Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are ordinary Singaporeans WORTHY of PAP leadership??!

I'm so sad to see numerous bloggers bemoaning and begrudging the impending increase in ministers' pay. It seems that only the Young PAP and myself truly understand the need to raise our ministers' pay. The lack of appreciation for the achievements of our leaders in the ministers' pay hike debate shows that ordinary Singaporeans have become an ungrateful lot. Can't they see that our elite leaders have to constantly tolerate their lack of talents which is a hinderance to the progress of Singapore towards top 1st world status....that is why there is a urgent need to bring in more foreigners with talent to offset their deficiencies.
Ordinary Singaporeans...these are the folks squeezed into public transport like sardines every morning. Our buses have big windows so that you can see who they are. there are fewer seats than passengers most of them hold up one arm to expose their armpits to the person next to them. These people don't know how lucky they are to have employment until age 80, to have jobs to go to everyday, to have HDB flats to live in and a future brightened by various estate upgrading schemes. Don't they understand they owe all this to our ministers like Ng Eng Hen and Mah Bow Tan? It is through the efforts of Minister Ng that there are hundreds of thousand of jobs created every year to keep Singaporeans employed.....but they question the job quality, the low pay, ..are these jobs menial? Many continue to question the cost of healthcare despite Minister Khaw's repeated emphasis that it is affordable....they don't seem to understand that there are instalment schemes etc to help them pay should their hospital bills pile up. Until today there are ordinary Singaporeans who question how much it cost to build HDB flats - they are unable to understand the concept of "market subsidy"....HDB is affordable with 20 year housing loans available from the bank.
Many still don't appreciate the PAP's socialist heart. Ministers like Vivian who told us in parliament how much he wanted to preserve the work ethics of those on PA shows how much compassion the PAP has .....a compassion that deserves at least a pay hike of one peanut. What about of PM Lee? He stood up in parliament to say that the GST has to be increased to help the poor. ...see the great compassion in the hearts of our leaders. They are efficient too because if you add up the much hype about Comcare and Workfare etc we are spending only a small fraction of our budget compared with other 1st world places like Hong Kong. ..see how efficient the PAP is! That efficiency deserves at least one peanut of pay hike per minister.

I'm beginning to see how unworthy Singaporeans of PAP leadership. They are simply not smart enough to see how good the PAP leadership is. That is why our elections are conducted to show support for upgrading schemes ...the ordinary Singaporeans have to be given something within their intellectual capacity to shoot for during the elections, thank goodness 66.6% "get it".


Anonymous said...

Don’t need to worry for the leadership not being appreciated enough lah. Our leaders are going to import more and more foreigners anyway who do appreciate their hardwork and sacrifices they made for the good of Sinkapore. So sooner of later the ungrateful 33% would eventually die off or get replaced.

i love papilons said...

i cant imagine such people even exist in paradise. totally shocking.they need to be end-lightninged to appreciate the rule of laws for their own good or better, face a running train.

Anonymous said...

double post?

Anonymous said...

It is rather disgusting that the people do not agree with our Govt's proposal to have a pay hike.

I think the govt has done very well. Look at our news papers, it is spilling with good news every other day.

This people who are moaning in self pity will eventually fade into grey.As they are losers,

For the following reasons

1)Dont want to get married
2)Dont want to have children
3)Dont want to work (That's why we got to have people from overseas)

Eventually this kind of breed will perish and only the wealthy will make Singapore a home

Anonymous said...

JB and Batam deserve PAP more than Singapore does!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, I'd like your views regarding ANU's doctorate award conferred on our esteemed MM. Are the protests justified? I'm quite disturbed by the unreasonable Aussie academics' behaviour.


Anonymous said...

You are right. I am unworthy of PAP leadership. Therefore should I have enough money, I will emigrate to other countries which do not have leadership as good as ours, so that I can be a worthy citizen there.

Anonymous said...

I am glad we dont have a generation gap with one of the chaps/ministers who talked about "Values"

I am from the same generation and I know where he is coming from all these times. His a little like me

We like to live in black and white, aka old days.

Please dont suggest that I am trapped in a time capsule ok or have a generation GAP!

These days, the young and reckless people like to live in color (aka Today) and have big dreams and Bigger Questions about our ministers.

This is totally disrespectful, we should give them respect as it is free and I am sure they have EARNED every ounce of it.

Last but not lease we want winners not losers. So if you are not happy
you can move to India or China.
I think they might have a plot of land for you.

The cost of living is not that high and they got some spacious areas. Learn from them.

They work here and head back!

Remember! if some people on the ground go hungry its ok, but if the ministers leave their posts,
my goodness..... all of us will go hungry and this country might go corrupt and spiral down.

Best to serve them with respect, because they are indispensable.


Anonymous said...

this is not a fair thing to say. we all appreciate the painful sacrifices they have made to ensure we are all game-fully employed. is just that...being asians, we are not that expressive to show our "love and compassion". the next time, when i see them in their walkabouts in kopitiams, i ll make sure to go up to them and give them long long hugs and kisses. i hope, they too, reciprocate with their 'love and compassion'.


Anonymous said...

We all understand the game plan.If it goes down, it is because we have raised leeches. We leech others, others leech us. We leech each others to survive and when the chief leeches quit, we are all in a lurch.

We fully understand you are obligated to serve your gods and we give you the fullest of blessings..:)

real concern said...

i got one question for psychophants hor....mor then ten yrs ago...we got less when crisis come in here hor....they grapefully pack and leave...cozing small medium businesses fail and thousands of jobs losses hor...many locals bankkrupt and die hor...houses value drop like your balls hor.....many many lose jobs and cant find good ones again hor and commit suicides time a bit better...we intend import more GRAPEFRUITS foreigners to make more money for everybody hor...prices homes go up and up for the rich such days much much more GRAPEFUL foreigners work live and play here nice country hor...PULL OUT AGAIN ON US once again hah? who going to account for mass business failure and jobs loss ten times worse or more hah.....who going to account for BODIES COUNT hah?

you goonies monkeys ah? you got conscience or not hah other than thinking abt your fat balls stuffed with monies hah?

SOS said...

so poor thing. is there a place i can write a cheque to add to their coffers?

gratefully yours.

Alex said...

I think you ought to be shot, having a HDB flat, earning 1-3K salary to bring home, fullfilling NS reservist duties are not fun.

The reasons justifying pay increment for minister's pay hike are just a bunch of hogwash. If the PM claims that importing FT creates more jobs to Singaporeans. Then I think this policy should apply to the ministers as well. As we Singaporeans cannot afford to pay them multi million salaries. So the alternative is to hire foreigners to be ministers as they are cheaper.

Well, as the common saying goes, nobody is above the law.

You bunch of elitist thinking people should be grateful than you are not stoned to death in public.

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