Monday, March 19, 2007

Lily Neo and her wasteful suggestion!

"I think we should raise it up to S$400 because we did a survey on 32 cases, and they need at least S$400 for basic living. the basic roof over their heads, the three meals a day, I feel that MCYS should be able to provide adequately." -Dr Lily Neo

Oh Lily Neo, Lily Neo, what are you thinking Lily Neo?! Our govt absolutely cannot afford to undermine the work ethics of these people receiving PA. Although you argue that they cannot work, there's always a chance....we are trying to get the disabled to work, I don't see why the people under PA shouldn't be motivated. The lack of fulfilment of basic needs is the greatest motivation the PAP govt can give them - nothing motivates like hunger.
Besides work ethics, there are other more important areas to spend on such as defense. Today, we are spending $10.6 billion, if we give these people enough to eat we might have to trim our defense spending to $10.50 billion, now that would be a disaster. Can we afford to be lax on defense? ....I'm sure if you listen to the 23 generals, they will tell you that we should be spending more not less. Lily Neo gets nowhere by surveying 32 poor people, their non-elite voices is worth no more that than a mere whisper of an elite person. Should the ambitions of becoming top 1st world nation, be slowed by concerns for the poor and unfortunate? Most certainly not! With top 1st world status, these poor people should learn to pay top 1st world prices, they should slowly be trained to live on 1 meal a day from the current 2 meals a day. They will be elevated to top 1st world status once they learn to survive the top 1st world prices - we should not take away their chance.
What about billions inR&D spending? ....Although there is a lack of results, our esteemed leaders have explained that "we are on the right track". Intangibles such as the innovative spirit has been cultivated by the billions spent on R&D. We should continue on the same track and learn how to measure success using different means. We cannot possibly fail because we are always measuring success. It is a matter of time before we get there - whereever 'there' is. Cutting this spending would be disastrous because we have attracted many famous researchers that consider us Santa Claus, we simply can't let them down just so that our citizens can have 3 meals a day.
Even if we have money, lets spend it on a rebranding campaign to put us on the fast-track to top first world status. We can form an international advisory board to tell us how to get there faster. We get nothing by giving these poor people on PA, 3 meals a day. ...we can use the money on scholarship for foreign students who get to use Singapore as a stepping stone to the USA....better be a stepping stone than a nobody.
It is clear why we as an affluent nation cannot give these people who are Singaporeans 3 meals a day. The govt has more important things to do with their money. All this wealth accumulated from the labor of Singaporeans, is meant for defense, R&D, and rebranding. These things are more important than something mundane like food. When our elites dig in their 10 course dinners, the only have the interest of ordinary Singaporeans in their hearts.


Anonymous said...

very bad you know say like that. i look see sround ok what. got many organisation help the poor. poor must ask and let mp know. mp will ready angpow help one. in singapore, no one will die because leaders all kind and helpful people. that why you born in singapore, you very born in other countries, you become jealous. life is good here even for the poor. today papers say government upgrade rental flats for free. you see,government in singapore the best.

Desmond said...

exactly! how can you say things like this. our millionaire ministers have spend millions of sleepless nights thinking of how to help the poor. and we have the perfect solution, increase GST, bus fares and decrease pay. so perfect, now the poor can sleep easy knowing that our ministers, living in their landed property, driving their big fancy cars and sleeping on their 600 thread count bed sheets, know and understands their problems.

Anonymous said...

What? !! You mean Lily neo was trying to increa it from $290 to $400 only. What the shit? I thought she was trying damn hard to increase it to much more than that!

LuckySingaporean said...

If she tries to increase it beyond $400, she might be kicked out of the PAP and asked to join the workers party. There is a limit for tolerating her nonsense about giving more to the poor. It is already blasphemous to suggest giving these people enough for 3 meals a day, you can see the stunned face on our esteemed minister that day - he could have mistakened Lily Neo for Slyvia Lim for a moment.

But Slyvia lim would be asking for something even more absurd like giving these people lower rates for utilities, transport, and even more unimagineable - a voice in parliament.

We all need to put a stop to all this. Our nation need to march on towards top 1st world status without shackling our progress on giving to the powerless poor.

Anonymous said...

you got read ST today or not? you see picture of two smiling couple or not(proof)? they so happy now got two rooms flat with wooden floor somemore. one malay couple say godsend. he so excitedly he visit not yet complete new place more than 5 times already.
see how good government take care poor people earn little money.singapore government best in singapore, batam and jb. no fight one!

Azmodeus said...

Singapore government best in Batam and JB? *chuckles*

Ok.. I understand that its meant to be funny. But I think you are out of line. Tsk


Anonymous said...

The Whip was meant for people like her. There are so many more interesting issues in the world, why did she choose to talk about something as insignficant as the poor in Singapore - which is non-existent!?

