Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Singapore Aims to be a Top 1st World Nation!!

Looks like Swiss standard of living is not good enough for us we will just skip that and aim higher. Good thing I did not take the trouble to polish and take care of my fondue pot Thank goodness we have good government that regularly upgrade their visions to keep us motivated.

Singapore is actually very close to its goal of being a top 1st world city. Our govt is already 1st world so is our transport system. Yesterday when I took the world class bus service from the MRT station to my work place, it was so crowded we were smelling each others' armpits - the transport system really world class but Singaporeans really need to apply armpit deodorants. When we get to 6.5M people we need even better deodorants.

Since the PAP govt is already the best in the world when it comes to governance, transparency, human rights, justice and equality...and Singapore is already top 1st world in its democratic political process, there is really not much room for our near perfect government to improve. Our local media identified 2 main areas of improvemet - landscaping & Singaporeans' behavior. Now you see the importance of linking votes to upgrading, the whole idea is to get us to 'top 1st world' faster. When enough blue dolphin fountains are constructed in HDB estates, we will begin to look more like Paris than Pasir Ris. The PAP has plenty of money to get the landscaping done but what about Singaporeans' behavior. The PAP govt has been trying for years to do something about that - banning chewing gum, higher fines, longer jail terms, no illegal assemby etc. Most recently they increased the maximum jail term for hitting MPs to 7 years.

"Hit PAP MP, 7 years jail.
Hit Chee Soon Juan can get $2000 reward!?..."
- seen on Sammyboy forum
Unfortunately, the numerous laws and fines have not done much to improve Singaporeans' behavior and that is a really worry. Of course, the very brilliant PAP govt, they have already figured out the solution to this even more laws and fines plus conditioning starting from kindergarden to teach people to just follow the law.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that aims high and motivate its people to strive for a better life. With 490,000 people earning less than $1500 per month on workfare, there is nothing like big dreams to inspire these people to break out of their poverty. Of course with 6.5M people in a top 1st world city, the cost of living will be staggering, that will motivate the 490,000 to work even harder - there's no better motivation than hunger and need for shelter. The PAP has such a grand vision for these people, they must really smile more often to show their gratitude.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!

From my balcony window I can see the beautiful decor put up by condominiums around my area. On the bright red banners those ubiquitous Chinese characters "Gong Xi Fa Chai" wishing everyone a wealthy prosperous Chinese New Year. A short distance away the blue dolphin fountain, our reward for making the correct choice 2 elections ago. Very soon I'll see ramps and railings that will make my surroundings "barrier free". This environment together with the smiling residents is so similar throughout Singapore, someone told me if you drop off at a random location in Singapore, you might not be able to figure out where you're unless you end up in Hougang or Potong Pasir. Anything that is found in one part of Singapore is probably found another part of Singapore, anything that happens in one part of Singapore probably happens all over the island. Something happened to someone less than 3 units from my flat 3 days ago, ....it is something that happens all over Singapore daily. Here is the story.....

Last Friday there was a knock on my door after dinner time, standing a my door was a tearful woman. That woman was my normally cheerful smiling neighbor. ...her eyes were red with tears. I asked what's wrong and she told me that her family had some difficulties in the past few months and her husband was not well. She was in tears because on Thursday a man came to her house, initially she thought that our caring govt had found out about the family's plight and had sent someone to offer help since there's so much talk about its big socialist heart. However it turned out the man was from Singapore Power and was there tell her to pay up or else. ....

She wanted to find out how to get to Customer Service Centre because she was afraid that they will cut off the power to her flat during their reunion dinner. I took the letter from her and told her that I'll take care of it.
On Wednesday the PAP govt announced a budget that totalled $30B. Of the $30B, $10.6 is for defense. Yes, a whopping $10.6B to protect Singaporeans, this is a sacred cow no MP in parliament will dare to question - defense what can be more important. Just like the PAP, defense is so important if we spend less we risk the collapse of Singapore. I often wondered if we spent $20B a year will our neighbors say nicer things about us or if we spend $5B, what will they say about us. I'm sure there is so much check and balance in defense spending that every dollar spent is scrutinised by the wisest of men....ordinary Singaporeans and even MPs don't have any information on this. Of the $30B, $2B goes to R&D. This again is a matter to be settled among the elites, only after Lee Wei Ling spoke, the media started to ask in a small way if it is all the billions is worthwhile...how effective it is....was it all wasted? Contrast this with the $400M spent on workfare for the poor. The press has pages and pages of coverage, tables to figure the $101 dollars more each poor family will receive per month...right down to the last dollar. For this $400M, thorough scrutiny is necessary. For the $10.6B defense budget & $2B R&D budget, ....no questions.
When the Straits Times published stories about how poor Singaporeans will benefit from the $400M, here are the some of the quotes:

"Its great that I have more money to spend. I'll use it first to pay for the $9000 I owe in rental arrears and $300 in utilities bill" - Jenny Ong who lives in rental public housing
"I'll use the money to pay my outstanding water bills of $170.

