Thursday, March 15, 2007

If you choose to leave.....

Although we are a 1st world nation, there are a number of people among us who possess extremely high expectations that simply cannot be met. They become miserable and depressed, and after a while life in Singapore is simply intolerable for them....and they have no other alternative but to leave. Yes, leave Singapore....can you imagine that. There are 2 ways to leave - by emigrating to another country OR by using the quickie method of leaving this realm altogether. Singapore can easily cope with people leaving using either of the 2 methods. Our police force is specially equipped special paraphernalia to cover up the disturbing aftermath, removal is fast and disposal even faster. That is why the govt doesn't have to bother much about such incidents no matter how often they occur, it is considered practically routine and should not undermine our unstoppable march towards becoming a top first world nation. If it occurs at MRT station, it is now considered a minor disruption and there are buses ready to ferry people away from the affected stations.

The main problem with people leaving is some people are not very competent at leaving. Take the example of this feller who tried to kill himself jumping off the 3rd storey of a building....he didn't even bother to make sure the area below is clear and landed on a 3 year old girl. The poor girl broke her thigh and had to spend a week in hospital.

It turned out the 36 yr old guy who tried to leave, was made destitute because he couldn't pay his rent. He couldn't get any workfare either because despite the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the govt, he couldn't find a job. Desperate, he decided to get himself admitted at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Unfortunately, his problem wasn't serious enough for them to admit him, so he was given some medicine and asked to go home. This man has been sentenced to 9 months probation for 'causing hurt by doing a rash act'.

Singapore is a lucky country which is progressing at the fastest pace imagineable. Although a handful of people are left behind, they will eventually find ways to cope with their 'situation'. We as a nation cannot afford to be held back by a handful of people, we have many people from other countries eager to come here and contribute. These people who cannot cope should find ways to leave Singapore. We can easily replace them with more competent and skilful immigrants who will help us get to top 1st world status faster. We should not slow down otherwise we will lose out to Hong Kong.


Capt_Canuck said...

so a guy goes to the mental health hospital, asks for help, they tell him to go home to which he has none, he takes a friend and jumps off a building and even then the hospital doesnt consider him to be mentally unbalanced? wow, your gov't really takes the 'no welfare cause it breeds laziness' to the extreme doesnt it? they dont even consider a man jumping off a building as desperate and mentally unbalanced?

Makes sense though, if a guy is really intent on 'leaving' the country in that fashion, then they really would have gone up to the 6th, 9th or 12th floor. I mean, the 3rd floor is just for people looking to get some free money and be lazy.

Anonymous said...

Some Singaporeans are just hopeless. They can't even kill themselves competently. What have our 1st world country done to deserve these bums. No wonder the government is so eager to replace them.

Anonymous said...

I just pity that 3 year old girl. She may just probably grow up to be lame on that broken hip or what!

Her future was simply ruined randomly by this mindless guy.

Anonymous said...

Many MPs have proclaimed that this is a budget of love and compassion. I suggest that these people representative form a counselling unit to explain to these "hopeless" people that there is hope as the GST offset is so much that their lives are taken care of for decades. Most importantly, Lucky Tan got to teach them how to study and appreciate the ST for inspiration

Anonymous said...

here is one 'smart' way to leave without pain.

No wonder its a popular method used in Taiwan and Hongkong. Are Taiwanese and Hongkonger smarter than Singapore. (I mean in method of leaving).

true color said...

finally, a pro pap

Anonymous said...

Easiest way to 'leave' Singapore in this fashion. Find a police officer, hit him with a stick til he drops to the ground, grab his gun and fire a shot into the air, hand him back his weapon and then wait. The gov't will be more than happy to let you leave the country, and even better, no one but your relatives will ever know about it since those are the types of things that are never reported in Singapore. Not like jumping in front of an LRT that gets your name and face plastered all over the news and you are known as 'the person that delayed traffic and stopped a bunch of people from going to work'.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of some despot in the middle of an oily extraction who was recently hanged for genocide..a real first class act.

BodySnatcher said...

i am moved to tears. thks.

Anonymous said...

what is the measure of a retail man? how do you consolidate dimensional inbalances? why must everything be substantiated by numerical derivatives? and what will be the computational margin that allows or justify mass retardation? let's be real here. the politically elated, perhaps,in somewhat morbid obsessiveness, finds the precarious slant towards incentivising growth to be an excellent contraction than dry pacing the african dessert. but how can they bridge tiny grains with molten strains if, falling short of numerical preferential imperatives , it does not allow the sum of substratum subsistence? if so, shall not those who raise the bars be tagged to a curse so deep and irreversible and without bottom?

Anonymous said...

guess u think u r smart when u write the way u did. i will second tt.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most brilliant post i hav read thus far. the message is so subtle and it is this.
when parants cook lots of chilli crap for the family, the children must, at all time, show their appreciation and support for craps. otherwise, the parents will employ means to coerce or even force the children out of the house - if need be. you see, the parents have earn that right to replace their own children with neighbourhood children whom they think may appreciate their kind of craps. i understand the profoundness of family life. the secret is in the making of craps and the solitary enjoyment of craps as well as being part of crap making process.
wow.i am sure there are many salivating at the thought of red hot hot chilli craps in the pot or wok or warp oh whatever and cant wait to be part of this family.

hey, it is still better than your parents selling you to the arangoony worse, dump you on a mrt track right?

now let's see some pride in the parents for not begging those children who left for greener craps to come home?

sam the sham said...

ours is an accident case, and so life is made tougher.

even the besy country is not perfect and so escape the net. we are trying our best to make the best of a bad case, and so far doing more then well.
Smart pple hv got out years ago.

sam the sham said...

we are making the best out of a bad case.

Anonymous said...

As far as what I see, Singapore will not become the 1st nation in terms of national prowess, never will be. The real talents don't come to Singapore, only third-rated ones and below, those that could hardly stand their ground in their native countries. So please wake up from your dreamland.

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