Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leaders Put Singaporeans on the Long March of Progress!

"Singapore also provides another warning for China. Corporate profits have been rising as a percentage of GDP but, given that much of this income accrues to foreign investors, the real gains to the workforce are much lower than the per capita GDP data would suggest."

- BusinessWeek 5 Feb 2007, Article "China Boom Today Bust Tomorrow.

You might think that the widening income gap, the worsening economic situation due to rising cost afflicting the majority of ordinary Singaporeans would cause our elite leaders to have second thoughts about the relentless pursuit of GDP growth. You have greatly underestimated the PAP govt!!! Their resolve to keep corporate profits growing at all cost cannot be dented so easily.

The words of people like Mr. Brown (Singaporeans are fed up with progress) can be dismissed as mischievous attempts to spread negativity and opportunists like Chee Soon Juan who engage in politics of jealous simply don't know what it is really like to be poor. Although Chee is bankrupt, he is well nourished.... enough to be selective about food when he was in jail. While Singaporeans are not really enjoying much of the economic (GDP) growth in recent years, they are not poor and the good life has transformed them into bunch of spoilted whiners . wonder the PAP govt is not concerned that a large number of Singaporeans have not benefitted from the GDP growth, it is basically their own fault that their income has not increased in the past decade. If they are as hard working as President Nathan, they would have seen their incomes increase by several hundred thousand dollars per year. If they are as smart as Ho Ching, they would be paid millions per year. For the vast majority of Singaporeans, GDP growth simply translate to increases in cost of living - higher taxi fares, higher utility bills, higher GST ...while their income remains stagnant.

I'm sure many of you were worried that with Comcare, our beloved PAP govt has become soft hearted ....especially with the numerous articles in the Straits Time cheering the success of Comcare conjuring images of low pay workers sitting in cafes and drinking away tax payers money....but not to worry, the amount the PAP govt gave out amounted to an average $42 per month ($68M for 90,000 families for 18 months) for each underprivileged family. This may seems small for you affluent folks but for the few hundred thousand families whose month income has fallen below $1000, the $42 dollars represents a 4% increase in income. In a few years, the $42 will look even more generous when their income falls below $500 because it will represent an additional 8% monthly. We just have to wait of the generosity of the PAP to rise and the poor will be taken care of.
On 26 November 2006, our beloved PM Lee went before Parliament as said this:

"But if we raise it from 5% to 7%, it will give us precious
extra resources to implement social programmes" - PM Lee

Many of us actually take it to mean that the primary purpose of the GST hike is to help the poor. Straits Times clarified that what it actually means is the poor will be so badly affected, they will need the most help to cope.

Why this regressive tax when the most pressing problem in our economy is the widening gap between rich and is not lack of wealth, it is the distribution that is causing the pain. Maybe the PAP believes more pain is required to motivate our poor folks to work harder to escape the poverty. It is for their own good, to have this GST hike strain their finances, they will learn to use less water & electricity, they will learn not to take unnecessary bus rides, they will learn not to idle away at the coffeeshops.....they will learn to become more efficient people like our elite leaders when the GST is implemented. .

The Straits Times also explained that the GST hike will make Singapore more competitive by slashing corporate tax further. Yes our corporations are struggling to make ends meet and really need this corporate tax cut.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that take care of their interests and formula well balanced policies that elevates everyone in our society. It is clear that there is little need for an opposition in parliament because the PAP is able to check and balance itself and its policies.


Anonymous said...

Package to help the poor is for 1-2 years but GST hike is forever.

Anonymous said...

depending from which perspective you are looking at, some would argue, we are in fact degressive.

now of course, the scholarly elites will beg to differ.

it remains to be seen whether secular rationalism will triumph over religious rationalism.

Anonymous said...

Their logic is this:
You have to work hard, give me all you earn, so that I have money to feed you. Because you can't take care of yourself, I am taking so much trouble to do you a favor.