Friday, February 16, 2007

PAP govt has a kind heart....

The PAP govt once again demonstrated its kindness to poor and old in its budget. Who better to write about it than Straits Times reporter Chua Mui Hoong. After reading her article "Govt Shows Its Capitalist Head, Socialist Heart", it is impossible not to see how compassionate the PAP govt is. Indeed, the PAP truly loves the people of Singapore and always act in their interest.

Over the years we can see the PAP loves the poor folks most. That is why the implement so pro-business policies that cause the income gap to grow and the number poor people to increase. Now the PAP has more people to love and care for. See how caring the PAP is.
During the Budget announcement it was reveal there are 438,000 low income workers that will benefit from Workfare. For the 1st time, the govt will supplement the income of low wage earners. those aged above 45 and working full time for less than $1000 will get up to $1200 per year. The others will get less. The total cost of workfare to the govt is $400M.
I don't really know what unemployed people get, because there is no mention in the budget report about these people.

To figure out how much the PAP's socialist heart cares about the low income folks, we can compare what the Hong Kong govt spends on welfare. Although Hong Kong's spending is nothing compared to Western countries, it is our perpetual economic competitor, their society is often portrayed in our media as brutally capitalistic one that cares little about the poor.
The Hong Kong govt spends HK$34.3B ($7B) on its programmes.

"19.3 per cent of Singaporean households earn less than $15,600 a year"
Now you see how serious the PAP is about solving the widening income gap, rising costs and how big their socialist heart really is. Next year they will need a bigger heart, after that an even bigger heart because they intend to grow the population size to 6.5M through the influx of foreigners (Singaporeans have among the lowest fertility rates in the world). This growth in population will help to keep the GDP growing. In recent years most ordinary Singaporeans express frustration with GDP growth because it only means higher cost of living for them. They have to learn to see the bigger picture, with a bigger population, corporations especially the GLCs will have fatter profits - that to the PAP govt can only be a good thing. What do you expect the govt to do when its companies cannot grow profits because Singaporeans are unable afford more of their services, import people who can. ...better still, make them Singaporeans and dilute away the poverty problem.


Anonymous said...

SG Government has no heart. She had sold her heart to the highest bidder long long ago.

george said...

The PAP IS the highest bidder. 66.6% of us sold out our souls and the lower income groups to them for material gains. We agreed that Singapore can be a soulless nation (oxymoron) as long as we keep getting our Progress Packages and HDB upgrading and cheap foreign labour influx to keep services cheap for our benefit.

Anonymous said...

Capitalist head, socialist heart?

She forgot to mention the government has a pea-size brain and an uncaring eite face!

One important missing anatomy - balls.

The PM hides behind 2 ex-PM.

Anonymous said...

Socialist heart? That's a blatant lie. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It has gotten worse with the 2% GST hike with pseudo relief packages.

The ST tries too hard to flatter.

Anonymous said...

socialist heart? yeah, only if it is a three-chambered DYSFUNCTIONAL one!

0.4b on "workfare" while 10b on defense and that makes this frankenstein have a socialist heart??? LOL