Sunday, March 18, 2007

Believe me, the Sand Ban is a Small Matter!!!

Our PM says so too....

Indonesia has 17,508 islands many of which are bigger than Singapore. On this island of Sumatra is a place Medan, within Medan is a is a crater called Lake Toba. In the crater a tiny little island called Samosir. That little island is BIGGER than Singapore!!!!Any amount of sand Singapore can import is negligible. The physical size of Singapore is negligible.

Singapore has always like strongman leadership in our neighboring countries. We just need to maintain good relations with one strongman and thats it!!!....Everything else falls into place.
Now Indonesia has this messy outdated system called Democracy. It is a problem. Many different voices and views in government. Definitely some of their politicians don't like us. Why?....Many reasons - many because some Singaporeans keep abusing the maids they send here.....and these maids keep falling out from HDB flats when cleaning windows. Maybe like our esteemed MP Irene Ang said in parliament Singapore is just too rich - politics of jealousy. Maybe they just don't like us because everyone else don't like us these days, the Thais, Malaysians - its fashionable!!! I'm sure its just a small handful in Indonesia who don't like us, can't help it.
Some of them accuse us of 'haboring' corrupted Indonesians and call for an extradition treaty. I can't think of anything more absurd given our govt is so clean and rich who needs their money? The Singapore govt will never put money above the relationships with other countries and its own citizens, they are not so "money-faced". Singaporeans don't need that money anyway.... even our needy citizens on public assistance have learnt to live on 2 meals a day.
Well its their sand, they can choose not to sell us any. Phillip Yeo doesn't sell them our precious Biotech secrets either. The sand is a small matter anyway. If they really want to hurt us, they will bar all their maids from coming and send them to Hong Kong to earn twice as much as what they are paid here - that will really hurt!!!


Anonymous said...

Not just Malaysian and Indonesian don’t like us, these two are just our long time nemesis whom had a history of picking on us. But along the way we are making new enemies and the Thais is just the most recent example. Some of the Philipinos and the Australians don’t particularly like us either, they seen us as a nation that still harbor horrible barbaric 3rd world mindset that enjoy cruelly hanging criminals to their death. Some Americans think we are a barbaric backward province of China that likes to cane mischievous teenager. The Chinese and Taiwanese don’t seem to like us too, quite a number of them think of us as too arrogant, too insensible, too follow the book and too pragmatic for acting like two headed snakes. Even the Hong Konger don’t think highly of our first world world class govt, the moment their Donald Tsang mentioned how he envy and want to ‘adopt’ the Sinkapore system of governance during a visit here, it spark uproar back home among the public and media and Donald Tsang later had to make clarification that he only meant to learn our system of recruiting and retaining talents as civil servants, not adopting the whole Sinkapore first world world class perfect governance.

It seem that we are really low in EQ when dealing with most of our neighbors, but I am not surprised because even our leaders don’t need high EQ to get voted, they just need walkover and carrots with stick.

Anonymous said...

I heard from sources that it's a serious matter. Apparently all construction projects are at a stand still. The cost of sand from the stock pile is 10-fold of what it would normally cost. I'm glad that you have clarified the matter and pointed us to the CNA report. Phew.... At least now I know it's no big deal.

I will sleep much better tonight; thankful that I am so lucky to be in Singapore. So what if the world hates us!?

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