Anonymous said...

out line? ok ok sorry sorry. singapore government best in orchord road, shenton way and marina bay.

insurgents said...

u stupid dog of the anti-insurgents.
ur getting paid by the poor's tax money to write this shit online.
u call urself a patriot.
we, the younger generations knows what the fcuk PAP is up to. prepare to fail.
PAP dog.

Anonymous said...


it's rather obvious u lack the skill of reading between the lines or have yet to learn the word 'satire'. that, or it's just a tactic of urs, lousy and silly i must say, to discredit this fine article.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders are definitely all kind and helpful and only have the interest of us the peasants in their heart.

This is why our capitalistic head but socialist heart govt would come out with S$4M to aid the poor and needy with their medical cost. Wow! S$4M ley.

Then on another news, a charity show managed to get S$6.5M for just one organization.

See how sincere and big heart our govt is in term of helping the poor and needy with their medical cost?

Anonymous said...

MP calls for more help for recipients on public assistance scheme
By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 18 March 2007 1628 hrs

SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament for Jalan Besar GRC Lily Neo has been calling for more assistance for the poor and needy.

At a grassroots event recently, she said while the 'many helping hands' approach is important, the government should give those on public assistance "the assurance of daily living".

Earlier this month in Parliament, she also questioned the adequacy of a S$30 increase in the monthly Public Assistance (PA) allowance of single recipients, saying that some of her constituents have to skip a meal each day just to get by.

93-year-old Chan Ah Pek has been on the Public Assistance scheme since March this year, receiving S$260 a month.

Home is a one-room flat in Kreta Ayer, which she rents with a friend.

Madam Chan eats in to save costs, but has to rely on her roommate to cook for her.

After paying off her share of bills and rent, she is left with S$80 a month on food, which means she has to ration her mid-day meal to last her the rest of the day.

Madam Chan applied for PA after suffering a severe fall last October, and got it approved in March.

But for 69-year-old Lau Yeng Chen, the wait lasted nearly two years.

Severe asthma forced him to stop work four years ago and having to use a nebuliser 12 hours a day takes a huge chunk out of his monthly allowance.

Madam Chan and Mr Lau often have to rely on the kindness of others to get by.

He said: "Sometimes, when my friends come and visit, they will give me some pocket money. It's usually a small sum, they say, for my daily use".

But their MP feels the government should do more to help, especially those with no family members.

MP Lily Neo said: "I think we should raise it up to S$400 because we did a survey on 32 cases, and they need at least S$400 for basic living. They don't have family members so they need other things such as social needs, mental needs and physical needs. This can be done by other helping hands. But the basic roof over their heads, the three meals a day, I feel that MCYS should be able to provide adequately."

The nearby Seniors Activity Centre organises daily activities, and other welfare groups also distribute food and money several times a year.

But Madam Chan and Mr Lau said they would rather be less dependent on others.

For them, it is really about having enough each day so that life can be a little bit easier.

Anonymous said...

PAP our Millions Dollars Ministers, People are hungry, their electicity/water supply had been cutted off, only can have 2 meals a day, some even have no food on their table, some can't afford to send their children to school, some can't have medical attention when ill. As our govt what are you going to do? All this people need PA badly. Not $290 only, they need more. Do not forget that ther are all your citizen. Do not forget we are all human. Do not forget we are all Singaporean. "HELPPP THEM" Pls Helppp Them

Anonymous said...

Wow, are you some 9-year-old kid or what?

Live on $5 per day for a month before writing that article.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard the fancy cars include a flaming red Ferrari and a RR (??) besides the humbler Merc. Charity begins at home; I am sure if Lily Neo puts some of her own resources to good use, even temporary, there will be hardly anyone in her own constituency who will be poor! Just a suggestion since she has been championing the cause of the elderly and poor from Day 1.

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Anonymous said...


HAHA!! True indeed! However, what do you know about her?? Seriously speaking, even if she donates money to her people, how long can she sustain? A couple of years?? She has more than 30000 residents under her care with many rental blocks.. without government long term PA recipients, it will not last long at all. AND even if she donates, she need not announce to the world =.= so what do you know about her??

Anonymous said...

Stupid bastard, dun post rubbish

fucky tan said...

fuck u u insensitive bastard. wait till both your legs are broken and lets see you say that when you have to depend on welfare. cocksucking fucker.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have never seen anyone as insensitive as you are, posting this type of article. I hope you won't end up being poor one day, going to your various MP for help as you don't deserve it. so what if the donation Dr Lily Neo gives is of an insignificant amount for aiding those thousands of poor people. at the very least, she is doing something helpful for the poor.

Your selfish mindset irks me, seriously.

Sarcastic said...

guys, guys, cant you see that the writer was writing satire? he was being extremely sarcastic...perhaps you people should read in between the lines instead of being so square. Oops, isnt that what education in singapore is all about? literal thinking!

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