Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Philip Yeo's words of wisdom!

Philip Yeo is Singapore's best known civil servant. He is also our most vocal civil servant. ...a civil servant that tells us what is right...and wrong. He doesn't hold back his views even when our elite MPs disagree with him e.g. the bond breakers issue. He is fearless, rigtheous and confident. Just the right combination to get things done in Singapore. I'm sure he is a patriot one with a such a strong burning conviction that he finds it hard to accept the actions of those with a lesser sense of value. In his latest comments to the media, he seems to say the new generation of Singaporeans need to have a sense of value, compared to his generation.

"My generation has a sense of value....." - Philip Yeo

I believe that PM Lee and our current crop of ministers are in Philip Yeo's generation. He is certainly right that they have a sense of value. They sense their own high value to Singapore very well by benchmarking against top professionals to find that they are actually grossly underpaid to the tune of $1M for their high value work for Singapore. People of the generation before Philip Yeo also have no sense of value, I see 80 year olds digging into trash can for low value aluminium . ...these people should benchmark themselves properly with the old folks under pension schemes in Europe.


"Hire more hungry non-Singaporeans to come
here and they will add to our value system" - Philip Yeo

Although I become a bit confuse from the quote about whether he talking about values which is a sense of duty towards our society or economic value, after much thought I feel is probably talking about the later. Yes, hunger is related to work ethics which is related to economic value. I can see the importance of hunger - that is why people on PA are given enough for only 2 meals a day to make them hungry and motivated to work harder. I used to think that having the right values is more important - like honesty, integrity, piety, loyalty. A person who values and foster close ties with family and friends is not necessarily and likely not one who pursues money relentlessly. Philip Yeo is saying we are better off to replace a such a Singaporean with a foreigner hungry for money...and this will "add to our (economic?) value system". Philip Yeo must know what he is saying he is an elite civil servant who is hired to work for the interest of Singaporeans and he is not profit-maximising CEO in a corporation.

"I'm known as very tough because we all must have a value system.
Maybe I'm old fashioned...." - Philip Yeo.

I think he is just being humble when he says he is old fashion. I think he is totally "new fashioned". I think as our leaders show the way ahead by having a value system which is a systematic benchmark to discover their own value, I think many people are also thinking about their own value. I suspect my cleaner is also building up his own value system, he thinks he should be paid higher because if he stop collecting the garbage, it will pile up and we will understand his true value to us. See Philip Yeo is so right, we should all have a value system.


Anonymous said...

despite its apparent outward wealth and pomposity, the city state leaders are still obscured to the wipespread famine which, without abate and have been for years, had plagued its progress. yet, it insists on pursuing revenue incrementary programs and ignored signs of wretched self imposed decays and degradation. without a realistic and honest assessment of her appetites, and naturally the size of one's belly pot, i am afraid, she(her leaders) has consumed more than her fair share of 'mee siam mai hum' and left many - "hungry, blinded, lame and without shelters".

Young PAP said...

I have a lot of empathy for our Ministers. They do a job that very few people can do and they deserve to be paid accordingly. The question to be asked by the critics of their proposed pay increase is this- are you criticizing because you honestly do not believe that the Ministers are entitled to a pay increase or is it because you are simply envious?

Anonymous said...

i believe that amount of money could be used in a better way

Anonymous said...

I think we should really take a cold hard look in the mirror and see what we have become.

To apply a quick fix to our existing problems, we should first understand the real issues at heart

1) why do people not want to get married?

2) why is it people do not want to start familes?

3)MP's should identify and produce on record, how many ppl within a zone require financial assistance and care, and what is their (MP's) out come of their participation and contribution (We should be proactive, and not reactive and measure with Key performance indicators to ensure positive track record

4) Take the "sand" example, why is it we have a single point of failure and no backup and contingency plan. (How many more have we not identified?)

5) why is it we do not have local talents ?

