect the bags sometimes as many as 5 goodie bag per person.

Contrast that with the turnout for the Freedom Walk held on 10 Dec 2006. The turnout was 13 and one-third of them had the surname Chee. Walk for goodie bag 60,000 people....walk for freedom 13 people. I'm sure more people will turn up if those mysterious plain clothes cameramen are not there to record the walk, Singaporeans are just too shy to appear in videos to be view by officers in the ISD.

I think the organisers of the Freedom Walk really have to do something to improve attendance:

  1. Give out a goodie bag. Make sure it is worth more than the registration fees.
  2. Call it FANTASY WALK instead. Many Singaporeans after 4 decades of PAP have problems figuring what the word FREEDOM means. In some ways, Freedom has become a Fantasy that Singaporeans dream about.
  3. End the walk at Harvey Norman. So that those walking have something meaningful to look forward to which is their favorite past time of shopping.

After 4 decades of PAP rule and the Straits Times, Singaporeans have developed many unique interesting traits. Strong attraction towards goodie bags and progress packages, the unique ability to whine about the PAP for 360 days a year and still vote for them on election day, and certain words such as freedom and democracy removed from their vocabulary.

The only power that matters to Singaporeans is buying power - the power to walk into Harvey Norman and to participate in their weekend sales.

"The real challenge is NOT against the PAP but against what the PAP did to our minds" - a bankrupt politician.


Anonymous said...

singaporeans are a bunch of selfish, uncaring lot. whatever they do, it has to benefit themselves. they're just hoping that someone, or somehow, things will work itself out.

Anonymous said...

Just look how happy Singaporeans shopping for this X'mas explains alot of the situation we having now.

What GST increase? what transport increase??

Got shopping and makan places can liao.....

Freedom?? What is that?

Anonymous said...

Hah.. got free gift? Where can I register ah? Got lucky draw also??

Chin Yau Gwee

freemason said...

The best goodie bag for the Fantasy Freedom Walk is a large paper bag with 2 eyeholes cut out. To prevent videocamera-shy. Then & only then, the turn-out WILL be hundreds.

danson said...

Unless there are gold bars in the goody bag, I doubt any Singaporeans would take part in any non-PAP event that is politically motivated. I guess most just don't have the guts, possess the facts to challenge the authorities.

Anonymous said...

First, being apolitical is in fact a political choice. Many in Western democracies stay out of the political discourse, judging by the low voter turnout. Just because someone chooses to be apolitical should not make him a subject of abuse. It is as much a right to stay apolitcal, and it should be respected.

Second, just because CSJ called this a freedom walk did not make it so. In fact, many Singaporeans would rather not have CSJ drum for their freedom. In the last GE, PAP's vote share was barely above 60% until SDP single handed boosted it to 66.6% by giving PAP the biggest GRC win in Sembawang. Many Singaporeans have long decided that CSJ is not worth walking for.

Therefore, bloggers need to disabuse themselves of the notion that just because Singaporeans choose not to walk with CSJ, we are somehow incapable of defending our freedom.

Senses said...

If CSJ is the real Gandhi, I am sure not only thousands but millions will be there for the Freedom Walk. But sad to say, he is only an imitator, a mere imitation, with some flaws that have been exploited by his opponents to their advantage with great effect upon the minds of the docile and subservient nature of the Sinkees.
You have to do much more to attract, influence and persuade them to do your bidding.
That is the brutal truth.

A Greedy and Selfish One of You.

Anonymous said...

the people has been conditioned to think what a leader ought to be like. unfortunately, he generally doesn't fit the mould. maybe because, his tattered image has been effectively engineered by the media and his political opponent. in any case, he seems to be fighting for his own cause. so freedom walk is more of freedom to freely shoot. that, not so palatable to folks who have been fed on or addicted to a high cholesterol diet of consumerism.
however, anyone can be forgiven because the regime does not allow good leaders to rise unless approved by them. so the vicious cycle of conditioning will ensure a certain idiocy persists.

Anonymous said...

Simply, CSJ is an astoundingly poor politician. From the day CSJ ousted Chiam, he had already cast himself in extremely bad light - as an usurper.

CSJ failed to realise is that Singaporeans were a rational lot. CSJ and his antics, including hunger strike, shouting, protests alienated more than they inspired. Notwithstanding the state control of the media, he collaborated on his own political downfall because he simply did not understand the DNA of the average Singaporean. His political acumen is non existent.

Of course, some self annointed high minded bloggers may see Singaporeans' rejection of CSJ as evidence of their uncaring selfishness and even idiocy.

Comforting this thought may be, it is entirely wrong. It is like the delusions of the lunatic in asylum living in a world where he is the only sane and knowing mortal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Singaporean Mind,

Have not seen your work for sometime. Away on holiday? Hope everything is fine with you.

Yours sincere reader,