The rest I'll try to save for my wife's medical bills" - Mr. N. Selvem.


I'm sure the poor folks in Singapore understand why they have to pay for rising medical & utility bills because money is not free it has to come from somewhere. I'm sure they feel so much safer and better to know that the govt cannot compromise on defense and R&D spending. They sleep better at night when they see the advanced defense equipment displayed during National Day. It is worth every cent they struggle to pay for in utility and medical bills.


We can see why we don't need an Opposition when we examine the Budget the PAP govt created. The Budget shows a balance in policy formulation, assured check and balance and a big socialist heart. As I look out my belcony, the water from the blue dolphin fountain seems bluer today on Chinese New Year Day, the beautifully painted blocks, the well maintained gardens, bright red Chinese New Year banners and smiling people, any visitor can easily appreciate the grand success that Singapore has become.....Singapore be an even bigger success as the govt import more people to dilute away poverty by growing the population to 6.5M. When we get there, Singapore Power will have more customers than ever, its profit will be higher than ever and Singapore will be a bigger success that it has ever been.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Eve: Smiling Needy Singaporeans fill the Straits Times!!!

Today's Straits Times has pages and pages of smiling poor people. They are smiling because our PAP govt with its capitalist head and socialist heart has not forgotten them in this year's budget. While the biggest change is the 2% GST hike and 2% corporate tax cut, the poor people of Singapore have not been forgotten. Today's Straits Times contains pages and pages of thankful, grateful people expressing appreciation for kindness shown by the PAP govt.
Here are a few examples appreciation shown by these poor folks:

"Its great that I have more money to spend. I'll use it first to pay for the $9000 I owe in rental arrears and $300 in utilities bill" - Jenny Ong who lives in rental public housing
"I'll use the money to pay my outstanding water bills of $170. The rest I'll try to save for my wife's medical bills" - Mr. N. Selvem.
See how appreciative these people are. They get to repay the govt now that they have more money to settle the debts they owe the govt... Singapore Power & HDB etc. Some of you cynics will say they owe so much because incomes remained stagnant while the PAP govt increased cost/fees relentlessly in the past decade. What the PAP is trying to do is motivate these people to work harder with price increases, Singapore cannot afford to have lazy people who refuse to work weekends and holidays to make ends meet. Of course the side effect of all these increases is record profits reported by govt owned corporations.
Singapore is lucky to have such a kind govt. Everytime it shows its kindness we know that we will have to work harder to repay them....it is only right that we do that.

Friday, February 16, 2007

PAP govt has a kind heart....

The PAP govt once again demonstrated its kindness to poor and old in its budget. Who better to write about it than Straits Times reporter Chua Mui Hoong. After reading her article "Govt Shows Its Capitalist Head, Socialist Heart", it is impossible not to see how compassionate the PAP govt is. Indeed, the PAP truly loves the people of Singapore and always act in their interest.

Over the years we can see the PAP loves the poor folks most. That is why the implement so pro-business policies that cause the income gap to grow and the number poor people to increase. Now the PAP has more people to love and care for. See how caring the PAP is.
During the Budget announcement it was reveal there are 438,000 low income workers that will benefit from Workfare. For the 1st time, the govt will supplement the income of low wage earners. those aged above 45 and working full time for less than $1000 will get up to $1200 per year. The others will get less. The total cost of workfare to the govt is $400M.
I don't really know what unemployed people get, because there is no mention in the budget report about these people.

To figure out how much the PAP's socialist heart cares about the low income folks, we can compare what the Hong Kong govt spends on welfare. Although Hong Kong's spending is nothing compared to Western countries, it is our perpetual economic competitor, their society is often portrayed in our media as brutally capitalistic one that cares little about the poor.
The Hong Kong govt spends HK$34.3B ($7B) on its programmes.

