Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Singapore Aims to be a Top 1st World Nation!!

Looks like Swiss standard of living is not good enough for us we will just skip that and aim higher. Good thing I did not take the trouble to polish and take care of my fondue pot Thank goodness we have good government that regularly upgrade their visions to keep us motivated.

Singapore is actually very close to its goal of being a top 1st world city. Our govt is already 1st world so is our transport system. Yesterday when I took the world class bus service from the MRT station to my work place, it was so crowded we were smelling each others' armpits - the transport system really world class but Singaporeans really need to apply armpit deodorants. When we get to 6.5M people we need even better deodorants.

Since the PAP govt is already the best in the world when it comes to governance, transparency, human rights, justice and equality...and Singapore is already top 1st world in its democratic political process, there is really not much room for our near perfect government to improve. Our local media identified 2 main areas of improvemet - landscaping & Singaporeans' behavior. Now you see the importance of linking votes to upgrading, the whole idea is to get us to 'top 1st world' faster. When enough blue dolphin fountains are constructed in HDB estates, we will begin to look more like Paris than Pasir Ris. The PAP has plenty of money to get the landscaping done but what about Singaporeans' behavior. The PAP govt has been trying for years to do something about that - banning chewing gum, higher fines, longer jail terms, no illegal assemby etc. Most recently they increased the maximum jail term for hitting MPs to 7 years.

"Hit PAP MP, 7 years jail.
Hit Chee Soon Juan can get $2000 reward!?..."
- seen on Sammyboy forum
Unfortunately, the numerous laws and fines have not done much to improve Singaporeans' behavior and that is a really worry. Of course, the very brilliant PAP govt, they have already figured out the solution to this even more laws and fines plus conditioning starting from kindergarden to teach people to just follow the law.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that aims high and motivate its people to strive for a better life. With 490,000 people earning less than $1500 per month on workfare, there is nothing like big dreams to inspire these people to break out of their poverty. Of course with 6.5M people in a top 1st world city, the cost of living will be staggering, that will motivate the 490,000 to work even harder - there's no better motivation than hunger and need for shelter. The PAP has such a grand vision for these people, they must really smile more often to show their gratitude.


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almost doubling the population will require frugal use of limited public space and buildings. however, there maybe a possibility of revamping existing public toilets in shopping centers in anticipation of the bigger crowd. this could even mean demolishing shopping centers all over the island and rebuilding new ones with much bigger toilets. you see, our understanding garmen would not want our last vestige of freedom to express ourselves further constricted or encroached upon.
we are indeed very lucky.

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all hail budget 07. my dear MPs lauded it. and since i trust my dear MPs to serve with the citizens welfare in mind (hence wonderful GST increase), i too applaud the magnificent budget. all hail budget 07.

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Well, you should. After all they are voted into parliament by the people. I don't see why you should be so sacarstic.

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that doesnt say much does it. when not all the wards are contested. when the GRCs expanded in size. when boundaries of wards are redrawn for questionable reasons. when the voters are as gullible as anon 4.26pm.

voted in by the people? that is debatable as well.


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When everyone is clapping their hands for the budget 2007...only one soft voice objected to it.

What is there to debate for the budget 2007 when everyone is singing the same tune?

My future in Singapore is getting dimmer and dimmer.

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Hong Kong announced its budget yesterday.

They announced that their surplus from previous year went up to HK$20b.

What are they planning to do? Immediately help out the middle and lower class through tax breaks, handouts. even reducing taxes for beer and wine!

and all this was after the people stopped Henry Tang from starting a GST. and he couldn't reduce the corp tax because of this. He just said the govt will find other ways to get its income and raise investments into HK.

i would think Henry Tang really has to work hard to justify his super-high salary.

Capitalist head with a socialist heart, eh?

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the next thing you know, our dear miws are going to take the "moral high ground":

as a responsible gahmen, we cannot pander to the popular votes by using our surplus / reserves to lower the cost of living in spore. in fact, we should remain firm and steadfast, knowing that whatever medicines we take now will be good for our future. thank you, and bend over and get f***** again.

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we are top in cheer LEADER-ing

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Aiya! Gahmen say we already the best and the brightest in the world. So we need only to sit back and relax - they got take care of everythin - they are so clever, born leaders, so highly educated, so enlightened, got best parents and lots of money - so they know best. We? We are just stupid idiots with no brains - so all we need do is listen and obey!

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WHAT!!!! You mean we are not in the Top 1st World Nation list yet? And all this while I thought Singapore has already made it. We are NO 1 in so many things and most importantly our ministers are being paid Out of This World salaries and yet we are not among the top. And they can only hope to achieve this in 10-20 YEARS TIME!!! I can only wonder what the salaries of our ministers will be by then. Probably Out of this Universe salaries.

If only my company’s CEO and senior staff who are paid among highest in the industry could commit to such goals.

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you peanuts are born in a no man's land that leaves you with nothing except hard labor to be exploited for capital advantage. just be grateful you even get "love" and "compassion" in a few can tins. so let's not encourage ingrates with crutch mentality.no no. our vision is to see you stand up on your wobbly pair of legs so as to keep some bosses deliriously rich.

but ssshh...dont question why you need to work sooooooo bloody hard for soooooo bloody little ok.dont question the merits of working to the grave - literally( for most average persons).dare you question what's all these laborous working all about? oh no no. because,laboring from sunrise to sunset is good for your soul just like building toothpick houses in your prison cells yada yada yada. your million dollar bosses will say this is done for your own good - it is wrong to think you must work for THEIR own good you know.oh no no no cannot. because without them and their clever ideas, you may spatter your inlets all over the mrt track.

oh yah incidentally, i can make that crutch mentality dissapear as fast as election come and go in three magic words.


pssst..no crutch no crutch and looong q for cleaning jobs if paid like MP talk sh*t lah!

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We are not on the top list yet but we are on the top of the 3rd world. Any body knows what is the gap between 1st and 3rd world? Do not forget there is 2nd world in between. The gap is really wide - not those "mind the gap" in MRT station though.

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soon we will see shopping centers with beds along corridors for resting and toilets with built in cinemas and water fountains

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>> We are not on the top list yet but we are on the top of the 3rd world. Any body knows what is the gap between 1st and 3rd world? Do not forget there is 2nd world in between. The gap is really wide - not those "mind the gap" in MRT station though.

There is no "second world". You are either third world or first world.

Anonymous said...

i woke up dis morning and the frowers smell so nice and warm....suddenly.. the sunny sky open up and i saw the lighting bolt strike open my eyes and hellilujah..i now realize i am in paradise...wow...soon i will be literally walking and even running on my sky garden rooftop in my hdb estate...wow...when they built the block to 50 storey high..i can touch the heavens. liao..wow...i am estatic of this piece of news...wow...i am getting high liao..wow....

...i just hope they put up tall fences...as precaution you know...so it will not be the next jumping point.

other than that...it is perfect.

thank you very much. i am so lucky.

all my physical needs are meet. i now need save on great budget to buy some soul from our fantastic and wonderful arty farty esplanade and it will be perfect.

wow wow wow.so exciting one.