Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Eve: Smiling Needy Singaporeans fill the Straits Times!!!

Today's Straits Times has pages and pages of smiling poor people. They are smiling because our PAP govt with its capitalist head and socialist heart has not forgotten them in this year's budget. While the biggest change is the 2% GST hike and 2% corporate tax cut, the poor people of Singapore have not been forgotten. Today's Straits Times contains pages and pages of thankful, grateful people expressing appreciation for kindness shown by the PAP govt.
Here are a few examples appreciation shown by these poor folks:

"Its great that I have more money to spend. I'll use it first to pay for the $9000 I owe in rental arrears and $300 in utilities bill" - Jenny Ong who lives in rental public housing
"I'll use the money to pay my outstanding water bills of $170. The rest I'll try to save for my wife's medical bills" - Mr. N. Selvem.
See how appreciative these people are. They get to repay the govt now that they have more money to settle the debts they owe the govt... Singapore Power & HDB etc. Some of you cynics will say they owe so much because incomes remained stagnant while the PAP govt increased cost/fees relentlessly in the past decade. What the PAP is trying to do is motivate these people to work harder with price increases, Singapore cannot afford to have lazy people who refuse to work weekends and holidays to make ends meet. Of course the side effect of all these increases is record profits reported by govt owned corporations.
Singapore is lucky to have such a kind govt. Everytime it shows its kindness we know that we will have to work harder to repay is only right that we do that.


Anonymous said...

The PAP is despicable.

Anonymous said...

I believe the headline should be Capitalist Head (hidden under the cover of a) Socialist Condom. Everything is more $ for themselves

Anonymous said...

Actually with the advent of the internet since the 90s, the mainstream media has gone more and more "hardcore" in its propaganda. And it will continue to intensify its efforts to placate and brainwash the masses.

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Anonymous said...

I see the money given to the poor is to help the poor pay the debts owed to the PAP gahmen.

Only PAP can think of such things.

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of the progress package which was paid back to IRAS....funneeee...

Anonymous said...

to say that generousity destroy homes is akin to saying love is the root of all evil.
people, not having any exceptional qualities except to accumulate other peoples money for themselves and their empire through exploitation, with almost no heart and soul( 0.5% is almost close to nil) should at least be sensitive enough not to shame their own friends/families/country men for being the "murderous monster" who withhold LIFE from the poor/destitute/outcast/downtrodden/sinners etc when it is in their power to GIVE and LIBERATE!

Anonymous said...

human is our only resource. if the everyone become rich and start slacking off, singapore will die. we can't afford to have that happen.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if the bill figures in the paper are make up wan. 2 pp staying in a 3-rm rented flat can chalked up to $300? Me and my wife staying in a 5 rm flat air-con on every nite is abt $80 to $120 including water every mth.

Anonymous said...

The $300 is an accumulated amount if i am not mistaken