"19.3 per cent of Singaporean households earn less than $15,600 a year"
Now you see how serious the PAP is about solving the widening income gap, rising costs and how big their socialist heart really is. Next year they will need a bigger heart, after that an even bigger heart because they intend to grow the population size to 6.5M through the influx of foreigners (Singaporeans have among the lowest fertility rates in the world). This growth in population will help to keep the GDP growing. In recent years most ordinary Singaporeans express frustration with GDP growth because it only means higher cost of living for them. They have to learn to see the bigger picture, with a bigger population, corporations especially the GLCs will have fatter profits - that to the PAP govt can only be a good thing. What do you expect the govt to do when its companies cannot grow profits because Singaporeans are unable afford more of their services, import people who can. ...better still, make them Singaporeans and dilute away the poverty problem.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Truth is there are no old people in Hougang & Potong Pasir.....

The govt will be spending millions to make public housing estates barrier-free because the Singapore population is ageing. The programme will be largely (95%) funded by the Ministry of Nation Development using taxpayers' money.
Only estates that voted for PAP will be upgraded. Some of you may be alarmed...but don't worry there is good reason for this. The PAP is a govt of high integrity determined to build a inclusive society. The PAP will not stoop so low to make the aged in Potong Pasir and Hougang suffer just to gain power. The fact is there are coincidentally very few old people in places that vote for the opposition, so they don't really need these facilities. People in Hougang & Potong Pasir also pay tax so it will be unjust to deny them the funding if they needed it.
The PAP does not engage in pork barrel politics that destroyed and divided many societies. It will not take unjust actions against citizens just because they have alternative ideas. The reason why many Singaporeans post their ideas anonymously on the Internet is not out of fear of unjust actions against them but because they are shy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

PAP Masterpiece - GINI out of the bottle!

Today at breakfast, I could see the shock on the face of one of the company technicians as he read the Strait Times. Today's front page shows the income distribution in Singapore....."How can people live on $280 per month in Singapore, everything is so expensive!", he asked. This technician is from China and obviously does know how efficient Singaporeans are when it comes to living expenses.

Once again the PAP govt has achieved new high for the GINI index. Our GINI index has risen from 0.468 to 0.472. It would have been higher if not for the progress package given out last year just before the elections to boost lower incomes by a few tens of dollars. When it comes to the GINI index only Singapore can beat Singapore.

The PAP has been extremely humble when it comes to taking credit our world beating income distribution and the high GINI index - they keep saying it is due by globalisation and it has little to do with them. No the income distribution has everything to do with the PAP which showed so much wisdom in embracing globalisation. There is really no need for the PAP to be so humble because they are primarily responsible for what has happened, through their policies:

1. Foreign labor policy. No govt in the world has allowed the import of so many workers into their economy. There are now 800,000 foreign workers in Singapore. With an expanded supply of workers, employers don't even consider those over 40s or older workers.

2. Rising costs. Business cost consists of several components including rents, utilities & labor. What is important is total cost. If rents is raised, business would be willing to pay workers less to keep the total cost manageable. The PAP govt is the biggest landlord and controls many cost components like utilities etc. ...you don't see utilities going down so something else has to come down - wages.

3. Power to the PAP. There is no people power among the low income no voice to speak for them and little influence over policy decisions such as reduction of CPF, benefits, no minimum income laws etc.

4. Pay rise for the PAP govt and President Nathan. Our President has been working extremely hard, his pay was increased by a hundred thousand to $2.6M. Somehow this will also help raise the GINI index.

5. Tax cuts for corporations & high income earners and GST increase for low income earners. Our tax structure has become more regressive (some day digressive) in the past decade as the PAP believes that our corporations & rich individuals need more financial help than the poor. Our corporate profits are now at an all time high relative to the GDP and the PAP wants to cut corporate tax to make it even higher!

The PAP's effort has once again bore fruit. ..when it comes to the GINI index we are way ahead of all our economic competitors. We don't have to worry about them because they are giving welfare to the poor such as Hong Kong. In Singapore, welfare is still a dirty word. Thanks to the PAP, we can expect more record breaking GINI indices in the future.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


"...at the center of the $500 million Biopolis is a shining
$250,000 sculpture of the SARS virus" - Straits Times 11 Feb 2007.

"I thought we are suppose to debate BEFORE the money is spent
not AFTER it is all wasted..."- Lucky Tan.

