Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hong Kong drops GST idea!!!

"Now its time for me to explain to the people
why this GST increase is necessary" - PAP MP quoted in papers.

See what happens when you don't have an outstanding newspaper like the Straits Times and a wise govt that can take any policy and explain why things are done for your own good.

The Hong Kong govt made a grave error of consulting its citizens on the implementation of GST. Instead of going all out to explain to the people that the GST is implemented for their own good, they went to seek the views of the people. Worst still they respected the views of the citizens on the matter and will work on alternative methods to broaden the tax base. What kind of govt is that?! Thank goodness the govt in Singapore has higher standards than that, the PAP never have to come down and allow their well considered brilliant ideas such as GST increase to be altered by unqualified ordinary citizens. Who are they to tell the govt what to do?!

After wasting 6 months consulting the people, the Hong Kong govt has to abandon the GST idea. Didn't they tell the people that it was implemented in Singapore by the PAP so it cannot possibly be a bad idea? I'm sure that if the Hong Kong people had known the PAP has implemented it in Singapore, would have concluded that GST has to be the best solution for collecting taxes.

Ordinary Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that implements policies that are always in their interest. We can look forward to the coming GST increase, after the GST is increased our lives will improve because it is increased for our own good. I really pity the people of Hong Kong, they have no GST increases to look forward to and they will miss out on alot of good that the GST brings.

Tax retreat draws praise from all but accountants

Political parties and retail and catering sector representatives have hailed the government's surprise decision not to pursue the GST proposal.

Michael Ng Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Political parties and retail and catering sector representatives have hailed the government's surprise decision not to pursue the GST proposal. A leading accountants' association expressed disappointment, characterizing it as a political decision.

The proposed tax had been strongly opposed by legislators across the political spectrum since the public consultation exercise began in July. In calling off further promotions, Financial Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen said Tuesday it was apparent the government had failed to convince a majority in the public to accept GST as the main option to widen Hong Kong's narrow tax base.

Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong founding chairman and Executive Councillor Jasper Tsang Yok-sing said Tang's decision would be welcomed by the public. "The community has clearly expressed its views over the past five months of consultation. As such the government has made a wise move," he said.
One of the most vocal critics of the GST was the pro-business Liberal Party which even organized a rare protest rally against its introduction in early August.

In lauding the government's decision to drop the proposal, party vice chairwoman and Executive Councillor Selina Chow Liang Suk-yee said that since the public had also acknowledged the need to widen the tax base, it would be better for the government to seek a consensus on other possible options rather than prolong existing arguments about the GST.
"I feel that, instead of wasting more time, it would be a better choice if we can move on right now and reach a consensus on this issue," she said.
Democratic Party legislator Sin Chung-kai said the government was acting in line with the wishes of the public, but he would not comment when asked if he thought Tang was backing down in the face of public opposition.

"After six months of consultation, including reaching out to district councils and contacting the grassroots level through other channels, the government has already [received feedback on] public worries over the GST," Sin said. "I view it as an active step taken by the government in responding to the general call of public. Our party welcomes such a move."
Related stakeholders, particularly operators in the retail and catering industry, also heaved a sigh of relief when told of the government's decision. Hong Kong Retail Management Association chairman Bankee Kwan Pak- hoo said the decision would help end one of the biggest uncertainties hanging over the retail sector in recent months.

"The decision will have a positive impact on the retail sector as it has eliminated fears of what would happen should a GST be introduced. It will help the development of the retail industry and probably attract more investments to Hong Kong," Kwan said.
"Indirectly, it will also boost the local employment situation as retailers will now be willing to hire more staff to expand their businesses." Coalition Against Sales Tax convenor and legislator Vincent Fang Kang admitted the news was a surprise, but said he was delighted.
He believed it would inject further momentum into the retail and tourism markets during the upcoming holidays.

Paul Chan Mo-po, president of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which has long supported the introduction of a GST, said the decision to shelve further consultations was taken in line with political considerations.
"It is vital for the whole community that we actively explore ways to resolve the narrow tax base problem in the near future," Chan said.
"Otherwise, the government's fiscal situation could once again lapse into serious deficits in times of economic downturns."
Chan suggested the government could consider introducing a land border crossing levy, or adding progressive bands to salaries and profits taxes, so as to provide additional and stable tax revenue.
The former chairman of the government's Advisory Committee on New Broad-based Taxes, Moses Cheng Mo-chi, said he was not surprised.
But he said the problem of a narrow tax base remained and that a solution was needed.
He invited the public to offer constructive suggestions.