6) Lift upgradings, why do we have to bare the cost much later, when this should have been taken into consideration when the flats were built

7) Why do you see lots of old folks cleaning tables and competing to collect tin cans in dustbins

8) How will the GST help the poor if it applies to all areas of goods purchased? (Food and basic needs)

9) Did the ERP hike help make the roads more traffic friendly?

10) How much money is enough? Corruption is within a persons nature, and not within the amount of money he is paid

11)Do I serve my nation and people or do I serve my own interests before my people?

If the above has been addressed and resolved for our forefathers and the people who have been loyal to this nation.

Than I think it is only logical that there will not be noise from the ground.

For every action there is a reaction. (Issues beneath Issues)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like Young PAP is spamming in all the blogs that don't really like the PAP.

I'll be trying something out later.

Anonymous said...

for these ministers to be blind and out-of-touch with the realities in singapore is pretty obvious. just observe what is showcased during their ward visits, if ever they do visit in the 1st place. lion dance, the kompang clan, the melting pot of race diversity being showcased in a clear, wayang, everything's well make-believe.

or perhaps a sch visit, where 1 week prior to their visit, the students are drilled to be on their best behaviors over and over again.

clearly, these ministers are living in their own tanks, supported by their eager posse; their dreams of being world class only realized in yeah, their own dreams. and while at that, pulling in those ah yes, necessary dough.


Anonymous said...

though the pay they seek will not cause a dent to our economy, but the principle behind the motivation, when disseminated, will exact a higher cost on the people's psyche and may prove more damaging.

furthermore, there is no way we can outbid the price of a soul against much bigger and greedier countries. soon, it will be 10,20 to 30m per anus.

up to a certain point and beyond, the huge remuneration is going to produce and attract the wrong kind of people into politics or enterprisation - not that it hasn't

the other point is that figures, authoritatives reports and studies can be misleading and easily manipulated and understandably, most favored for political and corporate governance and decision making.

lastly,incorruptibility is superficially implemented. the injustices suffered at the micro level is unseen and unreported.

money works said...

you pay me $1, i see boss wrong..i rail and nail.
you pay me $1m, i see boss wrong..i lick and nip my gap.

Oliver said...

I believe the real argument should not be whether they deserve higher salary but rather, whether this is a good time to broach the topic; Especially in view of the fact that the increase of 2% in GST was recently announced.

I fail completely to understand the logic in bringing this issue up at this moment. It's as if the government has this penchant to want to further enrage the population and is testing to see how far they can get away with it.

Maybe, in a political way, this topic was intentionally brought up so as to be struck down in parliament for our MPs to demonstrate their nobleness. I don't know... been watching too much TV dramas...

If not, again, I fail to understand why this topic is brought up for debate in the parliament at this juncture.

To put it in perspective, its like management telling everyone that there will be a company-wide pay cut of 2% and then promptly announces that the board of directors will be getting a pay rise (which incidentally compensates more than one can imagine the 2% pay cut...) Or something...

Anonymous said...

of course, failip has a value system, like his backer lky. they have a "system" of pushing up their "value" over the years to the astronomical salaries.

$,$$$,$$$ value system, they mean.

fighting fit said...

if Philip Yeo thinks our younger generation's value system is wrong and that they are driven only by money, why dont he lead by taking a salary of $1? Like a few high-profile CEOs around the world. Isn't Steve Jobs one of them?

Anonymous said...

I was totally disgusted by Philip Yeo's comments when they first appeared.

Ultimately, with people like that in power, I have never felt more insecure as a Singaporean citizen.

Singapore is run exactly like a company. When the good times ended in 1999 and we were exposed to tremdous competitive pressures, our management was quick to hire/import talent and slow to retrain its own people. Now managemet is talking about replacing our their own people totally because they are simply not performing up according their standards.

I have never felt more insecure about being a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

"Ask not what the country can do for you; ask what you can do for the country"

John F Kennedy (he is old fashion or is he a visionary?)

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