Sunday, December 24, 2006

Smart Voters Secure Our Future!

For those of you worried that our beloved PAP govt will be weakened by a revolt by disgruntled citizens, I want to lay those fears to rest. Singaporeans understand the importance of their vote and are totally clear about the purpose of voting. Take Mr. John Foo as an example, he is a good representation of approximately 66.6% of the Singapore population. You may be worried that all the suffering and pain of price increases will result in a loss of support for the can put those fears to rest.

In a Straits Times article on the 7 Traits of Singapore politics by Ken Kwek onn 23 Dec 2006, Singaporean voters are found to be as sensible as ever. No matter how much whining and whingeing, you have heard about the GST increase, Singaporean voters can be relied upon to vote sensibly and secure their own interests.

As long as there are lifts to be upgraded in HDB estates, blue dolphin fountains to be erected around your neighborhood, covered walkways to bus stops to be constructed and HDB flats to be painted, the PAP will continue to win elections. Singaporeans understand the importance of elections and its impact to their lives. Who cares about the billions Temasek Holding has invested in Thailand and Indonesia, when there are important issues such as the covered walkways to excite voters during elections. Those of you with old-fashion notions that elections are for choosing your leaders and debate/vote for issues that will decide the fate of our nation, you have to upgrade your mind and correct your thinking. Singapore's unique political system has progress beyond that, we all know (at least 66.6% of us) that it is the blue dolphin fountain that will ease our fears and soothe our anxiety of about our future.


danson said...

Thats the problem. Singaporeans enjoy living in their comfort zones. Talk and no action.

Whispers from the heart said...

That's why old fogey like me also decides to move out of Singapore.

You can't let this lot of 66.6% decide your future for you. I don't really care much about the lifts. But it's their life and death.

How sad. I am not keeping the right company.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt this is a real report and interview (John Fool?). How can anyone be as shallow as this? Stooping so low as to even say that he will vote based on a lift opening in his block??

Real Singaporeans vote based on fear.

danson said...

Lift upgrades are essential to some extent, as part of the refurbishing of older HDB estates. But to vote for the government based on this criteria is simply selfish and superficial. The citizens should care more about the ruling party's plans for a better Singapore. Can be in terms of lower health care and education costs etc.
Its really sick to hear so much about Gomez and 80mill upgrading carrots during the recent GE.

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon at 8:31AM:

How dare you say that this John Foo don't exist and that the venerable Straits Times has published a "false" report.

Of course John Foo exists and the majority of Singaporeans (66.6%) thinks exactly like him.

Anonymous said...


We gave ourselves 101 reasons why our government is so inefficient this and that


not a single reason to vote for opposition.

We will forever stuck by the Lee regime if we don't think of the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

John Foo is a really a FOOL.

Dun he understand that that all the increase in prices are used to pay for their votes?

freemason said...

the signs are coming true... their number was 66.6 , and now our billions$$ collapsing. MIW! repent & release the people, or your end is always near !!!