Anonymous said...

If GST is so good, we will see more HongKongers migrating to Singapore, taking up our jobs and causing housing prices to go up!
And more Singaporeans will of course go to Hong Kong for their shopping to siam GST. And next thing you know, HongKong just like JB will complain that Singapore is driving their prices up! We might also end up with a 3/4 tank (luggage) rule for traveling to HK.

Whispers from the heart said...

The GST is supposed to help the poor in Singapore.

Hongkong does not have so many poor people because they have welfare. So, Hongkongers don't need to jump MRT tracks.

Our Singapore is uniquely different. We are a world class country full of poor people that the government doesn't have money to help. We must help ourselves.

I think the P65 MPs must tell the Hongkongers not to envy us...

We have the GST to help the poor, they don't have!!!!

We also don't have welfare so that we can have more poor than them so that we can have GST.

Anonymous said...

The Hong Kong govt really not up to first world world class standard.

Perhaps the HK govt would now want to peg their pay to that of the MIW. I strongly believe that this would improve the quality of the members in their house of representatives.

It must be the lower pay that they received resulted in them for being such a disappointment that they can't even convince their people to implement a simple GST system for the common good. If they start to receive higher pay, I am very sure that they would be able to hire enough top-notch talents into their govt and would be able to implement their GST with ease in the future. Or at the very least, they should have give nice bonus to their civil servants, and follow with announcement that their pay are still behind benchmark right after their proposal to implement the GST. Then perhaps, their people would finally understand why they need GST and why it is good for them and won’t make so much noise.

I think they also should start to jail their opposition for anyhow making speeches in public or leading a demonstration against the implementation of any govt policy. This is unproductive as this kind of thing would meant that the Hong Kong govt need to spend more time fixing the opposition and buying votes than to convince the people why GST is beneficial for their common good.

They should also use the strong mandate they received from their last election to rewrite their constitutions so that it would make it easier in the future for them to implement policy without the need to ask for public opinions first. Or to ensure that in the future, their opposition would need to play within their rule in order for their opposition to compete and win their next GE.

Another problem is that the Hong Kong govt allows too much press freedom and never educate their public properly about the important of not allowing the Hong Kong MSM to campaign for or against any govt policy. (But must stress that agreeing with govt policy is not campaigning but only reporting facts) They should also combine all the press into one singular Hong Kong paper or at least confine them to only one publisher, so to ensure that there is only one voice from one source so not to confuse the public. After all Hong Kong is just a small island province of China, so why need so many different press? And then they should also sue or ban those foreign press who don't comply with their laws and requirement on media control to send the correct message to their people that which MSM should they trust and read only.

I also believe that the Hong Kong govt should limit govt funding on development to only benefit those who had voted for them and not the opposition. After all, it’s the brutal true and there is no free lunch in this world. If the Hong Kong peasants want their opposition, they should not expect funding from the govt to benefit them.

And they should also follow the MIW way of finding potential leadership to ensure that only the best out of the best among the Hong Kong elites get invited for tea to join their ruling party. No peasants from the lower or middle class should be allowed to represent the Hong Kong peasants, it's the elite who are qualified and understand better in the running of a govt. Ultimately, the Hong Kong govt would eventually do themselves in if they continue to allow any Hooligan-like long hair or short hair candidates from the public to run in their election and even allow them to get elected by the ignorant peasants. They should have sue this kind of hooligan to bankrupt very long time ago for anyhow opening their mouths.

In summary, I think the major problem with the Hong Kong govt being so weak and useless when face with peasant power is because they don’t understand the important of having a uniquely unique Hong Kong democracy.

This is show that tax payer money is wasted when Donald Tang visited us to try to learn something from the MIW way of running first world world class govt. But after going back to Hong Kong, he can't even implement one simple GST system like the MIW did. Really siao one. Consult the peasants for what? Perhaps he eat too much Bak Gu Tek here for his own good. He should have just use the time of his stay here to study more carefully and in detail of the MIW model and examples as stated above on how to run a democratic govt correctly than to waste time and money to seek out which Bak Gu Tek the best in Sinkapore.