Looks like the great biomedical debate has started between Philip Yeo and Lee Wei Ling. All this after billions has already been spent. Before the PAP govt gave out $68 million (over 18 months to 90,000 families) of Comcare money to the poor in Singapore, they vigorously debate for extended periods about the evils of welfare, the need for Singaporeans to help themselve when they are down and out...and how difficult it is financially for the PAP govt to help ordinary Singaporeans...so they have to increase GST to do it. You see when the govt spends money on ordinary Singaporeans, they have to be very very careful because they worried that a family whose sole breadwinner is jobless, whose ultilities have been cut off and children have been been living on Maggie mee will not become spoilt when they are given any money. When they spend billions on Shin Corp, Micropolis & Biotech there is little need for public debate because they are always successful. The reason why they are always successful is the PAP is so brilliant they define own criteria for success ....
The Biomed debate actually has been going on for quite a while now among Singaporeans in the Internet and even at coffee shops. However, it takes someone with the stature of Lee Wei Ling to bring it out to the open. Conundrum is now a favorite word to describe our Biomedical sector, although they have been totally successful at producing test tube washers, any 'results' will only be seen in 10 to 15 years according to Philip Yeo.
Although my non-elite mind and my lack of what the elites call helicopter vision makes me totally unworthy of joining this debate, I've more than a decade of hard knocks experience investing in biotech companies. I've screened hundreds of biotech companies, their products and followed them for many years. The reason why the US govt left Biotech in the hands of private sector profit oriented companies is because it is a highly risky business. It is an area best left to the private sector to develop because of the high costs and risk taking involved. It is an area you really don't want to use tax payer's money to develop and get civil servants to allocate funds because of the huge risks involved. It is irresponsible to subject tax payers money to such high risks and civil servants are hardly the right people for risk taking in biotech.
The main reasons why Singapore should be careful when investing in Biotech:
1. Singapore has no comparative advantage. Many of the Biotech firms have links to or originate from large regional hospitals that has patient data for a base of 20-40 million people. The genes causing breast cancer was found in Utah because the Mormons kept meticulous records of family history and there was a huge regional hospital there. Besides the US, we have to contend with the Europeans, Japanese and now the Chinese. Singapore doesn't build cars because we have no comparative advantage in car manufacture. ...why go into Biotech. To attract companies to come here losing their comparative advantage we have to pay them...they end up making money from us rather than the other way round.
2. Biotech requires scale and critical mass. For every cancer drug that succeeds, thousands fail. How a drug is discovered is by screening tens of thousands of possible compounds. They are tested on animals and if they show any promise they go for the various phases of human trials before they are approved by the FDA. The journey is long and tedious.....a drug might take like a decade to make its way from the lab to the consumer. Along the way, it might fail the FDA trials, it might face competition from other alternatives. After its approval, it has a limited time to recoup its investments before generic drug makers come in.
3. Success in Biotech requires a whole ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of savvy investors, passionate scientists, hospitals, etc. A govt panel or civil servants trying to identify winners is hardly the best approach.
Singapore is UNIQUE. In other countries, the govt concentrates on spending taxpayer's money on social programmes so that social advancements can take place. ....investing in high risk sectors is left to private sector. In Singapore, it is the other way around, social problems are left to private organisations such as (our now famous!) charities, churches etc while the govt use taxpayer's money for high risk investments such as Biomed & Shin Corp. Where will this lead us? .....Singaporeans can always count on their luck when the future arrives!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leaders Put Singaporeans on the Long March of Progress!

"Singapore also provides another warning for China. Corporate profits have been rising as a percentage of GDP but, given that much of this income accrues to foreign investors, the real gains to the workforce are much lower than the per capita GDP data would suggest."

- BusinessWeek 5 Feb 2007, Article "China Boom Today Bust Tomorrow.

You might think that the widening income gap, the worsening economic situation due to rising cost afflicting the majority of ordinary Singaporeans would cause our elite leaders to have second thoughts about the relentless pursuit of GDP growth. You have greatly underestimated the PAP govt!!! Their resolve to keep corporate profits growing at all cost cannot be dented so easily.

The words of people like Mr. Brown (Singaporeans are fed up with progress) can be dismissed as mischievous attempts to spread negativity and opportunists like Chee Soon Juan who engage in politics of jealous simply don't know what it is really like to be poor. Although Chee is bankrupt, he is well nourished.... enough to be selective about food when he was in jail. While Singaporeans are not really enjoying much of the economic (GDP) growth in recent years, they are not poor and the good life has transformed them into bunch of spoilted whiners . ....no wonder the PAP govt is not concerned that a large number of Singaporeans have not benefitted from the GDP growth, it is basically their own fault that their income has not increased in the past decade. If they are as hard working as President Nathan, they would have seen their incomes increase by several hundred thousand dollars per year. If they are as smart as Ho Ching, they would be paid millions per year. For the vast majority of Singaporeans, GDP growth simply translate to increases in cost of living - higher taxi fares, higher utility bills, higher GST ...while their income remains stagnant.

