Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PAP reconnects with the Internet Generation....

One week overseas and I missed this earth-shattering news about the PAP govt plan to rectify Singaporean minds that have suffered severe negative influence from the Interent. I knew all my life that the PAP is a diligent govt but this really goes beyond the bounds of duty. The PAP is a such a caring govt - they really care so much about what we think of them.
As the PAP does not seek credit for their noble deeds, they will do all this as anonymous ninjas blasting away unauthorised ideas promulgated by evil non-anonymous people such as Chee Soon Juan, JBJ and Jame Gomez. No other govt in the world comes close to the PAP in winning the hearts & minds of its citizens.
After the anonymous ninjas fix your mind, you will realise that GST , ERP and cab fare hikes are all done for your own good. You will also begin to believe that your HDB flat is heavily subsidised and welfare is a dirty word.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that cares so much about their state of mind....... leaving positive vibes all over the Internet to restore happiness among Singaporeans.

Singapore ruling party rebuts online critics ‘anonymously’
Tuesday, February 06, 2007-->Web posted at: 2/4/2007 7:25:1
Source ::: REUTERS

SINGAPORE • Members of Singapore's long-ruling People's Action Party (PAP) are posting anonymous messages in Internet forums and blogs to rebut online criticism of the party, a leading daily reported yesterday.
The postings were an initiative driven by two sub-committees under the PAP's "new media" committee chaired by Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen, the pro-government Straits Times said, citing unnamed sources.

A government spokeswoman contacted on Saturday declined to comment.
The two sub-committees, made up of politicians and some technology-savvy party activists, were formed after the May 2006 general election, the Straits Times said.
The PAP's share of the vote slid to 66.6 per cent last year, from 75.3 per cent at the previous election in 2001.

The panels had been set up to express the PAP's views online where there were few pro-establishment voices, the newspaper said, quoting a member of parliament who heads one sub-committee.

"The identity is not important. It is the message that is important," Baey Yam Keng was quoted as saying.
The Straits Times quoted Baey as saying that the messages were only effective if they were not "too obvious" lest they resemble "propaganda".
A PAP activist involved in posting the anonymous messages was quoted as saying that he tracked popular blogs and forums to "see if there is anything we can clarify" on controversial issues such as the impending hike in the goods and services tax.
The PAP, which has ruled Singapore since independence in 1965, has been criticised by human rights groups such as Amnesty International in the past for its curbs on freedom of expression.
Party leaders say tight regulation of public debate and the media in the city-state is necessary to maintain law and order.


Anonymous said...

It is the sole objective of the government to provide a cure for all our woes. As Minister Khaw puts it, they will find ways to make the good medicine taste pleasant. So we must have faith in our government.

Anonymous said...

Wealth is the only way to go. wealth will transform us into a city of excellent and the envy of our neighbors. But our intention is not to create envy in others.No,No. We want to be a city others can emulate. One day, our people will all be wearing prada and gucci. we will read time from rolex, travel in BMs and live in affordable waterfront housing. Poverty will be history here because we are better educated,smarter, nimble, quicker and cunning.

Anonymous said...

The only way wealth is going - is to the MIWs leh.

R u saying the PAP ninjas can make us feel damn wealthy after talking to them?

So, we can buy that rolex and gucci on PAP credit after an exhilarating exchange with one of these ninjas????

R u one of them? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

is this what it's all about anon 9.42am? wearing rolex, having BMs, is that the sole creed to ur sad life?

u get the cunning thing rite tho. how else can u explain all the spins u and ur PAP fiends(sic) create, to convince us of ur out-of-touch policies.

I can smell ur PAP stench n obvious greed from here mate. grow up, n get ur priorities rite this time.


Anonymous said...

We can look at it this way: Anonymous 9:42 AM is being ultra sarcastic.

PAP troll said...

Hello I am a PAP troll. You web site is being monitored.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

i am looking forward to the "goodies" showered by the "prosperity gods" soon. i reckon that i will be able to upgrade from walking to taking mrt; livng off wasted food in trash bins to eating at posh hawker centers; from drinking sky juice to new water in my humble home - with electricity; also averting possession of my home for another few more months; finally a yearly haircut at the 10 minutes joint and last but not least, a one in a life time opportunity to invest some of these goodies in 4D/toto for a chance to live like the "prosperity gods".

X said...

PAP is a bit slow. We already have you here to rectify our misinformed and untrained minds with regards to government policy!