Friday, March 30, 2007

Clinton comments on S'pore Ministers' Pay Hike!

Finally someone who talks sense. Clinton has commented on our ministers' pay hike and his views are in total agreement with mine and that of the Young PAP. Such wisdom is rare and we should examine the broad ideas that Clinton Lim has outlined in his letter supporting pay hikes for ministers.

"Opponents of a pay hike for ministers should realise that what makes Singapore ticks with clockwork efficiency is the system of governance that has evolved since 1965" - Clinton Lim

Yes, we took the parliamentary system the British left us in 1965 and evolved it into an advanced form of government we see today.

"....Mr Lim Hng Kiang was trawled from a batch of 200 scholars and groomed over many years before becoming ministers" - Clinton Lim

"...I regret making the decision because, in the end, the baby continued to be in intensive care, and KKH now runs up a total bill of more than $300,000..."- Lim Hng Kiang, regretting the decision to save a baby's life because KKH ran up a $300K.

That explains the quality of the ministers. I'm sure many of you remember the case of the baby with congenital health problems that Mr. Lim regretted allowing to be transferred from a private hospital that would cost hundreds of thousands to a public hospital. Many of us and even doctors fighting to save the baby cannot forget what he said. His other notable achievements were telling women to save on hairdo, many Singaporeans remember him for that by calling hairdo Lim. After many years of grooming, most ministers have the same characteristics as Mr. Lim because they had a 'common groomer'.

"The system also prepared Mr. Lee Hsien Loong for 20 years before he became PM"

- Clinton Lim

That explains the similarities among our elites. ....all this grooming. In other countries the leader are elected, in Singapore they are groomed.

"Unlike other countries, few in Singapore aspire to be politicians...Wifes of politician designate were reported to have cringed and cried on learning the 'dreaded news' "- Clinton Lim.

That is probably because they look at people like JBJ and Chee, once you become a politician without all the necessary grooming, you tend to end up bankrupt because of bad luck. I'm sure Chee Soon Juan's wife must have cried buckets all these years.

"..And these includes recruitment, grooming and testing future leaders and how they are rewarded and motivated" - Clinton Lim.

Yes, our leaders are recruited and groomed that is why our elections is for estate upgrading. I'm sure these people are well tested by the system...many of them former civil servants had it tough. As for what motivates them, it is clear since we are all debating this pay hike thing, it is a matter of a few peanuts or plates of char kway tiao. ..lets move on Singapore!


Anonymous said...

the arena contestants typify the kind of leadership being groomed for tomorrow. they are trained to think systematically and rely heavily on researched materials especially by 'experts'. These kind are most transparent, to the judges above them, and are easy to assess and managed. basically, they have been conditioned to serve the wealth of the nation or ..such.

Anonymous said...

Obviously nobody wants to be a politician in Singapore, as the PAP destroys one completely.

So, to lure people in on a PAP ticket, they need to pay them high salaries.

Get rid of the PAP monopoly in Singapore, and people will start wanting to be in politics, and therefore, the cost of paying ministers will also come down!

Anonymous said...

Why was Clinton's surname emphasized? Is there a link???

Anonymous said...

Amazingly gullible... This Clinton Lim don't know what he is talking.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sure Clinton Lim is a PAP cadre. If he's not, I strongly suggest he do so. With his kind of logic and rhetoric, he's the kind of people the PAP would sure like to groom and promote. Why, I can see him making minister grade in the near future. And yes, it's a dog's life living in luxury and being criticise by the masses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cliton, that our leaders are groomed to Follow the Lead.

In the end it boils down to money, and nothing else.

You want the best ? then you pay top dollar and I will make sure I am worth every cent to myself before you.

We all should not be selective over the kinda of pay we are receiving, but as for our elite forces.

We have to give them the best!, it not this whole country will crumble and we die.

So lets all have a charity show where local talents can do tricks like climbing stairs and doing situps , etc.

I want you to pick up the phone and call, not just once, but as MANY times as you can afford!

Dial 1800-PAY-RAISE

Lines are open till end of DEC for you to donate.


LuckySingaporean said...

Clinton Lim Eng Hiong, The Straits Times Forum, 15 April 2006:

Singapore’s political system, which MM Lee was instrumental in creating and evolving, is not perfect but it is as perfect as a political system can be.

… Instead of suggesting his departure from politics, I believe that, if there is such a recognition, MM Lee ought to be bestowed the Nobel Prize for Politics for his life-long contribution to politics and what politics should be all about - that, at the end of the day, the man in the street continuously experiences a better life.

Clinton Lim Eng Hiong, The Straits Times Forum, 15 April 2006

Wow!!! This Clinton guy is smarter than I thought, just google his name and all this amazing wisdom ooze out from the Internet.

Anonymous said...

to be politician is to serve the nation..not to get envious of others who earn more. To raise GST then claim to help the poor..yet restrict the poor from help but the extra monies go to their own pocket legally..hope they can buy more wealth and happiness when they are in hell.

Ballista said...

I always thought that only animals (e.g. horses and sheepdogs) were groomed... or humans being developed as showpieces. I mean, a groom does the grooming. Who are the grooms here?

Anonymous said...

If people don't have the heart to serve, tempting them with high remuneration is not exactly a responsible thing to do. Just admit it, good people are really not interested in the kind of single dimensional politics here. As ihad recalled, the ones - and these are ok leaders - that spoke out eloquently and critically against IR and other controversial issues in the house, what had happened to them during the last election? Booted!

Isn't it obvious the kind of leaders they want in their party? The kind that would only serve those who are beholden to them or must sweet talk them to get things done?

Truth of the matter is, if there is no calling amongst our people, it will just be like another job similar to what Mr Durai did for NKF and was paid 'peanuts' for it.

If there is none who felt called amongst our people, then we are indeed poor!

But if there are able and good people with true calling not wanting to contribute, that is understandable too considering the nature of politiking here.

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