I'm sure many of you were worried that with Comcare, our beloved PAP govt has become soft hearted ....especially with the numerous articles in the Straits Time cheering the success of Comcare conjuring images of low pay workers sitting in cafes and drinking away tax payers money....but not to worry, the amount the PAP govt gave out amounted to an average $42 per month ($68M for 90,000 families for 18 months) for each underprivileged family. This may seems small for you affluent folks but for the few hundred thousand families whose month income has fallen below $1000, the $42 dollars represents a 4% increase in income. In a few years, the $42 will look even more generous when their income falls below $500 because it will represent an additional 8% monthly. We just have to wait of the generosity of the PAP to rise and the poor will be taken care of.
On 26 November 2006, our beloved PM Lee went before Parliament as said this:

"But if we raise it from 5% to 7%, it will give us precious
extra resources to implement social programmes" - PM Lee

Many of us actually take it to mean that the primary purpose of the GST hike is to help the poor. Straits Times clarified that what it actually means is the poor will be so badly affected, they will need the most help to cope.

Why this regressive tax when the most pressing problem in our economy is the widening gap between rich and poor.....it is not lack of wealth, it is the distribution that is causing the pain. Maybe the PAP believes more pain is required to motivate our poor folks to work harder to escape the poverty. It is for their own good, to have this GST hike strain their finances, they will learn to use less water & electricity, they will learn not to take unnecessary bus rides, they will learn not to idle away at the coffeeshops.....they will learn to become more efficient people like our elite leaders when the GST is implemented. .

The Straits Times also explained that the GST hike will make Singapore more competitive by slashing corporate tax further. Yes our corporations are struggling to make ends meet and really need this corporate tax cut.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that take care of their interests and formula well balanced policies that elevates everyone in our society. It is clear that there is little need for an opposition in parliament because the PAP is able to check and balance itself and its policies.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Comcare delivers massive aid to the needy!

To all the critics of the PAP govt, you have been proven totally wrong. Through its highly generous Comcare, the PAP has shown that it cares alot for poor Singaporeans. A massive $68M has been given out to 90,000 families over a period of 18 months. See how much the PAP cares for the poor and needy in Singapore. $68M over 18 months for 90,000 translates to $42 ($68M divide 90,000 divide 18) per month for each family. $42 is alot of money for the poor. With $42 they can pay for one third of their utilities bill OR the transport fee increase OR one phone bill OR instant noodles for the family for 2 weeks OR one fancy hairdo OR 3 distant taxi rides OR half a pair of Nike shoes.

.$42 is also what our beloved President Nathan ($2.6M per year) earns in 10 minutes assuming he works 24 hours a day without holidays...if just count working hours it is 2.3 minutes.

Yes $42 is alot of money to give to the poor. Any more will undermine their work ethics and render them useless for Singapore Inc. It is for their own good not to give them more so they are motivated to work harder. The $68M given out is about 1% what they (Temasek)paid to Thaksin for those magnificient Thai investments. While the PAP can afford to spend billions on Biotech without any tangible results (Philip Yeo says can see results only in 15 years!!) because of their farsightedness, one has to applaud them for their effort in ekeing out this $68M from other glorious projects to give to the poor out because of they truly understand the long term impact of poverty to our society and the vicious cycle so many families face. This understanding is reflected in the $68M ($42 per family) given out....it shows how much the PAP believes in investing in ordinary Singaporeans vs investing in Thailand.

The poor people of Singapore are so lucky to have such a generous govt who balance help with the need to work the poor harder for their own good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PAP reconnects with the Internet Generation....

One week overseas and I missed this earth-shattering news about the PAP govt plan to rectify Singaporean minds that have suffered severe negative influence from the Interent. I knew all my life that the PAP is a diligent govt but this really goes beyond the bounds of duty. The PAP is a such a caring govt - they really care so much about what we think of them.
As the PAP does not seek credit for their noble deeds, they will do all this as anonymous ninjas blasting away unauthorised ideas promulgated by evil non-anonymous people such as Chee Soon Juan, JBJ and Jame Gomez. No other govt in the world comes close to the PAP in winning the hearts & minds of its citizens.
After the anonymous ninjas fix your mind, you will realise that GST , ERP and cab fare hikes are all done for your own good. You will also begin to believe that your HDB flat is heavily subsidised and welfare is a dirty word.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that cares so much about their state of mind....... leaving positive vibes all over the Internet to restore happiness among Singaporeans.

