Sunday, March 04, 2007

Diebetes, Diet Coke & Donald Rumsfeld.....

3 weeks ago went to the doctor to followup on a routine healthcheck. There were no other patients at the clinic so we started to chat about health issues. After talking about the escalating medical costs in Singapore, we started talking about the health of Singaporeans and how obesity seems to be a growing problem as we get to top 1st world status. A growing number of Singaporeans are also suffering from type 2 diabetes that now occur in young adults and even children. The doctor said he is really alarmed by the escalation in the past few years. What he said also got me worried. While I'm not really obese, I'm on the high side of the BMI so I decided to do something about it.
I went home and started to count the amount of sugar I was taking. I found that it was above recommended levels and decided to cut down. Of course, staying away from Coke & 3-in-1 coffee will be a real problem because these were unfortunately an integral part of my diet. I decided to replace the sugar in my coffee with Nutrasweet and switch to Coke Lite
A few days into the diet, I started to feel a strange sensation in my head. It was somewhere between a headache and dizziness. I thought I caught the flu or something so I went to see the doctor who gave me panadol and sent me home to rest. While I wasn't feeling well, I stayed off coffee & diet coke. I recovered and resumed my intake of diet coke & coffee. The strange sensation came back. I thought it might have something to do with the stuff in diet coke.
I did a check and found out that the Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in getting the artificial sweetener Aspartame approved:
Another link
Rumsfeld was the CEO of G.D. Searle which made Aspartame. Aspartame was rejected several times by the FDA as studies showed it had adverse neurological effects and causes brain tumor. Rumsfeld got Aspartame approved using the same strategy he used to start the Iraq War - selective intelligence. He played down the large number of studies showing side effects of Aspartame while using the handful of favorable studies to get the substance approved. If the Iraq War is anything to go by, truth is the first casualty when Rumsfeld get involves in something.
Many believe Aspartame (Nutra-Sweet) is a real WMD served up in 9000 products around the world including diet Coke & diet Pepsi. Many former FDA officials now retired are will to speak up about the truth about its approval. There is a large body of scientific work that has been done and shows there is a clear correlation between Aspartame and a number of diseases ...the escalation of brain tumor cases in various countries coincided with the time Aspartame was approved. Wikipedia links to a large number of scientific papers and findings:

I've thrown all my Nutrasweet products away. Please spread the word, warn your friends.


Anonymous said...

com bot, is that another subtle dig at the pap again? lol

thks anyway...

Anonymous said...

I heard that 66.6% of the population of Singapore is exposed to this aspartame thingy.

Anonymous said...

forget aspartane or diet or sugar. when are you going to write something about the "salary increase" for ministers in singapore?
Ah Ah Ah
first they f***k you with the budget then give themselves a raise in their already exhorbitant salaries and nobody says anything.

LuckySingaporean said...

Don't worry lah, I have an article on salary increase in the works. Yes, after all the achievement for 2006 how not to increase salary for our honorable ministers. Somehow it is expected just like the GST hike is expected.

Just need to flush all this aspartame out of my system and get back to work on the article.

hormel said...

the heart is in the camel's hump.make no mistake about it, it is a big heart. you poor souls fail to see the camel in the wild horse. it is not crazy if you close the right eye and see it with your left eye.

the message is: a hard working horse makes a good camel's heart!

Anonymous said...

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