Anonymous said...

Next time Donald Tsang will have to stay in Kowloon for his bak ku teh fix. Without huge public fund surpluses to splurge (like S'pore), he won't be able to afford our $5 + 7% GST Balestier bak ku teh here!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read the 'naughty' article in the ST today. It mentioned that HK will hold back the GST and probably introduce it after their elections (like Singapore). I wonder if HongKong will sue / jail the ST journalist for writing such a naughty piece? Indulging in their local politics -really - they should know better. The brainwashing continues in Singapore.....

Anonymous said...

a lady from the house was recently heard saying that a growing number of people have been deriding the elites. she said it is the politics of ahem.. envy. ha. she even said people should be inspired by their kind to work even harder just to be like them.haha. i suppose she is wiser than the ancient of times then huh?hahaha.
with leadership like her who can turn fools blood into lipstick gloss and spouts shimmerings , looks like more golden years ahead in the pantries yes?hahahaha.

goes to show what too much peanuts will do to your brain! yadayadayada

Anonymous said...

It is the next episode of the intergalactical assault on the befuddled i believe

Interesting watch and learn....worth 2 cents.keke

testy said...

oh i am very envious of those who defy physics and attempt to stop running trains!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is such a great city. With the use of technology, the govt now allow its citizens to comment and feedback on policies through a public blogging site and SMS.

With these avenues, the Singapore govt will indeed listen more to its people as they implement legislations.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, blogging sites and SMS do not come with hearing aids!!!

Singaporeans know their government had been deaf for a long time.

I also suspect they are blind too.

Anonymous said...

ground mud is singing a different tune now. there seems to be a dizzying euphoric smell in the airwaves. a kind of silent retraction that numbs and fades away with a bottle of rum.

i say pop the cocks and celebrate. genting is here to stay so lets earn more pay and stave the nays!

three cheers for beers!

Anonymous said...

excuse me hor...dont you simply love people who go round telling others....wat is wrong with being cleaners huh? if they care for their welfare hor... and ignore their miserable pay for being part of the national team that contributed to the whole development.

yes,cleaners job is a dignified one but..can you say that about their pay?

remove these humble jobs from the equation, the overpriced and overrated servants will work and live in pigsty.

so put your money where your mouth is and show you value their humble contributions in the way you pay all humble jobs and that may require an entire change of the matrix system to do just that.

otherwise...that country can go and fart somewhere else and i am lucky i do not belong there but to a very proud city call sg!

Anonymous said...

haiz...someone not enuff...can corrupt must legislate or twitch the system for a much bigger share of the pie to their kind to keep them corrupt free lor

no many "corrupt" and unhappy people coming from middleclass and below..hehe

Anonymous said...

no change / no change
fluff fluff fluff
still the same / cage the tame
ride the tails / hail the whales
cover the charges / wash the stains
hear ye hear ye / who you kidding
kind is kindness not
food aplenty / empty in prison
six is a pistol / nine sublime
shoot in silence / lies out loud
fluff fluff fluff
hold the peace / walk in fear
paint in cheers / toast the vain
all is done / none is one
not a cent / pent to fail
say to sway / pay to slay
home alone / sound is gone
rest in peace / trace not seed
fluff fluff fluff
puff the bluff

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many legal murders are out there in some countries. and better becareful with what you eat...scary man i heard.

we so heng not like that.

Anonymous said...

if you honestly think the HK government held the consultation because they genuinely cared for the people, maybe you should emigrate to HK.

Anonymous said...

haha , to all the PAP balls carrier, i pity you guys for thinking like a Neo Nazi.Want to act like a communist?All media control as one?No press freedom?
Increase GST and be so happy about it?Haha, hope you will not go bankcrupt and let those high GST kill your pocket and beg PAP mammy to lower the GST so that your pocket will not get burn.Haha hope you are not born as a handicap poor fellow and suffer the high cost of living under the PAP system.Haha don't come and shout mammy daddy help help!!! OK ok ok...

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