Singapore ruling party rebuts online critics ‘anonymously’
Tuesday, February 06, 2007-->Web posted at: 2/4/2007 7:25:1
Source ::: REUTERS

SINGAPORE • Members of Singapore's long-ruling People's Action Party (PAP) are posting anonymous messages in Internet forums and blogs to rebut online criticism of the party, a leading daily reported yesterday.
The postings were an initiative driven by two sub-committees under the PAP's "new media" committee chaired by Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen, the pro-government Straits Times said, citing unnamed sources.

A government spokeswoman contacted on Saturday declined to comment.
The two sub-committees, made up of politicians and some technology-savvy party activists, were formed after the May 2006 general election, the Straits Times said.
The PAP's share of the vote slid to 66.6 per cent last year, from 75.3 per cent at the previous election in 2001.

The panels had been set up to express the PAP's views online where there were few pro-establishment voices, the newspaper said, quoting a member of parliament who heads one sub-committee.

"The identity is not important. It is the message that is important," Baey Yam Keng was quoted as saying.
The Straits Times quoted Baey as saying that the messages were only effective if they were not "too obvious" lest they resemble "propaganda".
A PAP activist involved in posting the anonymous messages was quoted as saying that he tracked popular blogs and forums to "see if there is anything we can clarify" on controversial issues such as the impending hike in the goods and services tax.
The PAP, which has ruled Singapore since independence in 1965, has been criticised by human rights groups such as Amnesty International in the past for its curbs on freedom of expression.
Party leaders say tight regulation of public debate and the media in the city-state is necessary to maintain law and order.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

WP 's Sylvia Lim opposes improvement to our penal code!!!

"...to build a Democratic society based on justice and equality..."
....Singapore Pledge

"All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others."
....Animal Farm

The day she got involved in local politics I knew there will be trouble for the blissful minds of Singaporeans. Here she goes again....questioning the selfless intent of a govt that only acts in the interest of Singaporeans. The PAP govt wants to put up several amendments to our Penal Code for the good of Singaporeans....and Sylvia Lim is trying to stop their good work. Lets look through the amendments and I'm sure you will agree with me that it is done for our own good.

One of the amendments is to extend the maximum jail sentence of people who assault their MPs to 20 years. Yes, if you find your water supply cut because you can't afford to make ends meet...maybe due to the GST increase, please don't take it out on your MP. He has done everything he can for you already ...please remember the 20 yrs jail term. I'm sure this amendment has something to do with the MP getting assaulted by a jobless man several months ago. We simply cannot have ordinary Singaporeans take out the frustration on our elite MPs who have been selected to serve us. 20 yrs jail for hitting an MP. ...have you ever wondered what happens if you, an ordinary Singapore, gets assaulted?.....Basically, nothing much...you might also have problem filing a police report. All this is consistent with the belief that without good leaders Singapore will collapse, so what is a few extra laws to protect our elite MPs and preventing Singapore from collapse. Anyone who can't appreciated their all out effort to serve us and tremendous sacrifices they made deserved to be jailed. I suggest they have even more laws in the future to protect our MPs - jail for insulting their intelligence....and jail for criticising their outstanding parliamentary speeches......we simply cannot afford to have ordinary Singaporeans undermine the credibility of our esteemed leaders.

I'm so glad they are increasing the jail term for illegal assembly from 6 months to 2 years. What is illegal assembly? In Singapore a police permit is required for all assemblies of five or more people. That is why my friend always walk with his two daughters while his wife keeps her distance walking with their son. With the new longer jail term, I think it is safer for them to go to different places during the weekend. The alternative is to apply for police permits like most Singaporeans do when they meet their friends for movies or dinner. The illegal assembly law is important to make sure that Singaporeans gather for legal purposes only. 2 years jail will encourage Singaporeans to be more disciplined when it comes to applying for those permits. With Chinese New Year coming, Singaporeans simply cannot afford to forget about checking with the authorities whether their family reunion is legal or not.

I'm so glad the PAP govt of Singapore actively thinks of ways to improve our penal code. It is a real shame that the troublemakers from Worker's Party are trying to stop these advances that will help build our democratic society based on justice and equality.